The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - XI.

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Submitted: April 19, 2019



Eloise will be okay, Preston tells himself. She is strong, she is a fighter. No way will she let anyone hurt her.

He first had this dream after the first time he read Songless Siren Doire. A beautiful, lavender-haired, siren, swimming freely, happily, and most importantly, alive.

This dream is unlike the book. The book is quite tragic, but there is something the tragedy that he couldn't look away from. He couldn't put it down. He had to know. There was hope.

Sirens are bad. According to the lore, they are monsters of many forms. In this story however, we see everything through the eyes of the siren.

She was bad, but why is she the person easiest to empathize with in the entire novel?

Doire lays in a pool of her silver blood looking divine. The silver pool mixing with shards of glass, and the deep red color of her captor's blood. She's songless, she's lifeless, but she's at peace.

She loved him, she was going to kill him regardless, but she did love him. It was in her nature. Unfortunately it was in his nature to take. Take and take and take and take. Who would have thought, that a man who had everything could be so discontent. He ached to find something out there. He added and added to his collection, exotic, fascinating treasures, but it was never enough.

Doire was the gift he gave his betrothed. She had always wanted the voice of a siren, so the man took Doire's voice. He took her voice and then put the siren on display in his room in a large aquarium tank. Like a portrait. A raging, fuming portrait.

Crowds traveled miles to see his wife perform her songs. Doire's songs, with Doire's voice. It physically hurt the siren, and at first she was just sad about it. But she knew she couldn't be sad forever.

Sirens are bad.

The smiling beauty turns towards Preston. He is in the water with her in the dream, but he is not drowning. He can't speak however. Doire can though:

"They took my voice... in the story."

There's something about her voice- her voice is Eloise's.

Preston jumps awake, almost tipping the chair he's sitting in over. He grabs a coat and darts out the door.




Preston enters the large stale building, it is colder on the inside than the outside. He notices there is no one in the lavishly furnished waiting room. He walks up to the pasty dark-haired man sitting at the welcome desk. His name tag reads Connet.

"Can I help you Sir?" Connet asks before Preston reaches the desk.

"Yes, I'm here to see a patient by the name of Eloise Desmond."

"Desmond?" The nurse nods and flips through a binder. He frowns upon finding her name. "And who did you say you were?"

"Preston Nordkov. Doctor Edmund Harrison is my attending. He sent me." Technically that is a lie, but most of the statement is true.

The nurse's frown is unchanged. "I apologize but it would appear that her parents did not grant you or Doctor Harrison access."

It's Preston's turn to frown, "It is possible that they did not understand and assumed visitation rights were implied. You know, as we are colleagues in a way."

"Perhaps," the nurse shrugs, "Let me talk it over with my supervisor. Give me a moment."

"Of course."

He rises from his seat and enters a door behind the desk. In the meantime, Preston takes a peek in the binder.

Room 224. That is on the second floor, assuming that the building works like any other building. Preston thought he saw sign for stairs somewhere. He walks to the closest wall pretending to admire a painting. He places a hand on the wall, shooting a Light pulse through the structure, and senses stairs behind a door nearby.

It is locked, but that is no barrier for Preston. He opens it using a Light dial that may or may not be approved by most Vicars and sneaks inside. He reaches the second floor when an alarm goes off.

He swiftly ducks into a supply closet. He then hears voices coming from down the hall and instinctively holds his breath.

He honestly would prefer to be dealing with a Creature of Darkness. His initial plan involved breaking into the Institute as Ain, but he hadn't been certain what level of security to expect. Worst case scenario he will return tonight now that he is familiar with the building.

The voices in the corridor approach, continue past the closet, eventually getting lost down the stairwell.

Preston cracks the door open. The coast is clear but for how long? He walks soundlessly but with a purpose down the hall. He passes room 220 and 221... 222 and 223... then rushes to the door of room 224.

The door is locked but again it is not a problem for the Lightwielder.

"Eloise?" he calls in a hushed tone, cracking the door open.

The room is empty. He scans the room for signs of her presence. It has to be her room, her scent is here- her fruity, sweet, apricot scent. Slightly diluted, but it is here. Where could she be? She would return to this room right?

The alarm turns off in the distance. There is nowhere to take cover. He peeks out the door of her room to see that the corridor is clear yet.

He pokes out and rushes to the closest desk. Maybe he could find her file.

Desmond Desmond Desmond- Desmond!

Something in his peripheral vision catches his attention.

"Hold it!" An officer shouts at Preston, but then Preston realizes that the guard is actually shouting at the shadow standing behind Preston. He is surprised, his reflexes are usually sharper than this.

This second officer grabs his arm and a third takes the file from his hand.

"Who are you?" one of them demands. "You are trespassing."

Preston considers fighting back, but stops himself in consideration that he introduced himself as Preston Nordkov earlier. He could easily take on both men with the use of his Light, but then they would know he was a Lightwielder. He needs to keep a rational mind if he's going to get Eloise out of here.

"Sorry, I am simply looking for the patient of my attending," he apologizes sourly.

"You don't have clearance sir. We apologize but we must remove you from the premises."

Preston frowns as the men grab him and walk him out. He will return later tonight. At least he knows where her room is now.

At least he knows where her room is now       

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