The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - XX.

Submitted: May 02, 2019

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Submitted: May 02, 2019



The Vicar of the North stands over a hole in the ground

The Vicar of the North stands over a hole in the ground. What he's looking for he does not know. Nor does he know how he got here.

"I insist that you dance with me."

The hole speaks to him. He backs away in bewilderment, but something else pulls him into the hole.

"You leave me vacant, lethargic."

He slips into the hole, in reflex he tries to spin a Riding Dial, but his fingers produce nothing.

A blue-white light beams down from above. He looks up to see the shadow of a figure. The figure is unfamiliar, a small frame wearing a long night gown that flows in the wind. The person is a child without a face. This is a dream. Why are his dreams always so vivid?

The girl calls out:

"Who are the Gods to tell us when to live or when to die?"


Ain hasn't gotten around to talking to Princess Lilith about Prince Cyan's concern. It is not that he doesn't want to. The opportunity has simply not presented itself. Even so, he is starting to see the effect it is taking on Eloise.

She is rather depressed about the entirety of it, Ain can tell. She puts on a face around Prince Cyan and Princess Lilith, but Ain is sure Cyan is seeing right through it. In the morning, as Eloise, she does not talk to Preston at all. During the nights, as Electra, she says little to Ain and will often wander off on her own.

This morning the Vicar of the North got word that he is to accompany Princess Lilith to Gratude, a city in the southwest. Today he will talk to her about her feelings towards Ain.


Eloise is tired of trying to merge her life as Eloise with her life as Electra. It is a lonely path.

As Eloise, although she frequently argued with Preston, he always had her back when it came to the important things. Whenever he didn't, Electra could always count on Ain to take her side.

The situation is staggering for Eloise, but she has to move on from this. She cannot mope around forever. She hadn't been this upset when Basma passed away, but only because she knew Basma would kick her for it if she could. Basma would kick her now too. That is why Eloise has to get over it.


"You're early today," Prince Cyan notes when Electra walks into his study.

The new Light Palace had set records in terms of lavishness and beauty. Yet Electra finds it amusing that the prince is always holed up in the same room.

"I know I'm feeling rather well today." She has more confidence and energy today than she has had in awhile. Maybe it is the brisk weather, or the approaching summer.

"Ain will be late tonight, no doubt he killed himself shopping with my cousin. The last time I went with her to Gratude I almost smothered both her and myself," the prince jokes, rising diligently from his desk. "Let's go down to the main hall. I'm to meet with my other cousin, the Duke of Chat, for a chat- I'm not joking that is his name."

Electra nods and allows him to lead the way.



"The harvest from the Northeast was very good this year" the duke comments flipping through papers and handing pages to the prince.

The Duke of Chat is a big man, Electra wouldn't have imagined him so. He isn't a big as in portly, he's burly. He looks nothing close to Cyan or his family, who have a clean, delicate features, one commonly associated with royalty. Duke Chat gives the impression of panther or a lion, with dark long locks, and bright green eyes. He dresses in the manner of a duke however and is overall pleasant. He has genuine respect for his cousin, despite he himself being a couple years older.

"I agree, I think the fine weather contributed immensely," the prince agrees glancing at the papers. "It was a good winter for all of us."

There's a rapid knock at the library doors. Electra opens it to recognize Xena, whatever she has to say is urgent, it's clear on her typically stoic face.

"Prince Cyan sir, I do not wish to alarm you but Princess Lilith, Sir Ain and Sir Raphio have not yet returned," she announces before completely entering the room.

Everyone's heads whip towards the window, it has been dark outside for a while.

"Where reporting to him now," she replies. "Sir Francois volunteered to go to Gratude and is on his way there with some members of the Guard, but we will send reinforcements upon your request Prince Cyan."

Prince Cyan and Duke Chat look at each other with concern.

"Do not move before Sir Francois returns, but have men on standby should we need to send them out on moments notice," the prince instructs with haste, both he and Chat are standing now. "Sir Ain is very capable I'm positive that he and Sir Raphio will be alright," he says this but is uneasy himself.

"I agree," Sir Errol announces striding into the room with a quick pace. "However I am concerned about the timing and the safety of you two. Let's get you two over to the safe room."



"Sir Errol, we have news." Hours later a guard joins Prince Cyan, Sir Errol, the Duke of Chat and Electra in the safe room located underneath the palace. The look on the guard's face shows that wishes to speak to Sir Errol in private.

"Whatever you have to say, we can all hear it. Thank you Sir Faire," the prince tells him, noticing the fact.

In the last hour, Prince Cyan has been mostly quiet. It's the most unnerving composure he's had in Electra's time of knowing him.

The guard continues warily but promptly. Fidgeting briefly before standing straight with his arms against his back. "The last shopkeeper to see them reported that they were headed home about four hours ago. Furthermore, we have found evidence of foul play, but we are not sure how authentic it is. Their car was found scavenged for parts. We believe that they were ambushed by bandits, but we are not able to judge if it was a planned attack. We believe they did not know that Princess Lilith was its passenger but cannot say for sure. We are unable to conclude if it was a crime of opportunity or an attack from a different nation- or worse our own. Tensions are still high with the relocation of the Light Palace. Sir Francois and his men are continuing to search the area for evidence of the princess and the two Vicars."

Everyone takes a moment to process the information. The air becomes heavy, and a feeling of panic begins to creep in.

"I find it hard to believe that the bandits could overpower two Vicars and five members of the Royal Guard... I will join Sir Francois-" Sir Errol is interrupted by Electra.

"As will I."

"I'm sorry Lady Electra," he shoots her down on the spot. "I would feel better if you stayed here with Prince Cyan and Lord Chat. If this is an attack from a different nation, this could be a mere coup to distract us from Prince Cyan. We can't leave any bases uncovered. I will go, and I promise I will be thorough Electra." The promise is sincere.

"You're right," Electra agrees with some reluctance. "Go on then."

Sir Errol and Sir Faire bow before the two royals and exit the room.

The blond Vicar walks over to where Prince Cyan stands restlessly and kindly takes his hand, entangling her fingers in his.

"Breathe," she says taking her own advice. Inhaling and exhaling through her nose.

He nods and shakily does the same. If they don't breathe, the panic will win.


A/N: This concludes Part 1. I believe Part 2 is roughly 20 chapters as well. Initially (and in my drafts) I had more sketches I meant to illustrate for each chapters. (This is why earlier chapters have more illustrations) But I like having a semi-consistent upload schedule so I'm going to stick to two drawings per chapter for now. 

An example of a sketch that didn't make the final cut a couple of chapters ago

An example of a sketch that didn't make the final cut a couple of chapters ago. 

That being said, as I mentioned last chapter, I made an Instagram to share the fun art, my username is songlesssirenn.

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