The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - XIV.

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"My sincere apologies, I wish we had a more suitable quarters for you Miss Electra

"My sincere apologies, I wish we had a more suitable quarters for you Miss Electra." Sir Errol walks Electra down a wooded path. Sir Francois comes along- or rather, Sir Errol and Electra struggle to keep up with Sir Francois, who appears to have forgotten that his legs are longer than the other two's.

"Please don't apologize, I am sorry for imposing in the first place." Electra conveys with her hand gestures.

"No Electra," Francois speaks up. "The conditions in which you were living were in no way suitable for anyone to live in. No disrespect to the Desmonds, but I have huge disdain for supporters of the Institute, they take advantage of desperate folks. They are sell outs and spread all sorts of misinformation. However, are you certain that you are alright out here on your own? Do you have a friend or another family member that wouldn't mind staying the night."

Electra considers her cousin Cecilia. She would do it, she would pretend to hate life out in the country, but she would secretly love it. Cecilia lived in Dypt Sor however, it is hours away from MontPec because there are no direct trains to Dypt Sor. Her mind flashes to Iona, an old friend... but in the past Iona always found Electra, finding Iona requires that the planets align and that a goat be sacrificed. Not truthfully, but on occasion it could very well be the case.

The group comes upon a cottage in the woods. It is discreet in color but not small. It's exterior was deceiving, Electra was familiar with the building. While the outside reflects the country aesthetic, the inside was a modern marvel designed by the best architects of Osten.

"This was previously a training camp for Vicars. You probably recognize it, you trained at this location no?" Sir Errol recalls. "When we relocated the castle here, training at the Light Palace became more favorable. As a result, this camp is no longer occupied. No one will bother you here." He unlocks the main door with a Light seal Electra remembers from her days here. It is nostalgic.

Electra twists her wrist in the gesture for 'thank you'.

"We will send lunch and dinner up here for you, or if you feel up for joining the Guard in the dining hall they would love to have you." Sir Errol slides two fingers across the closest wall, and the lights of the room flick on with the same Light recycling technology used in the electric cars in the city.

"I will drop by to check on you every morning, and we will resume working on your vocal exercises," Sir Francois reminds her. "Congratulations are in order, you were able to successfully summon your own Light, in such a short time frame as well. I'd heard of the great Electra of the South, and I will say that you lived up to the name."

Electra flushes, she will never get used to praise. "I don't know how I could ever repay you for your guidance," Electra signs before taking a deep bow.

"You did all of the hard work. You made my job easy." The physician smiles, "Promise us that you will not push yourself too hard. You don't want to strain yourself."

The girl nods, and they walk forward with their tour.

"There are four rooms in here, we usually only house three teams and a couple of trainers at a time. It might feel a little empty as a result, but as Sir Francois said, feel free to invite a friend," Sir Errol encourages. "Pick any of the rooms, we will send for bedding and towels after this. There is a kitchen and a sitting space here, and the showers are back here..."

"I would like to go back to working for Prince Cyan if I could," Electra signs suddenly. "I want to do something in return for your generosity."

Errol bites his lip as he often does when he's thinking, and begins to nod slowly.

"Certainly, however since for now only myself and Sir Francois can read sign language, I can only assign you tasks in the lower floors. You would be alone and I won't glamorize the work, it's fairly tedious. Is that alright?" While the Head Vicar is elated to have Electra back at the royal court, he doesn't want to put her to work so soon. He is glad that she is back, safe, and in better health. He doesn't know all the details regarding the entire ordeal, but he had the impression that she has endured a lot. She deserves a break.

At the same time, he would be as restless as her if he were in her shoes.

"That is fine by me, I simply wish to return the favor." Electra smiles warily, Sir Errol returns the half smile, knowing that Price Cyan is going to want to see her as soon as possible. When he received the message that Electra of the South was waiting for him in his office, Sir Errol practically ran into the room.

"Electra, if anything we owe you a million favors more, considering all you have done for your country, I don't think you understand the importance of your presence at Cedar Hill was." He knows she doesn't. "Rest well, and worry not, we will take care of anything you might need."

Electra blinks back tears and mouths a "thank you". How blessed she is to have good people in her life.


Electra begins her afternoon in the routine that has become the norm in the last couple of days       

Electra begins her afternoon in the routine that has become the norm in the last couple of days. She walks the perimeter of the gardens, then ventures into the castle's lower floors. Today, she is surprised to bump into Prince Cyan at the bottom of the stairs mid-journey.

"Electra!" He too, is surprised, but glowing at the sight of his dear friend. "I was looking forward to running into you. Oh- hold on-" With furrowed eyebrows he looks at his hands and signs, "How have you been?"

The Vicar smiles wide at the heir. It has been so long, her face hurts. "You can sign?"

"A little," Prince Cyan continues to sign, but then adds vocally, "I was determined to learn when Sir Francois told me the news, but it was clearly too ambitious of me. Sir Errol picked it up a lot quicker, he has a knack for languages. Anyway I wanted to help you feel welcomed, and for you to have a friend that could you know- understand what you're signing."

She could hug the young man. "You don't know how much appreciate the effort." She signs, remembering how her parents hadn't tried at all.

"Are you feeling well? Have you talked to others? Many members of the Guard were concerned- we all were concerned- but they were left out of the loop more so than myself, in respects to your privacy of course. I felt guilty about it nevertheless." He begins to walk down the hall habitually. Electra follows as it is the same direction she is heading anyway.

She snorts, without her voice it was more of a huff. "You would feel guilty about it."

"Electra, do you know how boring it was around here without you around?" Prince Cyan cries trying to make her laugh again. "I know you were facing off with Death himself, but what of my suffering?"

It works, and Electra huff-snorts again.

"I missed this place a lot, I was frightened that I would not be able to return." She moves her hands at two-thirds speed, as she is uncertain about how much sign language the prince understands.

"Electra of the South? Scared? That's unheard of!" He shakes his head in teasing disapproval.

Electra taps a finger on her ear and winks. "Technically it is unheard of," she signs.

"There you are!" Prince Cyan jumps at the sound of Sir Errol's voice.

"Tell us before you wander off will you?" Sir Errol pats Cyan hard on the back, nearly knocking him over. "We almost set the hounds on you! Good morning Electra, how are you feeling this morning?"

"Wonderful," she signs.

"Oh I thought I told you I was coming down here!" the heir apologizes to the Head Vicar. "I must have spaced off when I ran into my cousin-" He turns to Electra upon remembering, "Say that reminds me, have you spoken to Ain? He was moping around quite tragic the entire time you were gone."

Electra glances at Sir Errol, then at the ground. "I haven't seen him," she signs, "I'm sure I'll run into him soon."

She can't tell the prince that she doesn't want to see Ain. The status of their relationship before her leaving had been left as an unapproachable disaster. Sure, he was professional upon her return home, while she was ill. Now that her health has partially improved, they will have to address the events prior. She doesn't feel great about it.

"I'll send him down the next time I see him then," Prince Cyan announces oblivious to her discomfort, he waves goodbye. "I have to go now, but I'll visit you again Lady Electra. We must play Onte later, I have my dignity to recover from the last time we played if I remember correctly."

"What dignity, are you talking about the one she destroyed?" Sir Errol winks at her before following the prince.

Electra nods and waves back and her two friends walk off. Despite her previous wariness she is warmed to be back in a place where she is respected.


It is a cozy morning and Electra is patrolling the Light Palace gardens. At this newer location the gardens are not located on the roof, as they are thrice as large. She loves spending time in the royal gardens even when she is not on duty, the flora doesn't compare to the gardens of the Desmond Manor.

The landscapers had taken pieces of earth from across the seven nations and gave them each a home in the different corners of the gardens. The exotic plants bring a carefully cultivated diversity, colors so rich they appear unreal. Just as Electra begins to think that she has seen it all, she discovers a new detail that furthers her respect for the gardeners.

She catches a familiar voice approaching, the rich contralto voice of Princess Lilith.

"...I haven't brought it up to my father yet, but I don't think he would disapprove -" Princess Lilith and her two visitors halt when they spot the blonde Vicar. The princess and her friends are wearing knee-length flouncy skirts and plain tank tops. They are shoeless and Electra wonders what they're up to.

"Lady Electra! It's good to see you!" The look on her heart shaped face is surprised, as if she had forgotten about the Vicar's existence. "I heard you were back! How are you?"

Electra bows, properly greeting the heiress, and a signs the short gesture for 'well'. It is in that moment Princess Lilith remembers hearing about Electra's voice, she flushes in embarrassment. She nods sheepishly before continuing, "Alright, we will see you around!"

Her group makes their way around Electra and they make their way further into the gardens and onto a pavillion. They sit down and begin stretching their arms and legs.

"That interaction was a little odd." one of the young ladies observes.

"She was in an accident and lost her voice..." Lilith runs her fingers through her tea-rose colored hair, tightening her pony tail. "I feel terrible for her."

"Wait is that the Electra of the South?" The second girl glances back. "I thought she would be taller."

"What were we talking about again?"

"Princess Lilith's crush on Sir Ain, she's hoping her father will speed things along." They return to their previous conversation.

The girls squeal. Electra thinks this is her cue to leave.

"Would your father approve of him?" the second girl asks the blushing princess.

"Melinda, he would be elated. It is an absolute honor to marry a Vicar!" Princess Lilith exclaims bashfully. She stands and the two girls follow. They begin their practice, Lilith leading them through the routine.

Despite Electra's belief that the princess was likely deluded to believe she can marry Ain, hearing it is dispiriting. She wishes she would've left sooner and begins to walk back in the direction of the palace.

She hasn't seen Ain since her return. This being because he is on the night shift while she is on the day shift. She then asks herself it was the right choice to leave the princess unsupervised. The freckled princess likely has a guard specifically assigned to her, but Electra can't shake the uncertainty. She should have stuck around until she was sure.

In that moment the blonde Vicar looks up to see Ain walking in her direction. Of course. She pretends to not see him and decides to go down a different path.

"Electra!" he calls out behind her.

She stops, her plan has been compromised. She inhales before turning around.

He catches up to her with an expression of relief. It is a face Electra has missed.

He takes the sight of her in and he breathes correctly for what feels is the first time in a long time. Her hair is in her uniform ponytail and it is notably shorter. A part of him will never forgive the Institute for that. Eloise loved her hair. 

Even with her setback, Electra's training with Sir Francois had impressed him enough to convince Sir Errol to raise her rank to 2nd Rank. Unbelievable, Ain had only been officially a 3rd Rank for 4 months.

Electra gathers that she was awarded 2nd Rank out of sympathy, rather than skill. Ain doesn't believe so, she deserves the title.

"I know you've been avoiding running into me-" he starts, once again spilling out his words quickly and anxiously. "But listen, I don't want you to worry about what happened before. I promise it won't happen again. I know you were upset with me and you had every right to be. I should've told you the truth. Please, take me back as your partner- there are not a lot of people whose skills I am able to confide in."

Electra sees the connection now. Where Ain meets Preston. She is both relieved and hurt to hear this from him. She doesn't want to talk about this when she has mixed feelings about it. Mixed feelings or not, she knows that she alone cannot make the decision.

"I'm sorry," she begins to sign with her hands, "I don't have any control over that."

Ain winces and claps his hands over his mouth. He ashamed to have forgotten that she cannot speak. It occurs to Electra that he can't read sign language either. Before he can apologize, Sir Errol appears behind him and translates.

"She's not the one who makes that decision kiddo," he jokes and Ain wonders how much of the conversation their Head Vicar overheard.

Electra is relieved by Sir Errol's words. She can't tell Ain that she doesn't wish to be his partner at the moment. Not like this.

"However-" Sir Errol persists to her horror. "I have been thinking... and I do wish you to return to Electra's side. Sign language is something that the entire Guard can put to good strategy by learning. Furthermore, I understand that during the daytime you are a physician that cares for Miss Electra?"

"Not technically a physician, I am a resident," he corrects scratching his cheek.

"But you've been taking care of her for a long while now yes?"

He nods, Electra is unable to determine where Sir Errol is going with this. Or if she appreciates the direction he is going in.

"If it would not be too much of an inconvenience to you, I wish to ask if you would be comfortable taking residency at the camp as well? Her health is not ideal, and I am worried that she will hurt herself on her own." He looks at Electra, who begins to protest. "Sir Francois keeps an eye on her when he can, but I know she's been trying to get in more practice time on her own. Don't think I hadn't noticed Miss Electra, I saw the bruise on your arm when you were playing around with Prince Cyan earlier. I understand that you're excited about getting your Light back, but overexerting yourself will not do you any good."

What he is saying is true, Electra had hurt herself more than once while attempting the advanced seals that she had been able to perform in the past. At first, Ain looks at her with concern, then makes a very Preston-like expression of disapproval. The combination of Ain and Preston is starting to disorient Electra.

"Right," Ain agrees with the older Vicar."And yes, that should be no problem." He lives on his own, in a room above Doctor Harrison's clinic after all.

Electra is undecided as to what she is less enthusiastic about. Having Ain babysit her or having Preston babysit her. 


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