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It's happening again but egos interfere with the outcome.

Submitted: April 03, 2019

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Submitted: April 03, 2019




By W.L. Wright


“I want to go to the mountains it’s the only way we can survive!” I screamed out in a way that feels like I am expending something extra for all of them.


But no one was listening or caring that I had the best and longest experience on planetary survival, but I know it’s because they don’t know who I am. I’m pretty personal, hate giving details about my life and know how to get through every encounter, just ask them questions about themselves. Everyone is into that, yah everyone, including you. Don’t feel bad that’s just human and people like me use that to get through every encounter without you realizing I hate talking about myself.


I refocus back from my wandering mind knowing it’s a side effect to crashing and focus is key here. Too many were just wasting time complaining about the crash, the mistake, the error, the thing they all thought shouldn’t have happened trying to make sense of it based on the guilt or innocence of their whole lives. They must not travel enough I think to myself feeling exhausted over not only the crash but their collective egos that I know in this situation will be the death of most of them.


This is my fourth crash in the last six months and I am feeling pretty unlucky right about now. But I crush that thought because those thoughts aren’t what gets you through a crash landing on an unknown planet.


Some start taking off in the opposite direction and I already know it isn’t safe. Most of these outlying planets that almost no one lives on have plenty of life on it, just not the kind you would like to meet. Mountains are generally safer because most of the dangerous stuff is in the flat lands and whatever route is easier to get to something civilized that can save us. The good news is I know most that live out here in the desolation have a communication device to talk to ships going by.


It’s our best bet, but they always live in the mountains.  I shout at those that are going in the opposite direction, the easier route and tell them to turn around but they act like I have said nothing at all and keep walking. I have been here too many times but I am once again thinking about saving that kid walking with them. But I have tried that already and it always ends badly so I know better by now and do nothing but ignore the impulse.


By the time we can’t see them anymore I urge the rest to go to up the mountain with me but I just start walking knowing I can’t wait for them to decide anymore. More time means less likely that we will survive out here. A few walk silently behind me as I walk as if I am alone up the rocky side of the mountain. When I look back after we are half way up I see most have decided to stay with the crashed ship and I know that will be their last mistake.


When I look out at the group that walked in the other direction I can see the beasts surrounding them and decide to just turn back around and focus on the survival of what is going to be a very small group in this crash.  Once we reach the top of the mountain I look back once more and there is nothing left but beasts that are eating the remains of what is left of that group. Poor kid is the only thought I have and I turn to look at the others. They are staring at a small dwelling on the other side of the mountain and they all have fear on their faces. My mouth goes into an immediate smile knowing this dwelling means we are the ones that will be saved. Too bad the rest didn’t listen.


The rescue craft comes later but by that time the beasts down below have killed everyone but our small group. We all stayed huddled in the strange alien’s dwelling until they came. The alien waved us good-bye and I knew it was glad to see us go.


They don’t really like visitors but they tolerate those that need help knowing their visit is temporary. They make sure to have everything needed to communicate with the rescue ships that always fly around the galaxy to speed up the rescue and end the intrusion. Too bad the rest didn’t listen I think as I board the fifth rescue ship hoping it’s my last but knowing it won’t be.

© Copyright 2019 Wanda Wright. All rights reserved.

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