The Vicar of Darkness

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A look at Electra's day life as Eloise Desmond.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - II.

Submitted: April 05, 2019

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Submitted: April 05, 2019



" the end Buckley knocked out both o' Walter's teeth. Anyway where is the tall mister who always drags you back to ye old dungeon- er I meant your house? A little late today ain't heh?"

Eloise sits at the far end of the garden listening to her daily dose of the local gossip delivered to her by Little Jacob. He is a farm hand from the neighboring estate. Being half her age, he probably doesn't consider her an actual friend, but to Eloise, he is the closest thing to a friend that she has.

She strokes a sun-kissed cat in her lap happily. The sun is setting behind Jacob and with it goes the warm weather. There is no doubt that there will be rain within the next hour. That being said, Eloise has no desire of going back inside the manor.

"Oh shush Jacob, don't speak of him." She frowns, "The funny thing about that man is that he has the horrible habit of turning up whenever he is mentioned."

"Yeesh," the boy's cheeks puff out, "I think you're confusing him with the Count of Dubhan." He refers to the local legend of an immortal man that feeds on the souls of those who commit sin. The story is universally accepted as fictitious, but children love it.

"Preston is the Count of Dubhan..." Eloise mumbles, touching noses with the cat in her arms.

The freckled boy grimaces and clamps up. Without question, Eloise senses his presence before he cuts into their conversation.

"Eloise Desmond, you know very well that you're not allowed outside without myself or the doctor's supervision." Preston, blond and tall, strides down the garden. His chestnut colored eyes glaring daggers.

"Here we go..." Little Jacob mutters under his breath. He is a witness to their routine on the regular.

Eloise would sneak out to talk to him and about thirty minutes in, Preston would emerge. The two would bicker as Preston rolled Eloise away and she would return the following afternoon to repeat the process.

"I suppose I'll see you tomorrow Jacob." Eloise frowns, handing over his cat.

Preston grudgingly takes Eloise's wheelchair and begins to lead her away from the fence. "No she won't. After Doctor Harrison hears about this, Eloise won't be going anywhere for awhile."

He wheels her back to the manor. To anyone else the large residence would appear warm and inviting, but to Eloise it is a constant reminder of her inadequacy.

"For awhile? I never go anywhere."

Eloise has spent her entire life living in her room. Prior to her life as a Vicar of Light, her only knowledge of the real world was that which she read in books. She isn't too enthusiastic about her trivial feelings for Preston. He is, after all, the only person she knows that is remotely close to her in age, and they spend most of their time together bickering. She isn't delusional, she is aware that there is nothing beyond friendship there. Believing there is however, makes her life a little less dreary and a little more interesting.

All that aside, she is glad that she has her life as Electra, Vicar of the South, to escape her mind-numbing day life.


Preston sighs, wheeling Eloise into her room       

Preston sighs, wheeling Eloise into her room. "What were you thinking with the cat? You don't know where it's been. You could've triggered a fit."

"I feel fine." Eloise rolls her eyes and huffs at her bangs. "You and I know very well that I haven't had a fit since I was three. I'm in fine health- well despite the obvious." She stubbornly wheels herself to her bookshelf, taking a book and flipping it open onto her lap.

"Feeling fine and being fine are not reflective of one another." Preston opens his briefcase located on her desk. "Put the book down, it's time for your tonic."

The girl ignores him blatantly.

"Eloise, I don't have the energy to argue with you today. Please- or I'll tell the doctor to come down himself."

The girl closes her book and eyes him. He does look tired, Eloise is aware that being a medical student is not easy. She's only been able to sneak out of the house so often because he tends to fall asleep during her music lessons.

Her stubborn character breaks and the rare sighting of her vulnerability startles the young man. "Preston, do you think there's something wrong with me?"

"Eloise..." Preston looks away. He is never comfortable whenever she brings up the subject of her health. He knows the girl needs help, real help, when her thoughts get... dark- but he feels entirely under qualified to do so himself.

What her family is doing to her is wrong, and there are days where drives him mad. Whenever he brings it to the attention of his mentor, he too shares his sympathy. They both know that speaking against the Desmonds, ruins careers. Doctor Harrison has many patients and he genuinely cares for all of them. He would never do anything to compromise that.

Before Preston can think of something to say, Eloise continues.

"In your honest medical opinion? I'm not dying, I'm not on my deathbed. I'm broken." She turns to look out the window, a little satisfied to see that her earlier prediction of a light rain was correct. "My parents are trying to stop Death but he's not looking my way. If there is nothing to fix, why try to?"

"Your parents-"

"My parents only see my legs- well my lack of functioning legs anyway."

After a short silence Preston speaks up, "It's true. But is it wrong for them to wish you to be normal?" He wonders if perhaps that isn't the word he should have used.

"I suppose, but I wish they would see that I am normal. I'm extraordinarily ordinary. They're incapable of seeing beyond my inability to walk." Her voice is sad but her facial expression doesn't appear terribly disheartened.

"Eloise, I think you are- incredibly bright. A little too bright to be quite frank, and terribly curious." Preston aims to sound encouraging. Eloise has her good days and she has her bad days. He has watched her go through the worst of it, and if he knows anything about her it is that her stubborn and determined fighting spirit is never truly dormant. "You're not as ordinary as you think."

A flash of this fighting spirit is reflected in her violet-blue eyes. Preston is relieved that she appears content with his answer. "If I drink the tonic will you play Onte with me?"

Onte is a board game invented to teach military strategy to young men, but it is a local favorite in D'Hiver Nero, the country they reside in.

Preston bites his lip, pretending to consider it, "Sure, I'll play Onte with you."


It is night time, and Eloise opens her bedroom curtains to reveal the deep purple night sky. She looks at her right palm.

"Incredibly bright?" She thinks to herself, remembering the words Preston had said to her earlier that day. She smiles and a glowing dial spins to life in her hand. "Naturally. As a Vicar of Light, it is my duty."

She stands from her chair and thanks the Gods for the power she has been blessed with. Because of this Gift, even if she is weak as Eloise Desmond, she can be strong as Electra of the South. She is independent and can stand among her peers.

She walks to her wardrobe and pulls out her Vicar coat hidden behind other attire. The heavy burgundy jacket with silver trim she admires so often. She dresses, and ties up her thick, loose, curls into a ponytail. To this day she does not know what quality in Light makes her hair curl the way it does, the effect is very common with Lightwielders.

Her mask glows to life, making an appearance on her face in the form of careful markings. The characters are old world Vikrit, a dead language whose derivative, new Vikrit, only lives through the Light spells Vicars use. The characters read Seal Vlinder, but it is more commonly regarded as a Masking seal, a spell that conceals her identity.

Lightwielders, the children of Light, are either looked upon with enamor or disdain. Because of this, in their country of D'Hiver Nero, Vicars are required to keep their lives as heroes separate from their normal lives. A small detail that Eloise is grateful for, she would have never been able to convince her parents to allow her to serve otherwise.

She clenches her fingers in her palm, where the small spell she uses to walk spins unseen. She walks out onto her balcony and disappears into the night.

She walks out onto her balcony and disappears into the night       


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