The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - X.

Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



"Doctor Harrison, are we not visiting Miss

"Doctor Harrison, are we not visiting Miss. Desmond today?"

Preston has not seen Eloise in three days. At first, he assumed she was avoiding him, but Sir Errol expressed his concern for the missing girl last night. It is unlike her to miss work for such a matter. While she is upset at Preston she has always been professional. She would have at least sent word to Sir Errol.

The young man is hoping they can visit her during today's rounds. He admits that he did avoid visiting the Desmonds the day after his confession, but now he rather misses Eloise.

"Oh? No, unfortunately Eloise was sent to the Institute, the treatment center in the Northwest- against my recommendation I might add." Doctor Harrison shares while flipping through his notebook and sipping his hot coffee. "Today we visit Madam Olsa and her newborn, I want to check-"

"Wait- you're not talking about that rat lab out west are you?" Preston bursts out, his eyes wide. "Their patients are experimented on, not treated."

"It is a research facility young Nordkov," the doctor corrects with a sympathetic sorrow, "But you're right, their methods are none I approve of. I can't do anything for her, you know how her parents are."

The doctor's assistant is distressed by this new information. He has to go see her.



A week has passed since Eloise began her treatment at the Institute. Now it is clear to her that the institution has less than noble morals. Whatever treatment she is receiving, Eloise knows nothing about, she can only recall a montage of waking up in this dreary, pasty, pink room.

She lays on her cot feeling drained. The nurses leave her in a state of semi-consciousness every day. She is ignored at her protests and requests to speak to her parents. Words that come out of her in fatigued mumbles.

During nights, when she is left alone she uses Light seals to attempt an escape. Treatments have made her weak however and she has not succeeded yet. Today she woke up with the intent to change that.

She concentrates on her hand and spins a small disk in her palm. If she can use the Light to move her legs, she has to be able to use it to move the rest of her body. It will take more work but Eloise doesn't see another option.

After a certain amount of effort, she manages to sit up and stay sitting. She faces the wall with the small barred window up above. All she has to do is get there.

The next step would be to stand... and stay standing. There is no way she can pull this off if she makes it to the other side of that wall and collapses.

On three, she will stand. She inhales and begins her countdown.

One, two-

Before she can try to undertake the feat, her dial disappears and she collapses onto the bed.

The stares into her hand, focusing her energy again. It hurts her head to do so but she knows that it will only get worse if she stays here. The dial spins to life, it is picking up speed when it switches off again.

Everything is going to be okay, Eloise works to stay calm. This hasn't happened to her in the past- it did not mean anything. She is drained, she will give it another shot tomorrow, she tells herself. Tomorrow will be the day.



The next morning Eloise wakes up and jerks her hand in front of her. She will attempt to spin a dial before the nurses came for her. She concentrates on her hand and exhales. The disk should be spinning to life, but to Eloise's horror it is not.

There is a heavy feeling in her chest as she begins to panic. This can't be a side effect of her treatment, can it? The door opens and two nurses in blue enter going about their usual routine.

"Good morning, Miss. Desmond how are you feeling?"

"Something is wrong." Eloise says- or thinks she says, but nothing is heard.

The nurses look at each other, then at Eloise.

"Sorry Miss?"

"Is something-" Eloise freezes. Her voice isn't working.


The two nurses lean towards her, "Can you not speak?"

Eloise shakes her head and leans away from the nurses. She's disoriented by her oncoming panic.

"That's not a good sign- Irene fetch Doctor Drane!" One of the nurses takes Eloise's wrist and begins to check her vitals.

The second nurse returns with the doctor who rushes over and shines a light into Eloise's eyes.

"Miss. Desmond do me a favor and count to ten will you?"

Eloise begins her count, trying harder each second to sound out her words. She finds herself yelling but no sound is coming out. She begins coughing midway, but why can't she produce the sound of her voice?

The doctor and the nurses are talking to her but she can no longer hear them. Her chest is tightening and she can't breathe. She has lost her freedom, her access to the world, her words and her Light. She loses consciousness. 


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