Harold The Homeless Guy

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Here is a story about a 35 year old man who lives in his mothers basement and is now homeless!

Harold The Homeless Guy



There was once a man named Harold. Now Harold was like 30 years old. He was also living in his parent’s basement. Basicallyhe was the definition of a lazy fat guy. His routine if you could call it that washe would eat Cheetos puffs and play video games all day. And one day his parents had had enough. So, they kicked him out of his house. Harold was in the middle of a huge city and had nothing to do. Automatically he started crying his eyes out for about 2 days or so. Suddenly, he was excruciatingly hungry. He started running down the street seeing all the homeless people and large skyscrapers. It took about 5 hours, but he was finally at McDonalds. Sohe slammed open the door with sheer brute force. And screamed at the top of his lungs “GIVE ME FOOOOOOOD!”. The employees called security, and they dragged him out of there faster than the flash on red bull onto the parking lot. Harold saw a bald kid with a yellow shirt throwing a fit outside. Poor that’s what Harold was, he needed money, so he did what any good homeless person did and found cardboard, a sharpie rained down from heaven and he wrote “Need $500.

Submitted: April 02, 2019

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Bert Broomberg

Interesting story. Harold seems to be quite a character.

Wed, April 3rd, 2019 11:08am

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