Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together

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These five group of men decide that they all want more profit as one would. The plan doesn't go accordingly but technically, it went just fine...

Today is the day that i'm the judge to ones life. Metal is so much stronger than man,I know that, even though we all knew that.I know I wasn't in the wrong but what's done in the dark must come to light.Or was I really wrong after all?


You have to understand though, growing up I was a great kid with anger waiting to release inside of me. I never knew who the person would be to get it. I was never sociable but never hated humans neither, mainly sticking to the ones I grew up with. There is some tension now though between this human and it must go for that I have the urge to diminish it.


I was introduced to violence at a very young age, but of course I never was able to release as I wanted because i never knew how I would actually do it. Neighborhood friends that I grew up with of course, went through the same violence as I did which included violence. We all had the same intentions, just to make money and provide, and as they say birds of the same feather flock together, this was the problem overall.


Since we are in the same flock of course we want the same outcome, coming from little to nothing makes you eager to earn something to better provide. We were all eager though and this truly got the best of all of us, but there's no longer no more us for that; this made us repel.I never wanted to hurt anybody as bad as I did but I never can take that back.


We were all greedy one night, all for one thing, which was money. The plan was to all go in together but of course greedy people wouldn't fit together in the same puzzle after all. For that it was that reason that I had to be the cause to the breaking of the plan. Now that I think though, it wasn't me who started it. One wanted more profit than the other, and I was this other.


Of course im not going to let another person test or even question my dignity. So for this reason, I had to brutally earn my cut in this situation, even if the outcome had to be for me to be all alone.


We got to the end of the heist as its called. We got away with ease, and with that being said something didn't seem right. Something or somebody, gave me bad energy.So with energy I took action, at this point we've already went to a discrete location, away from the world. I still had my weapon, well all of us did, of course , but I was the only one who hadn't shot yet. Knowing this and being the only one knowledgeable I creep and start plotting, I have a family at home that I must provide for.


Were counting the money up at this point making millions after millions, all mine. I look everyone dead center in their pupil until I feel their souls,I do this to everyone in the room. As I feel their souls my body suddenly shifts and for that reason, ive just taken these 4 souls that I felt deeply. With no thought i'm very optimistic at this point, felt no grief for that I knew I was never physically connected to these fellow men. I did not care about anybody's family but mine at this point because it's a dirty game, we weren't doing anything right in the first place. Who knew if they had these same intentions? None of that is on my head at this point i'm counting millions, millions, of Blood money.

Submitted: April 02, 2019

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