Wo Diwali ki Raat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Stephen
This is a story of girl who murders her boy friend unintentionally

Submitted: April 04, 2019

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Submitted: April 04, 2019



Story. (Wo Diwlai party ki Raat)

This is a Story of a Girl Rehana Khan, and the Guy Granville Fernandes, Rehana works in a Finance Department, Granville works as Data Entry operator. On a Low Post and a Low Salary. There is lot of Groupism in the office, Some Office Colluges Like Parvati, Nikhil, Rupesh, Tanisha, they have their groups. Tanisha always looks down on Granville. Then Comes a Twist in Rehanas and Granville’s Life, With an Unintentional Murder.

Narrator-  The Story Begins in the Office. Granville is Working on a Excel Sheet. That time Rupesh asks him to Scan.

Rupesh- Granville ye Document Zara Scan kar dega.

Granville- Ya Sure.

Narrator- Its Lunch Time, all are Siting to have Lunch.

Tanisha-  Hey Guys let’s go out for Lunch on Saturday.

Rupesh- Good Idea, Roz tho Tiffin Lekar aate hai.

Narrator- They All are Discussing about the Lunch but they don’t ask Granville to come out for Lunch. Granville has a Friend Irfan in the Office. They both are going home after office.

Granville- Yaar apne office main Groupism bahut hai, Ye sab apne group main rehte hai.

Irfan- Yaar tum in sab cheez pe dhyan mat do, Sirf apne kaam pe dhyan do.  Tumhara Kaam tumhe Aage le Jaayega.

Granville – You are Right Bro. Chal Stataion Aagaya Muje Andheri ki train leni hai Bye.

Narrator- Now is the Entry of Rehana, at her friends Birthday party, she is with her Boy Friend Siraj. She Sings a Song. After her Song, the Music is still on. One Guy invites Rehana For Dance, Rehana too Dances with him, Siraj is Observing that he is a Bit Jealous, After the Party on the Bike.

Siraj- Badi Khush lag rahi thi, Us Ladke ke saath dance karte waqt.

Rehana- Kyun Jealous feel kar rahe the Kya.

Siraj- Tumhara Kisi Ladke ke saath zyaada utna baithna, Muje Pasand nahi,

Rehana – Come On be just be Open Minded, Aur kal se main office join kar rahi hu. Waha par bhi Ladke Honge, Tho kya main unse baat nahi karungi.

Siraj- Main Aoonga tumhe pick Up aur Drop karenge.

Narrator- Next Day Rehana Resumes to the Office. She is told about her job profile, Rehana Begins her Work. Later on, she is invited for Lunch.

Tanisha- Hey Rehana, you are new in this office, but don’t feel out of Place, Ab se Tum humare group ki ho so be Comfortable. 

Nikhil- Rehana hum yaha pe sirf kaam hi nahi mazaak mast bhi karte hai.

Rehaana- Ha Maine Subhah Dekha tha tum log kaise masti kar rahe the.

Narrator- Granville joins them for Lunch.

Tanisha- Guys apne group ka khana ho gaya. Chalo Niche Chalte hai lassi pine.

Narrator- They All go down to have Lassi. Its Night Time, Granville is Watching Movie at home.

(Granville’s Dad)-  Granville hows your work going?

Granville – Dad job is good.

(Granville’s Dad)- Beta please don’t watch too much movies not good.

Granville- Come on Dad, there is so much of stress at office throughout the day, watching movies are like stress buster.

(Granville’s Dad)-  Am telling you for your own good. Go out for Walk after dinner.

Granville – Ok Dad right now am feeling Sleepy Good Night.

Granville’s Dad)-Good Night my Son.

Narrator- One afternoon in the Office, The Ac is on there is a girl Juhi she feels Cold.And Switches off the Ac.

Granville (Screams)-  Yaha par aur bhi log hai jinee Garmi hoti hai, just one person is feeling cold You Shouldn’t Switch off the Ac.

Narrator- Juhi Boy Friend Tushar Switches the Ac on. Its Evening time Rehaana is Waiting for her Boyfriend Out Side after her Office hours.  Tanisha is standing with her.

Tanisha- Tu dekha na kaise wo Granville ne rudely Juhi ko taunt kiya.

Rehaana- Lekin Galti Juhi ki bhi tho thi, Just Because she is feeling cold She Can’t Switch off the Ac.

Narrator- Siraj reaches there on the Bike.  Rehaana Introduces Tanisha to Siraj then they Leave. Tanisha Like one Boy in the office his name is Ritesh.  Next Day they both are taking walk after Lunch.

Ritesh- Thanks Mere Saath Walk pe Aaane ke liye.

Tanisha- Come Ritesh you are a nice guy, Koi bhi Ladki tumhare saath bahar aana pasand karegi.

Ritesh- Apne office main sikne ke liye Bhaut Kuch hai, Lekin koi Facilities nahi.

Tanisha- Saturday ko bhi kaam par bulate hai yaar. Ek Dum Bakwas Company hai.

Ritesh- Comapany Bakwas hai par tum khoobsoorat ho.

Narrator- They Both Smile at each other and hold hands. Slowly they start having an affair. Granville’s Best Friend Alfred comes down From Abroad. Evening time at Cater Road.

Granville- Hey Alfred good that you are come down for Vacations.

Alfred- Even am happy to be Back with my family My Wife and Child and of Course to meet you.  Come On let’s have Bhel Puri.

Narrator- One Day in the Office Tanisha is searching for a File. She requests the Peon to search for the File, The Peon answer to Tanisha.

Peon- Tanisha G Main bahar jaa raha hu mere paas time nahi hai, aur Kaamat Leave par hai.

Tanisha- Ek aur Peon hai na.

Narrator- She Points towards Granville. Granville Understands what she is trying to say. Everybody else in the office understands. Granville Feels Bad. But he keeps Quiet. One Evening Rehaana is Sitting with Siraj in a Park.

Siraj- Muje bhi Agar ek Achi job mil jaaye tho main tumhare ghar aakar Nikah ki baat kar Lunga.

Rehaana- Kab milega tumhe job. Kabse try kar rahe ho. Ammi mere liye Rishta Dhund rahi hai.

Siraj-- Maine ek se baat kar liya hai next month tak mil jaayegi. Chal ab thoda Karib tho aa.

Rehaana- I know tere dimaag main kya chal raha hai, Lekin wo Sab Nikah ke Baad.

Narrator- Granville is gone to Alfred’s house to meet him. Alfred’s wife Name is Anna.

Anna- It’s Nice to see you Granville after a long time.

Granville – Yes Anna Same here, By the way Chicken is tasty.

Anna – Thanks M glad you liked it.

Alfried- Granville, we are planning to go for a Picnic on Sunday. Even you can join us.

Granville – No Thanks, You Carry on with your Family, this time is for your Family.

Anna- Granville so when are you planning to get married.

Granville- I don’t have a good salary, plus am confused about Marriage.

Alfried- Listen Dud, once you get married, everything will fall in place. But still if you are not Confident take your sweet time.

Narrator- Next Day in the office Tanisha is in the mood of Clicking Selfiee, she invites everybody to Click Pics with her but Granville.

Rahaana- Tanisha tune sabko Selfiee Click karne bulaya, Lekin Granville ko kyun ignore kiya.

Tanisha- Forget him yaar, Hai kaun wo is office main, Data Entry ki tho kaam karta hai, Wo nahi bhi rahega tho Company ko koi farak nahi padta.  Chal main kuch layi hu khaane ke liye.

Narrator- Rehaanas Boy Friend Siraj is Staying with his Family on a Rent house, Their Owner Kishore Comes to him to ask for Rent.

Kishore (Owner)-  Siraj Bhai tum logo ne Yaar Abhi tak teen Mahine ka Rent nahi diya. Agar Agali mahine tak rent nahi diya tho, Ghar khali kar dena.

Siraj- Aise kaise ghar khali kar de. Aisa Pheli baar hua hai ki hum Rent nahi de Sake. Tension Mat lo Rent de denge. Ab ap jaao raat ho chuki hai.

Kishore (Owner)- Thik Hai, Jata hu.

Narrator- Next Day in the Office Granville does some mistake while working, Rupesh Screams at Granville on the top of his Voice, everybody hears that. Granville feels bad after lunch he goes alone for a walk. At the Lunch table.

Tushar- Rupesh tuje nahi lagta tune Granville ko kuch zyaada hi Zoro se Daat Diya.

Rupesh- Galti kiya yaar usne daat tho padega hi na.

Tanisha- Aur Nahi tho kya, galti karne par kisiki pooja tho nahi karte hai na.

Narrator- Granville is Silent throughout the Afternoon in the Office. Evening Quietly, he goes home. Evening after office hours, Rehaana is with her Bf Siraj.

Rehaana- Siraj pata hai, Aaj humare office main ek ladka hai, Granville usko bahut zoro se daat padi, Kuch log use office main pasand nahi karte. Pata nahi kyun.

Siraj- Chod na yaar tumhari office ki baat, Tumhe pata hai Mera ghar ka Owner aaya tha Rent Maangne, Keh raha tha Next Month ghar nahi mila tho ghar khali kar dega.

Rehaana- Is Liye Keh rahi hu job Dhund lo,

Siraj- Bolana Mil jaayegi. Chal ab ek Kiss tho de,

Rehaana- Kya kar raha yaha road par, Please Control yourself sab Nikah ke baad. 

Narrator- Next Day in the Office Ritesh is having a chat with Granville.

Tushar- Hey Granville kal tea mood off tha, Rupesh ne datti diya is liye. Come on yaar kaam main ye sab chalta hai,

Granville- Are Yaar its ok.  Yaar us din juhi ne AC off kiya aur main naraz hogaya I Know juhi teri girlfriend hai.

Tushar- No Problem yaar, I understand tu is Corner main baithta hai, Garmi tho hogi. Juhi Come here. Kya tum Granville se naraz ho.

Juhi- No, Not at All. Hey Granville Friends.

Granville – Ya Friend’s,

Narrator- When Rehaana watches this even she has a Smile on her Face. That Same Evening, late around 8.30 Rehaana and Granville Leave office together. Rehaana bf doesn’t come that day to pick her. So, Granville and Rehaana are going together to the Stataion.

Granville- Is this your first job.

Rehaana- No This is my second job, I wanted a Change so I switched to this job. What about you.

Granville- Am in this office for 3 years.  Sach kahu tho acha nahi lagta hai is office main. Bhaut Groupism hai, Wo Tanisha humesha muje niche dikhane ki koshish karti hai.  HR Revati hai, Apne logo ko Zyaada importance deti hai. Par Ritesh ke Saath meri dosti achi hai.

Rehaana- Ha tho bas hai na. Apne Kaam par Concentrate karo aur, Baki cheez ko ignore karo. Hey Station aa gaya hai, Chalo bye See you tomorrow. That Same Evening in Siraj’s area there is a Birthday party. Siraj is Drunk, He is Not in his Senses he goes to the Owner.

Siraj- Kya re Kishore Tu muje aur mere Parivaar ko ghar se niklaega, Next time aisa bola tho Baja dunga tuje kaan ke Niche.

Kishore- Kya re Kuch Zyaada hi pi liya tune.

Narrator- There is a heated argument among them, Kishore in anger warns to kill him. People in the party come in between and stop them.  A week Later Late in the Evening around 8.00 Rehaana is in the office. She Moves towards the Wash Room, she is Shocked to See Hr Revati is in Pankajs Arms. Rehaana quietly moves out from there. Next, she Discusses it with Granville. After lunch outside the Office.

Granville- Muje Revati aur Pankaj ka affair ka phele se pata hai, Tumhe pata hai Pankaj ek Married Man hai. Ek Bache ka Baap hai.

Rehaana- Kya Baat kar raha hai yaar, kaisi Besharam ladki hai, Kaisi Faltoo HR hai, No wonder Jab bhi ye Pankaj office aata hai, Ye Khush ho jaati hai. Yaks HR HI Asi Harkate karegi, Forget it.

Rehaana- Mind Blowing, Ye log office ka naam kharab karte hai, Aur khud kitni Besharmi se jeete hai.

Granville- Chalo upar chalte hai, Lunch time khatam hua.

Narrator- One Night Siraj is watching a Porn movie, While the Movie is on he imagines about Rehaana. And he plans Something against her. In office, all are Celebrating Ritesh Birthday. Juhi Gifts Ritesh a new mobile. They all Sing Birthday Song and Cut the Cake.

Ritesh- Thank You Friends, come let’s take a Group Pic. Hey Granville, come let Click a Pic.

Juhi- Granville Please do come Riteish’s Birthday Treat.

Granville – Ye baat tho muje Ritesh ne bolni chahiye.

Juhi- Main bolu ya Ritesh baat tho one and the same.

Granville- I wiil come.

Narrator- Rehaana, Granville, Juhi are having lunch treat at Resturant. Diwali is Near. For Diwali Siraj’s parents decide to go to their native place. For a Week.  Since Siraj is at home he plans to call Rehaana over to take advantage of her. One day before Diwali in the office.

(HR- Revati)- Guys As you all know tomorrow is are Diwali party.  We all must Meet at Blue Stars Resturant.  At 12.00 afternoon.

Narrator- Siraj calls up Rehaana.

Siraj- Hi Rehaana, Tumhe kal Diwali ki off hai na.  Kal gahr aa jana, Mera ghar dekh lena.

Rehaana- Kal Office main Diwali party hai, Shaam ho jaayegi.

Siraj- Thik hai lekin shaam ko aana aur aana zarror.


Narrator- Finally its Diwali Party Everybody is Enjoying. It’s around 9.15 Rehaana requests Granville to come with him to Siraj house. Rehaana Covers her Face with Dupatta, as she is going to Sirajs house.

Rehaana- Hey Granville Kya tum thode Der ke liye, Siraj ke ghar chaloge mere saath. Phir hum party main aa jaayenge.

Granville – Ya Sure Main waise bhi is Party main boar ho raha hu.  Hey Tume, apne face ko Dupatta se kyun cover kar rahi ho.

Rehaana- Main nahi chaati hu ki koi mera face uska area main dekhe, Aur pheli baar uske ghar jaa rahi hu. Shaadi fix ho jaane do phir Bindaas jaaongi uske yaha. Main apna mobile bhi aaj ghar bhul gayi.

Narrator – They Reach at Sirajs area.

Granville- Rehaana Main yaha saamne ke Bus Stop pe tumhare liye Rukta hu,

Rehaana- Ok I will Come Back Soon.

Narrator-Rehaana Walks towards Sirajs house, she knocks the Door. Siraj opens the Door.

Siraj- Hello Baby Finally tum Aagayi.  Come In.

Rehaana – Tho tum yaha pe rehti ho. Hmmm.

Siraj- Main bata nahi sakta Main kitna khush hu Tum mere ghar aayi.

Narrator- Siraj holds Rehaana in her Arms.

Siraj- Tum is Black Top main hot lag rahi ho.

Rehaana- Siraj just Leave me, Maine tumhe phele hi kaha I Don’t like all this.

Siraj – Come on Baby. M your Boy Friend, kabhi tho Karib aane do.

Narrator- Rehaana Manages to Push Siraj. Siraj goes and bangs the Cupboard, He is Annoyed by Rehaana behavior. Siraj Slaps Rehaana. And pushes her on the bed. She trys to Resisist him, Siraj still trys to force himself on her. There is knife on the Table. She takes and attacks on Sirajs Neck. From the Bed, he falls on the ground.She takes the Knife and stabs inside Sirajs stomach thrice and Siraj Dies. Rehaana sits on the bed and starts Crying.  Then She Covers her Face and walks out of the house. She Returns to the Diwali party with Granville. She Explains Granville Everything at the Diwali Party near the Washroom. Granville is Shocked.  Next Day they both meet at Some Spot.

Granville – Unbelievable Tum ne Kisika Murder kar diya.

Rehaana- Please don’t say that, I have told you what had happened?

Granville- Hey Police ke paas chalkar sab baatate hai,

Rehaana- No We Can’t do that Mere Mere Parents ko pata Chal jaayega. They were not aware about my relationship.  M Scared, I Don’t know what to do.

Granville- Don’t Worry, Us area main koi tumhe jaanta nahi hai, Aur tum face Cover karke gayi thi, tumhara mobile bhi ghar pe tha, Tho Tum keh dena tum office ke Diwali party main thi. Diwali Chutti ke Baad jab tum office Aaogi tho normal behave karna. Don’t Worry am there with you.

Rehaana – Thank you so much Granville.

Narrator- Cops reach to the Murder Site. Inspector Gokhale Is Charge of this case, 

Hawaldar Shinde-  Sir Do baar aage se aur baar Piche is Par Humla hua hai.

Inspector Gokhale – Kya Tumhe koi Murder Weapon Mila.

Hawaldar Shinde-  No Sir nahi Mila.

Inspector Gokhale-  Iska Mobile Check karo, Dekho ki Last Call kiska Aaya tha.

Narrator- Police Finds out the Last Call on the Cell, They Call Rehaana at the Police Station.

Inspector Gokhale- Ye Siraj jiska Murder hua hai, Uske Cell pe Last Call apka tha.

Rehaana (Pretends)-  What Siraj ka Murder hogaya.

Narrator- Rehaana starts Crying. The Cops are Confused.

Rehaana – Mera Boy Friend tha wo, Kal raat ko hi baat hui thi. Wo Mujse kal Milna chahta tha, Par main aa na saki, Main office ke Diwali party main thi at Blue Stars Resturant.

Inspector Gokhale- Ap ko kya lagta hai, Uska Murder kaun kar sakta hai.

Rehaana – I don’t know, right now am Shocked.

Inspector Gokhale – Thik hai tum jaao and take care of yourself.

Narrator- Rehaana walks out of the Inquiry room. The Cops Find out about the Office party at the blue Diamond Resturant and then they go to Sirajs area. They Find out that Few days ago Kishore had a Fight with Siraj, They Arrest Kishore.

Inspector Gokhale-  Dekho Kishore ye tum keh rahe ho tumne uska murder nahi kiya, Lekin Area Main Sab logo ne dekha, Tumne Use Dhamki di thi.

Kishore (Owner)-  Sir, Insaan Gusse main bahut kuch bol deta hai. Lekin wo aisa karta nahi.

Inspector Gokhale-  Tum Ghunhegaar ho ya nahi, Wo tho pata chal hi jaayega, Lekin tab tak tum Mumbai chod kar kahi nahi jaaoge.

Narrator-  Tushar and Tanisha Decide to get married, They Invite all the office Colluge, most of them go for the Marriage, Even Granville attends the Marriage too.  Tanisha is Surprised at Granville’s Presence. They all Dance and Enjoy, Rehaana is Sitting Quietly in one Place as she is Tenst about the Murder. Its Dinner Time. Rehaana and Granville are sitting together for Dinner.

Granville – Tum Dance karne kyun nahi Aayi.

Rehaana- Ye Tum pooch rahe ho, you know Everything Right.

Granville – Yes, I Know Everything, is liye bol raha hu try to behave Normal. Other Wise Logo ko Doubt aa jaayega kuch gad bad hai.

Rehaana- I think you are right. Thanks, tum mere saath ho.

Granville- Your Welcome.

Narrator-  Office Colluge go to wish Ritesh and Tanisha.


Tanisha – Thanks for Coming for our Marriage.

Granville- Of Course I had to come after all we work in the Same office.

Narrator- After the Marriage Granville reaches Tanisha home.  Its Night Tanisha wakes up from her Sleep. She goes to the wash room, as she goes to the Basin to wash her hand she switches on the Light. She Notices Siraj standing there with blood on his Face. She Screams loudly. Her Mom comes out of the Bed Room.

Rehaanas (Mom)-  Kya hua Beti Kyun chilla rahi ho. Darr gayi kya.

Rehaana- Maa maine yaha kisi ko dekha Uska chehraa khoon se Rangaa hua tha.

Rehaanas (Mom)- Tumne koi Sapna dekha hai.  Chalo Sone Ke Liye.

Narrator- Next Day Rehaana, shares with Granville the Previous Night Incident.

Granville- Tumhe wo Dikha kyunki tum Uske Baare main hi Sochti ho. Try to Divert your Mind.

Rehaana- maybe you are Right.  Ok See you for Lunch.

Narrator- HR Revati observes that Among the Office Colluge Rehaana is Close to Granville. She Decides to speak to Rehaana.

Hr Rehaana- Hi Rehaana, Aaj kal tum Granville ke bhaut Close ho, Saara office ye Observe kar raha hai.

Rehaana- Saara Office ya Sirf tum observe kar rahi ho. Waise is Office main aur bhi bahut kuch chal raha hai., Log wo bi observe kar rahe hai, Mrs Revati. Ap humari HR, Hai and I respect you for that. I would Appreciate if you don’t interfere in my personal life.

HR Revati- Main tho aise hi Pooch rahi thi, any ways I Shall get back to my work.

Narrator- Its Night Rehaana is Out at the Medical Store, to buy Medicine. As she is walking towards her house. Again, she Notices a man out her Door she gets close to her and Taps on his Back. He turns behind and its Siraj with blood on his Face, Rehaana Screams and Runs from there. Next Day she Discusses this Incident with Granville.

Granville- Do Hafte Baad main Hill Station jaa rah hu, 1 Hafte ki Chutti par, Mera Friend waha Uske Wife ke saath rehta hai.Kya tum chalogi mere saath tumhe bhi change milega. Chalogi Mere Saath. Tumhare Ghar Wale Bhejenge.

Rehaana – Not a Bad Idea, Main Ghar Bol dungi office Colluge ke Saath jaa rahi hu.

Narrator – I Day before Leaving for the Hill Station. She is standing near the Wash room.

Granville- Tum yaha par kya kar rahi ho, Tum abhi wahi Soch rahi ho na.

Rehaana – Its Unbelievable mere haath se kisi ka Murder ho gaya.  Raat k Neend nahi aati hai.

Granville – Dekho tum ye sab sochna band karo, Kal hum hill station ke liye Nikal rahe hai, M Sure you will be Fine.

Narrator – Next Day they leave for Hill Stataion.

Granville – Finally we Reached our Destination.

Narrator- They get down from the Train, hire a Car move towards the room they have booked.

Granville – Ek hi room book kiya Kyuki sab full hai.

Rehaana- Its ok, I trust you dear.

Granville- Come on let’s get Ready, we must go to are Friends place.

Narrator- Granville has a Friend whose name is Vinod and his Wife Shanti.

Vinod- Welcome to our house Granville.

Granville- Thanks Bro, Hello Bhabi.

Shanti – Hey Granville, Nice to see you after a long time.

Granville – Same here Bhabi. By the Way ye meri dost hai Rehaana.

Shanti- Welcome to are house Rehaana.

Rehaana- Thankyou Shanti Bhabi.

Narrator-  They all have a good time. Enjoying talking to each other. They are having Lunch.

Vinod- Hey Granville tu shaadi kab kar raha hai,

Granville- Dekte hai, Bahut Confused hu.

Shanti- Tumhe Office main tumhe koi Ladki pasand nahi aayi. 

Granville- Nahi Bhabi Koi Nahi.

Rehaana- (Smiles)- Granville Zyaada ladkiyon ke saath Mix Nahi karta.

Vinod – Kyun Granville all ok, Tum normal tho ho na,

Granville- Yes Vinod am Completely Normal, Chod yaar office ki baat kyun karna.

Shanti (Bhabi)- Lekin Rehaana ke Saath tumhari dost achi hai.

Rehaana- Ha Bhabi Hum ache dost ban chuke hai.

Narrator- After Lunch Rehaana and Granville go for Sight Seeing. He takes her to a beautiful Place.

Rehaana- Vow this is Beautiful Place, Asie Places main aakar Stress kum ho jaata hai.

Granville- You are Right. Isiliye amine tumhe mere saath bulaya.

Rehaana- You are a True Friend.

Granville- (Smiles and Holds)-  I will always be there for you.

Narrator- For a Minute they just look into at each other’s Eyes and Smile. Evening they go to the Garden. At Night time they go back to their room.

Rehaana – Todays day was Wonderful. Mazza Aagaya.  Aise kya Dekh rahe ho.

Granville- Main pheli baar aise kisi ladki ke saath out of Mumbai Akele aaya.

Rehaana- Main bhi First time ek Ladke saath aayi hu.  Phir bhi tum muje kyun dekh rahe ho.

Granville – Kyunki tum bahut Khoobsoorat ho.

Rehaana- Oh Isliye Dekh rahe ho.

Granville -Hmm. Kal main tumhe ek Garden le jaaonga, Tumhe waha acha lagega.

Rehaana- Ok Ab Muje Neend aa rahi hai, Sone Jaa rahi hu. Good Night and Sweedreams.

Granville – Good Night Sweet Dreams.

Narrator- Next Day they Both go to the Garden, Rehaana Loves the Garden, one week they Enjoy at the Hill Stataion, and then They are Back to Mumbai. Back to Office Life. Granville and Rehaana are back to their office Life. Rehaana is Working on her Desk.  After her Work the same Night as, she is at home. From a Unknown Number she gets a phone Call.

Rehaana- Hello,

(The Unknown Person)-  Hello Rehaana how are you?

Rehaana- May I know who this Speaking is.

(The Unknown Person)- Naam se kya hota hai. Tumhe kuch batana hai. Sun Sakogi.

Rehaana Ha Bolo.

(The Unknown Person)-  23rd October Diwali ki Raat, Tumse Ek Murder hogaya. Am I Right.

Rehaana- (Scared)- Who is this Speaking?

(The Unknown Person)-You wiil Soon Come to know. Any Ways Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Narrator- Rehaana is scared. Next Day in the Office she Discusses with Granville.

Granville (Shocked)-  Kya baat kar rahi hai yaar. Us Din raat ko kisi ne tuje dekha tha kya.

Rehaana- I Clearly remember kisi ne nahi dekha. Aur kisi ne Dekha bhi hai, tho Uske Paas mera number kaha se aaya.

Granville – Aaj Dekho aagar wo phir Call karta hai tho, Phir dekhenge kya karna hai.

Juhi- Hi guys I hope all is ok.

Rehaana- Yes Yes Sab thik hai.

Narrator – That Very Night the Unknown Person Calls Rehaana.

Rehaana- Hello,

The Unknown Person- Hi Rehaana, Kya Tumne muje Pehchaana.

Rehaana- Haan Tum wahi ho jisne kal raat muje Call kiya tha. Tum Chahte kya ho Mujse.

The Unknown Person- Jo Mian Chahungi wo tum dogi.

Rehaana- Kya Bolo.

The Unknown Person- That’s Like a good Girl. Now Carefully Listen to me. Next Sunday Tum Muje Coffe shop par Milogi Shaam 7 baje.

Rehaana- Ok Main Aaongi.  Immediately she gives a Call to Granville and tells him about the Call.

Granville-  Tum use milne zarror jaana, Tumse Phele main waha pahuch jaaonga.

Narrator- Next Day in the Office Rehaana gets shouting from boss Because of some Mistake in her Work.

Boss- Dhyan kaha Rehta hai tumhara, Itni Badi galti kaise kardi tumne, Please Concentratre on your Work, Aur ha aaj hi ye kaam khatam kar dena.

Rehaana- Ok Sir.

Narrator- Rehaana works till late Night 9.30 As she comes out of the Office. Granville is Waiting for her.

Rehaana- Hey Granville you are waiting for me ha.

Granville – Why are you So Surprised, I Can’t leave you alone, not in the Suitataion that you are.

Rehaana- Thanks yaar, Lekin aaj ka din kharab gaya. Boss se daat padi.

Granville – I know tum bahut tuff time se jaa rahi ho. Upar se Ab Wo Phone Call jo tumhe aaya hai. Sunday ko Coffe Shop main pata chal jaayega Kaun hai wo.

Rehaana – Its Late Let’s go home.

Narrator- Its Sunday Evening, Rehaana is at the Coffe Shop waiting, Granville is Sitting the Coffe Shop on the other table. The Unknown Person Enters the Coffe Shop, And its None Other than Pankaj.

Pankaj – Hello Rehaana, how are you?

Rehaana- Pankaj tum, Tho wo tum the jo muje call kar rahe the.

Pankaj- Yes Dear it’s me. Jab tumhe Mere aur Revati ke affair ke baare main pata hai, tho muje bhi tho tumhari kuch tho khabar honi chahiye. Ek baat kahu, Tum Revati se bhi khoobsoorat ho.

Rehaana- Please Come to the point.

Pankaj- (Holds her Hand)- Ok As you say. Tum kya Lagta hai, Tumhara wo Raaz chupane ke liye, Main tumse kya mangunga. Ab tum Samaj bhi jaao.

Rehaana- Shut up you Rascal.

Pankaj-  Hey Cool Cool, Control you anger. Main Ek Hafte ke liye Office ke kaam se bahar jaa raha hu. Tum aaram se soch kar batana. Ok I Shall take your leave. Bye.

Narrator- From the Coffe Shop Granville takes Rehaana to the Beach. Rehaana is Bitterly Crying.

Rehaana- Bloody he wants Sleep with me. In logo ne Ladkiyon ko Samaj ke Kya rakha hai,

Granville- Don’t You Worry, Ab tumhare Saath aisa kuch nahi hoga. Ek Hafte ka time hai, We Will come out with a Solution.

Narrator – Rehaana Hugs Granville.

Rehaana- Acha lagta hai jab tum Paas Hote ho.

Granville- Muje bhi tumhara saath acha lagta hai.

Narrator- Next Day the Cops Call Rehaana to the Police Station.

Inspector Gokhale- Rehaana G. Ye Murder Case bahut Confusing hota jaa raha hai, Kishore tho humara Prime Suspect hai, Lekin ab tak uske khilaf koi Proof nahi mila. Ap ko kya lagta ye Murder kaun kar sakta hai. Kyunki Ki ap Uski Girlfriend thi tho ap Uske baare main kuch Jaanti ho.

Rehaana (Nervous)- Muje khud Nahi pata Uske Baare main, Main ab tak ap ki tarah Confused hu.

Inspector Gokhale- Ap ke aur Siraj ke beech Rishta kaisa tha. Kahi ap kuch Chupa rahi hai kya.?

Rehaana- Nahi Inspector Saab kuch nahi Chupa rahi hu.

Inspector Gokhale-  Ok U may go.

Narrator- After Rehaana Leaves. Inspector order Hawaldar Shinde to keep an Eye on Rehaana.

Rehaana (At office)-  Good Afternoon Juhi.

Juhi- Good Afternoon Rehaana. Aaj Office Late Aayi.

Rehaana- Ghar ka Kuch Kaam khatam karana tha yaar. Is Vajah se late ho gayi. Hey Granville, kaha hai.

Juhi- Wo Boss ke Cabin main hai. Kya baat hai aaj kal tu aur Granville bahut Close ho gaye hai, something is Cooking kya.

Rehaana- Juhi My Friend tu na apna dimaag kaam pe laga.

Narrator-  Its Sunday Granville and Rehaana are Spending time together.

Rehaana- Kal Police ne Muje phir bulaya tha.  I guess Un Logo ko Mujpar doubt ho raha hai.

Granville- Lekin tum darna mat, just be Strong.

Rehaana- Kab tak, Us Diwali Party ke baad tho meri life hi badal gayi.

Granville- Kehte hai a Andhera ke baad Ujaala aata hai, Tumhare life man bhi sab thik ho jaayega.

Narrator- A Week Later, Pankaj is Back from To Office. Rehaana is Scared looking at him. During Lunch time. Pankaj is Sitting side of Rehaana.

Pankaj – Hey After Lunch Lets go for a Walk.

Rehaana- Ya Sure.

Narrator- Pankaj and Rehaana go for a Walk.

Pankaj tho kya Socha tumne mere offer ke Baare.

Rehaana – Tum jo Bologe main wo karne ke liya tayaar hu. But Mera Raaz Kisiko pata mat chalne dena. Main jail nahi jaana chahati hu.

Pankaj- Don’t Worry, Tho Ye Sunday Tum Muje, Office ke Bahar Milna Main tumhe pick up karke, Mera ek friend ka Bunglow hai, we shall have some good time.

Narrator-  Its Saturday Evening, Rehaana meets Granville.  They are on their office building terrace.

Rehaana- Kal Sunday hai, Muje us Pankaj ke saath Bunglow par jaana hai, M Scared, Ek taraf Police, aur doosre taraf Ye Musibat. Aise lag raha hai, is Terrace se Jump Maaro.’

Granville- Suicide karne se agar Suicide karne se Problem solve hota tho baat hi kya thi. Kal kuch bhi ho jaaye, Main tumhare saath rahonga.

Rehaana- Am really grateful to you.

Granville- Hey Rehaana, Main tumhare Saath humesha rehna chata hu. I have realized am in love with you.

Rehaana- Even I am in love with you, But the Suitataion is bad and you know that.

Granville -Yes, I know am there for you.

Narrator- Finally its Sunday, Rehaana is Standing out of her Office, Pankaj comes on his bike picks her up and takes her to the Bunglow,

Pankaj- Ye Raha mere dost ka bungla.  Kaisa laga.

Rehaana- Bahut Acha hai.  Tho Ab kya Irada hai.

Pankaj- Tumhe nahi pata hum yaha kyun aaye hai.

Narrator- That is the time the doorbell rings. Granville is Standing at the door he gives one Punch on Pankajs face, there is a fight sequence Granville bashes Pankaj very badly. By the time Cops also reach there. Pankaj is arrested for trying to Molest Rehaana, Pankaj tells the Cops on what Situation did he Blackmail Rehaana.

Inspector Gokhale- Rehaana Agar tumne ye Confess kar liya hota, Siraj ka Murder tumse hua. Shaayad tumhe is Blackmail Face nahi karna padta.

Narrator- Rehaana is Arrested, But Since She Murders Siraj to save her Self, she gets Bail after 5 Months. Granville and Rehaana ar4e together in a Relationship.
























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