The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - XVII.

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Basma, the Vicar of the Southwest, was a real woman

Basma, the Vicar of the Southwest, was a real woman. Electra thought so, and Ain thought so. The three were in the same training group. Group Five. 

Electra felt very fortunate to be in MontPec, but in a world unlike any she had read in her books. She found comfort in her friendship with Basma. 

Ain was in awe of the woman. Aside from Basma, neither Ain or Electra paid any attention to anyone else in the group- including each other.

Electra thought Basma was the kind of woman men died for. She was the sort of woman that could have only been dreamt up by a man. Women like Basma did not exist in the real world, Electra thought. Her beautiful tan skin and light colored eyes, the signs of a purebred Tyon warrior. Kings would fight wars to get those exotic genes into their royal bloodline.

For Ain, Basma was a bar he would never reach. That did not mean he would stop trying. She was worthy, she had a reason to be here, unlike Ain. Basma fought for her beloved sister. Ain was only in MontPec because it was his duty, as it was for all Children of Light. The truth was that Ain had no desire for the Vicar life. Not even his admiration of Basma would keep his momentum going. Although, for the time being, she was the reason he kept moving forward.

Everyone's intention was to graduate with Basma as their partner. No one would believe that she wouldn't going to graduate with the rest of the group. It was not a realistic thought.


If there was anyone in Group Five that Basma had formed a strong bond with, it was Electra       

If there was anyone in Group Five that Basma had formed a strong bond with, it was Electra. Ain was admittedly jealous of her. There was no way she had become that strong, in their time here. She had advanced four levels in a period of three weeks. She had to have been practicing at home. Technically home practice was not allowed, but Ain was confident that Basma also practiced plenty before coming to MontPec. There was no penalty against practicing at home; it was simply frowned upon, as it risks their identities.


It was their second to last assignment together as a group. Upon graduation they would be split up into pairs and stationed to serve apprenticeships in D'Hiver Nero's smaller towns. This assignment was simple and closely monitored. A low level Dark Creature was causing havoc in an isolated area in the North. It was close to a small village where their mentor would be supervising from. They were to seal the creature, and then report to their commander.

The thin spider-like creature was called a Neae. The creature was common in the northern grasslands. Historically, Neaes were left alone, they primarily ate vegetation. The only time they were sealed was when they were a threat to other creatures, the local free-roaming farm animals for example.

The Neae was sealed easily between the six members of the group. As they are wrapping up, they believe they hear a voice calling out in the distance.

"Someone is calling for help," a young man by the name of Dire points out. He is notably tall, and husky, light-skinned with dark hair pulled into a tight braid. As the group's temporary leader, he goes ahead and leads the way in the direction of the sound.

"Sir?" Another fellow Vicar by the name of Gaia cries out to the unidentified person. Gaia is the only person Electra has ever met that is shorter than her. She is big boned and muscular. Her fluffy black hair is tied in a messy ponytail, the unruly hair frames her undefinable facial features. Undefinable and unrecallable because of the Masking Seal.

Ain places his hand on a tree and sends out a small sensory pulse. Seal Neith. By doing this, he is able to get rough outline of the area in his mind within a thirty-foot radius. "There is no one else here, there is a cave up ahead however, "he announces.

"Do you believe this is another test? We did take the Neae down without tremendous effort." Dire seeks the group's opinion.

"I don't know about that," Basma says acting on her assigned role of second-in-command.

"There it is again!" Ain exclaims as the voice is heard once more. "I'm going to check out that cave."

"I don't think that is a good idea, two of us should go." Electra suggests, she was always putting the group's safety first.

"I'm not too keen on the idea you two of you going in there on your own." Basma looks at the sky and contemplates how much daylight they have left. Her long, raven, curls hang like a thick curtain behind her back. "How about we go three- three? If it's even, our chances of overpowering anything that we may encounter will be better."

"I agree," Gaia nods.

"Alright," Dire says on board. "We'll holler if we see anything out here."

"We'll be back, we will be vigilant." Basma waves and the three Lightwielders enter the cave.



"This strikes me a bit staged." Ain notes as the three walk into the cave. "Do you think our final assignment will be this obvious? I hear Group Four failed their final."

"I'm not sure." Electra spins a small glowing Light dial to light their way. The carvings on the cave walls catch her eye. "These markings are familiar."

"Yes, I can't remember the creature associated with them however," Basma agrees but does not give them any more regard.

They go on walking until they come to a fork in the tunnel. They don't speak in anticipation of any helpful sounds. The only sound in the cave is the muted crunching of the dirt beneath their feet.

"What do you say Basma? Should we pick a side or split up?" Ain asks the leader.

"I'm not comfortable leaving anyone alone," Electra makes note. Ain on occasion found Electra's fondness for the rules a little irritating, this was one of those times.

"Me either, but timewise, splitting up is our best bet. The group will worry if we take too long," Basma says pensively.

Ain sends another pulse through the cave's walls. "Hmm, well this side doesn't seem to go notably further," he observes. "What if we split up and call out to each other as we walk? We return when we can no longer hear the other person. I think I can handle this side on my own." He watches Electra for any hints of protest, there are none.

Basma contemplates the idea. She had to make a decision. "Alright, but the second we can't hear you we're coming for you."

He takes the left and the two girls take the right path.

"Is your tunnel narrowing down?" he hollers from the other side of the wall.

"Nope!" Basma yells back.

"I wonder how far this goes." Electra admires the marvelous tall walls. "Say Ain, are you still seeing those markings on your side?"

"No, not that I can see anyway!" he answers. "What about your side?"

"We're still seeing them, although they are more scarce!" The younger girl shouts back.

"I think I remember the Creature of Darkness associated with these markings," Basma recalls. "They are called Dafs. Aside from that fact, I don't remember anything about them."

"Dafs..." Electra reflects outloud. "Ain do you remember anything about them?"

"I wish I could!" he calls out. His voice was becoming more distant.

"You probably read the most out of all of us." Basma smirks at her friend, the bookworm. "You'll remember."

Electra can visualize the picture of the creature next to its name, but cannot remember the words underneath. An unsettling feeling makes her stop walking.

"Dafs are creatures that mimic human voices-" she recalls then stops mid-sentence.

"What's wrong?" Basma looks back at her.

"Are you guys alright?" Ain calls out, his voice more garbled than before.

"Ain stay put!" Basma orders. She looks back at Electra with wide eyes.

"How do we know if we are still talking to Ain?" Electra whispers quietly to her.

"What's wrong guys?" Ain appears to put two and two together. "Wait- if Daf''s can mimic human voices would that mean specific voices?"

"We should head back!" Basma yells back at him. "I don't think this is part of our test!"

"How do I know that I'm still talking to you two?" They can hear the hesitation in Ain's voice as the horror of their situation begins to set in.

"Is it safe to head back?" Electra continues in a hushed voice. "What if that's what it wants?"

Basma also ignores Ain, too distracted by Electra's inquiry. "Regardless, there is only one way out of here."

"Ain," Electra calls out. "What did we have for breakfast this morning?"

There is no immediate reply. At this point, the two young women have already started taking steps in the direction of the entrance.

"What?" Ain's voice calls back roughly.

"What did we have for breakfast this morning?" Basma repeats.

"You know, I can't seem to remember."

Electra and Basma look at each other, both finding that unlikely. The two begin to rush back to the entrance. Had they actually walked this far?

"Guys?" Ain's voice echoes, and Electra realizes that she can't hear her feet running beneath her. Yet, she can hear Ain's warped voice so clearly.

A look to her right, and the look on Basma's face tells her that the leader had come to the same conclusion.

"Do you know what the creature looks like?" Electra asks between pants. She isn't out of shape, but she is in the beginning stages of panic.

"Not at all," Basma admits. She keeps her ears open for strange sounds.

"It's large and looks like-"

They hear a muffled cry.

"Ain is that you?" The dark-haired Vicar shouts to the other side of the wall.

"Oh no." Electra almost trips in her stopping.

Basma turns back to see that they've reached a dead end.

"That's not possible, we didn't hear the tunnel collapse." She runs a million different scenarios in her head, trying to figure out what had happened. The Daf was messing with their hearing somehow.

Electra starts digging at the rocks with a blank Light Dial.

"Basma? Electra?" They hear Ain from behind the rocks. "Are you okay?" The real Ain.

"Ain?" Electra's panic eases at the sound of shifting rocks. Real sounds.

"I went back to the fork when I stopped being able to hear your voices!" he shouts. "When you weren't there I came looking for you guys."

Electra manages to make a small opening. "What did we have for breakfast?" she asks in a rush.

"Stop, if you try to make it bigger it's going to collapse on itself! You two should fit through there just fine." he instructs and resumes to answer her question, "Sweet baked dumplings and tea?"

He freezes the moment he spots Basma behind Electra. Electra turns back to look at her as well, sensing something amiss.

"Do you remember how many of us we need to seal this guy?" Basma struggles to hold the large Daf behind a Blocking seal. The large, mantis-looking monster claws at the dial.

Electra gasps. "Three- we need three of us! Ain!" she exclaims through the opening.

"I can't get through the opening!" he cries alarmed. The hole was big enough for the two girls' smaller frame but not his own.

"We'll hold it off!" Electra shouts, suddenly coming out of her initial shock and preparing a Light dial. "Go get Gaia! Quickly!"

"Are you sure?"

"Ain go! Now!" Basma commands.

Electra spins Light disks in the creature's direction. It struggles against the Blocking seal and the cave walls vibrate.

"Don't agitate it! Or we will cause another collapse!" Basma shouts. "Help me block it in!"

Electra changes seals and helps contain the monster. It does not appear to be exceptional effort, but the feat is exhausting for the both of them after a couple of minutes. The Daf was a terrifyingly strong creature.

The monster only grows more and more agitated, sending a blast of Dark Matter towards the ceiling. The ground shakes and another collapse separates Electra from Basma and the creature. 

"Basma!" Electra yells out, her voice wearing out from all the shouting. She promptly starts spinning disks at the rubble. She manages to create a small eye-sized opening.

"Electra! Get out of here!" Basma calls back to her, not taking her eyes of the monster. She shoots at some unstable rocks overhead and pins the creature underneath them.

"No! Ain! Come back!" Electra shouts behind her. He was too far ahead to hear her.

Basma rushes to the opening, sweat mixed with blood running down the side of her face. Electra is sure that she is bleeding somewhere as well, but her adrenaline is high, she feels nothing but desperation.

"Electra no, we need real help for this. Listen to me." She is surprisingly calm, in spite of the creature behind her that is howling and thrashing about. "I don't see a version of this story where I survive this."

"You have to listen to me," the dark-haired Vicar repeats sternly with tired eyes. "First of all I want to make it clear to you, that this is not you or Ain's fault. I do not regret coming with the two of you today. I am glad I made the decision-"

"You're going to be okay-!" the blonde Vicar gasps, as tears begin to run down her cheeks.

"I have a request of you, and if you respect me as your friend I hope you that will listen carefully." 

Electra stops arguing and listens. Basma continues with haste.

"My name is Anna Rose Dastor, I am from the small town of Tyon. My younger sister's name is Meredith, she is blind but I have a feeling that one day she will be one of us. I wish for you to find her. Tell her about this. Tell her that I do not regret this life. Ask her not to resent it, ask her not to resent me. I chose this world, because I love her. Tell her I am proud of her for the things she will do one day." She looks back at the struggling creature. "Take care of yourself Electra."

Electra cannot stop herself from sobbing violently. "I'm coming back!" she cries backing away from the opening, her voice sore and her lungs aching. "I will get help and I will be back!"

"Be careful!" Basma shouts back at her.

Electra whips around and climbs quickly through the opening from the first collapse. She feels the rocks cutting her knees and hands, but she's in too much of a panic to feel the sting that normally follows. She runs through the tunnel thinking vigorously. She had to get help, she had to help Basma. She had to do it now. She strives to calculate the fastest strategy, but there is nothing ideal coming to mind.

The air is knocked out of her when she runs into Ain's arms. He and Gaia were running back towards the collapse.

"Electra!" the two exclaim at once.

"Basma!" she gasps. "We need real help!"

Ain holds her up, she is lighter than he thought. "Dire and Saula are running back to town for backup, is Basma-?"

Electra lets out a loud half-sob, forcing herself to stay collected. "T-there was a second collapse." She hiccups, she is having a hard time supporting herself.

"Can you stand? Get out of here we'll go back for her." Gaia asks, she too is struggling to stay calm. This was after all, the first time any of them were facing a real threat.

"A-ain is too big for the opening." Electra takes off back in Basma's direction, beckoning for them to follow.

"Stop." Their mentor's voice calls out behind them. He glides past them on a Sailing dial. "Get somewhere safe we will take care of this."

Two additional 1st Order Vicars zoom past the three following the Lead Vicar. Ain grabs Electra's sleeve to prevent her from following them.

"No, I told her I would go back- I would go back for her!" She tugs weakly.

"Electra. They're going back for her. Let's wait out front," he attempts to assure her, although there is hesitation in his eyes. Everything would be okay now right? The real Vicars were here now. Not that much time had passed.


The an hour later, the three older Vicar's return and solemnly announce that the rest of the tunnel had collapsed. They were unable find a trace of Basma.


Eloise wakes up, it's closer to the middle of the night than the morning. She cannot sleep.

She sits up, scoots over to the window. The moon rests in the sky, just as ample and dominant as it had been earlier. She rests her arms on the sill, leaning her forehead against the cool window.

Gone, the words to express her longing for the tides,

Gone, are the nights, whom without, the days collide,

Another year without the moon.

Eloise relives her time at the treatment center. She visualizes lying on her cot dazed, cold and alone. The dread of dying there, weak, and empty begins to overwhelm her. Were these the last feelings that went through Basma's mind in her final moments? It was unfair. 


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