The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - XIX.

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The following morning Eloise is startled when she wakes up on her own. Her alarm did not go off. Curious, she looks at her clock and spots a note from Preston aside.

'It seems that you have caught a cold. Rest well. Do NOT leave this house or I will track you down and tranquilize you myself. There is soup in the kitchen courtesy of Sir Errol. I will take care of your duties for today. I'll see you tonight.




Preston takes over her post for two days in a row. After two nights, Eloise wakes up refreshed and ready to go. She wanders into the garden into the corner where she usually finds Princess Lilith. She finds the princess penning a letter under a tree.

"Princess," Eloise greets.

"Electra? You've recovered from your cold?" Princess Lilith looks up, delighted to see her friend. She jumps to her feet and rushes to take Eloise's hands in hers. "Thank goodness, I was so worried about you! I was going to visit but Ain told me to let you rest." The Vicar tells herself to thank Preston for that later.

"I feel heaps better now. Do you want to go on a walk once you're finished with your letter?" Eloise is excited to breathe fresh air again. She had enough of playing Nettle and reading during the last three days.

"Oh El, you know that I would love to," Princess Lilith starts apologetically, "But Ain promised he would accompany me to Melinda's tea ceremony. You remember Melinda?"

Eloise doesn't, but nods regardless. "It's alright, I'll find something to do. I'll see you tomorrow possibly, have a good time at Melinda's."

"Of course!" Princess Lilith waves goodbye.

Eloise waves, taking a couple steps backwards. She turns and goes on towards the Light Palace. She is unsure what this feeling she is having is. Not disappointment, but close to it. Loneliness?

She has been alone her entire life, this is something else.

Yet, she hasn't been entirely alone has she? There was always someone, that be a maid, a cook, a visiting cousin, a doctor's assistant. And when they weren't there, Ain was.


"Lady Electra!"       

"Lady Electra!"

Electra was anticipating finding Prince Cyan, but she hadn't expected to run into him so soon. 

"Are you feeling better? I made Head Chef Sione cook up a large pot of marigold soup because Ain said it was your favorite." He catches up to her in a few strides thanks to his tall stature. "You would have laughed, Sione went on this rant about how using his '12-star multi-regional, highly-sought, culinary talent 'to cook bland leaf water."

Electra's previous feelings of despair and isolation leave her at an instant. She smiles at the thought of Sione cooking the mediocre dish for her.

Whenever she steals nooseberry tarts from the kitchen he pretends to be offended, although his assistant assures her that he always cooks an extra one with her in mind. Electra once asked him to make apple cinnamon puffs, to which he haughtily rejected as a dessert beneath the standards of the Royal Court'. At the next formal event however, apple cinnamon puffs mysteriously made it to the dessert table.

"I'll be sure to tell him that his 12-star leaf water saved my life, I'm certain that he'll be disgruntled to learn that I'm still alive and kicking," she jokes and the prince laughs, his voice lively and raspy. "Thank you for the tea, Sir Errol told me that was a gift from you."

"The cooling warm sweet tea? Did you enjoy it? It's my personal favorite when I've caught a cold."

"It cleared my throat right up."

"Good-Oh hey, I was going to show you this tonight during your shift but since you're here now might as well. You know that I can't keep a secret to save my life." He runs through topics faster than he can process.

"What is it?" The Vicar grins, her curiosity transparent in her eyes.

"Come on." The heir leads the way to his study with playful stealthy steps. He double checks that the coast is clear before closing the door. They turn to the large ebony desk at the back of the room. On the desk rests a large silver case. "Are you ready?"

Electra finds his behavior priceless.

He opens the case and the blond is in awe. In the cushioned red lining, sits a beautiful ivory violin.

"Oh- it isn't-?" she gasps, but she is too excited to finish the rest of her question.

"It is!" The prince knows what she had meant to ask anyway.

It is the unique color that gives it away, the signature violin of Alexandre Indaci. A well known virtuoso violinist from the far northwestern town of Narvet. Eloise and Prince Cyan had previously discussed their envy of the man's talent.

"Why do you have this?" She contemplates touching the instrument.

"He's staying here," Prince Cyan answers in an animated whisper. "I'm not allowed to tell anyone, but I had to tell someone. I was going to tell my cousin, but she doesn't think highly of him."

"Why is he here?" Unable to resist, she softly brushes her fingers across the strings.

"He's playing for my father in a couple of nights, a gift from Lord Cristof."

"The Sun Dancers and everything..." Electra spots Princess Lilith out the study's largest window and trails off.

She and Ain laugh about something across the garden. Electra turns away from the window, forgetting what she was going to say next. She assumes the prince doesn't notice, but it appears that he has.

"You know he is nothing without you." He looks at his friend sheepishly. He doesn't wish to overstep any boundaries, but hopes that their friendship has come far along enough for it to be okay. "When you were gone, he was hardly functional. Don't get me wrong, he was professional, he performed his duties every night, said little of your lack of presence, but I could tell it was rough for him. You two are the real power couple. I love my cousin but she should see it too."

This isn't exactly the conversation Electra wishes to have with the prince of the country. While she does consider him a friend, she is confident that her own problems are trivial compared to the ones he has to deal with daily.

"I have no right to stop her from pursuing him." Electra closes the violin case gently, "Thank you for sharing this with me."

The prince doesn't let the subject go, taking genuine interest in the well being of his friend. "But that doesn't shouldn't mean that you ought to stop pursuing him either. Your loyalty to her ends with Electra, as Eloise you have every right to love him."

Electra flinches at the word 'love'.

Prince Cyan notices, amused, and persists, "Besides if he is the one who has no interest in her- which it appears to me that as of now he doesn't, you can't do anything to change that."

The Vicar of the South knows her friend means well, but she wishes to forget all of it, not confront it. "We don't know for sure what his feelings towards her are, and that is enough reason for me not to get involved." She clearly does not want to discuss the subject any further, "I know you worry about me, but as long as I can remain at his side as his partner I will be content." She smiles at him warmly in hopes of reassuring him.

"You're an idiot, but I love you my friend," the prince says returning the smile.


In Songless Siren Diore, there is a song that Diore holds in her heart. A song she wants nothing else but to put out in the world. The sum of the story being that she dies unable to produce the song, after it is stolen by a man she believed she could trust. Through the story she describes the music and the lyrics to a number of people. From this Electra has experimented often, in search of the melody.

She's on duty, but finds herself in the empty library's gallery. The Einfred's cover too tempting to pass up. She lifts it and plays a quick scale, that then turns into the fragmented tune.

She did not sing, she could not sing. And who was she now what defined her existence was obsolete.

"You are far better at this than I am."

Electra turns around to see Prince Cyan walking up to her. She noticed him earlier, and he politely waited for her playing to stop to interrupt.

"I only ever see the young man who tunes it play it," she pokes. "And I'm here everyday."

Cyan laughs and does not attempt to deny it, "I haven't touched it at all. It's a shame, it was made with me in mind."

"I had one back home," the Vicar shrugs, "and I prefer to play this one."

"Seems fair," the prince nods not overly concerned about it. "Anyway I didn't mean to interrupt, I know you're on duty tonight but would you do me the honor of dancing Danse Aurora with myself this night? Alexandre Indaci will be playing," he grins arching an eyebrow. "You don't have to dress up again since you'll be on duty. Plus if you're parents show up again, you'll be safe."

Electra had been looking forward to the performance from the moment she heard Indaci was playing. Sun Dancers and all.

"If you run it by Sir Errol I would be happy to oblige." She gives him a double thumbs up.

From the corner of her eye she spots Ain and Princess Lilith coming into the gallery from the opposite entrance.

"He already gave me the okay." Prince Cyan makes an 'ok' with his hand in response to her thumbs up. "Besides, it's not as if he can argue with the Prince of Opal Oceans," he winks.

"That may be true, but he does have your nation's armies in his control, just putting that out there." She teases, but then excuses herself promptly. "I have to go check on something, pardon." She shuts the piano as gently as possible, and sneaks off in the direction of the other door. She avoids making eye contact with the pair arriving and she turns back to close the door behind her.

"Was that Electra?" Ain asks Prince Cyan as they approach. "I was hoping to talk to her."

"Oh, she had to check on something." Although, the prince is hardly convinced that was the case.

"You didn't answer my question earlier," Princess Lilith resumes her own conversation with Ain. She giggles, which makes Prince Cyan a little uncomfortable.

"Your question?" Ain remembers, " Oh I don't know if I can promise you that, I am on duty tonight."

"Oh come on!" The princess turns to Prince Cyan, "Cy, will you ask Sir Errol if he will release Sir Ain for one dance with me this evening?"

The prince gives her a polite smile and dips into a half bow. "Of course cousin!"

"You are wonderful cousin." She looks at Ain one more time before beginning to walk away, "I'll see you later."

The two young men watch her leave the room in a delicate silence.

"You ought to tell her," Prince Cyan begins with a sigh.


"Oh you know, that you are not interested in her romantically." The prince knows Electra will kill him for meddling but what can she do? He's the prince of her country. Actually Prince Cyan is absolutely terrified of Electra but what she doesn't know won't kill him. He hopes.

"I'm not interested in her romantically. I am doing my job, that's all." Ain sighs as well, "I want nothing more than to give Eloise a break."

"You're torturing her," Prince Cyan says blankly. Is Ain this dense? This entire time the prince had admired the young man for his cool character, his casual friendship with Electra, assuming he was more put together than Cyan. Although this does make Ain a little more approachable. "Perhaps then, you should talk to Eloise about the matter."

"I did, it did not go very well. Things are just now going back to as they were before- I don't want to risk it." Ain confides in him, he too was worn out by the ordeal.

It becomes clear to Prince Cyan that the two idiots are made for each other. He furrows his brows trying to string together his words in a way that won't be offensive.

"Sweet Adeline, I apologize, I know this is inappropriate in a way but if someone as suave as you struggles with this, then there is no hope for fumbling idiots like myself. So I ask you to get it together, for the sake of mankind." he jokes, then places a pensive hand on Ain's shoulder.The prince had previously thought the Vicar suave, he now sees that Ain is only 3 years older than the heir, and not all that more mature.

"Antics aside, that, my friend, is a stupid way of thinking." The prince's bluntness surprises Ain. "Suppose she is thinking the same thing-"

"Wait, did she say something?"

"No- I- hypothetically speaking." Prince Cyan is positive that he's not being very convincing, but continues, "At this rate you two will never get anywhere, you will marry Princess Lilith, and poor Eloise will be forced to cater you two as loyal a guardian to her country."

"What?" Ain is lost. "No one is marrying anybody? What are you going on about?"

It takes everything in the prince's will power not to roll his eyes.

"At least tell Princess Lilith you have no romantic interest in her." He settles for that much with a disheartened sigh.

"Alright, alright, but stop talking about marriage and what not." Ain is estranged by both the topic and abruptness of the conversation. He hadn't realized the prince had any idea of what was going on. He is more perceptive and ingenious than he lets on. What a silly matter for the Prince of Opal Oceans to invest time in, surely he has a country to run.

"Yeah yeah, don't tell Eloise about any of this by the way- she will kill me." His high spirited demeanor returns, a meek smile once again plastered on his face.

Ain nods, disconcerted nevertheless. "Thanks." Probably. Ain does not know.

Ain does not know       


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