The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - XV.

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Submitted: April 25, 2019



Electra is uneasy. Life had been simpler when she had her separate life as Eloise. Now, her two lives are conjoining and it is ugly. Ain hasn't made it clear where their relationship stands. She got the impression that it was a forgotten thought from what he had said to her earlier. That is what she wanted right?

In a way it makes sense, now that Princess Lilith is planning to marry him. Electra is no princess, especially now that she has disassociated herself from her the Desmonds. It is better this way. Their partnership will not work otherwise. For now, if everything returns to as it was before... Electra will be content.

Three months go by and her voice shows little signs of returning. Her schedule now is routine. In the morning she has breakfast with Preston. He leaves for his rounds with Doctor Harrison, and Sir Francois joins Electra for her vocal exercises. She then is allowed to spend time in Prince Cyan's beautiful library, which she can say is her favorite place to be. She has already gone through all of the books available in the training center's library more than once. To add to her entertainment, members of the Royal Guard had started cutting out the Nettle puzzles out of the local newspaper, collecting them for her to do in her free time. The gesture warms her heart. 

As the evening sets in, she enjoys taking a stroll through the garden on her way home. She meets Preston there and together they leave for their night shift as Electra, Vicar of the South and Ain, Vicar of the North.

The word spread quickly among the guard that off-duty Electra was living on the estate, as a result Electra would wear her Masking Seal even when not on duty. Perhaps that is another reason Sir Errol is so eager to push her through the ranks. Vicars of First order or higher do not have to hide their identities if they wish to, they are also allowed to take residence in the castle with the rest of the Royal Guard. 

She knows that will never happen without her voice. 



"Lady Electra, I don't mean to be forward, but I've been meaning to ask you something."

Both Electra and Ain look back at Prince Cyan who speaks from behind the mounds of letters on his desk. They have spent most of the evening in his study,where the heir is buried in work. It has been fairly quiet, except for the scattered moments in which Cyan talks to himself, attempting to recall information.

"I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but there is a dreaded ball I must attend in two weeks and I wish for you to accompany me." The prince peers over the mountain of papers. There is a hopeful smile on his face.

"Of course Prince Cyan," Electra signs calmly. She mouths the words as well, an exercise that Sir Francois has been having her do.

"Let me clarify, I don't wish for you to accompany me as the famed Electra of the South, Vicar of the Light Palace-  I wish for you to accompany me as Eloise if you're alright with it. As my 'date' per se." He makes imaginary quotation marks with his fingers. "Traditionally, I haven't had the need for a date because my cousin accompanies me, but this year she decided to go on her own. And in order to avoid going through the process of finding a real date- because as you know I am terrible at that sort of thing- I've decided to ask you, as I am far more comfortable around you than I would be with anyone else. If you would do me the favor, I understand any reservations you might have."

The heir gives her an embarrassed but cheeky grin.

"It would be my honor," she signs with good humor, bowing at his Highness in an over dramatic fashion.

"Oh thank the Gods, a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders." He returns to his paperwork.

From across the room Ain stares at her, but says nothing. He turns back to his post and Electra to hers.

Ain longs for his old relationship with Electra. He continues to fear that they will not return to that environment. That it will forever be this quiet and intense stepping on eggshells sort of feeling.

To add to his hesitancy, he is not persuaded that Prince Cyan is completely against having any feelings for Electra. Ain regrets telling Electra to ditch Preston for Prince Cyan. Certainly it had been a joke, but as of late, Ain was beginning to have doubts.

Not that Prince Cyan is a bad guy- aside from his occasional curious demeanor, he is virtually perfect. Who is Ain kidding? They are power couple material, a Desmond and the future king. It is one thing for her not to like Ain anymore- but he really does not want her to like Prince Cyan. 


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