The Hero Who Saved Both Worlds

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This is a story i just made for fun. story might not make sense. Mostly dialogue

Hisato, a high schooler, just reincarnated into a magical world. God has given Hisato the task of saving the worlds. The soul lives in Akama Sachiko's body, a girl with tea green hair and light blue eyes. She ventures as a litle girl, finding her destiny. Will she fulfill her task?

Who knows?

Table of Contents

The Beginning

Hisato was walking around the city when *BAANG* he heard a loud bang.
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Sachi's Beginning

Hisato's soul passes on to Akama Sachiko. But Sachi's beginning isn't so bright.
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Sachi's Newborn Powers

Sachi meets a mysterious man, his name is Sage the Sage.
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Magic Training

After discovering that she can do magic, Sachi learns magic with Sage. She discovers what type of magic she can do.
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A Random Encounter

Sachi and Sage encounters three masked men. One with blonde hair, one with red hair, one with black hair.
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Weaponry Explanation

The next day, Sachi learns the knowledge of wielding weapons with Sage. (Don't read if you are bored by explanation)
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1 Year later

A year after Sachi's arrival on the mountain
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Another fight

Sachi fights Sage for the second time.
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