The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Part 2 - II.

Submitted: May 06, 2019

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Submitted: May 06, 2019



"Elo-Electra!" Prince Cyan jumps at the sight of the Vicar, shaking his head when he corrects himself. He stands in a nook of the hallway where the architects of the building left space for a plant or fixture. Electra thinks of a plant first because the same side of the hall is lined with large windows, when in reality it's simply a decorative nook.

"Prince Cyan? What are you doing here." She notices that he's standing out of the way, as if he was avoiding being noticed. "Are you hiding?"

He stammers a bit, "Well, no? I am taking a short break..." he explains in a hushed voice.

"From what?" Electra is confused and not convinced.

"From Iona," he admits with slight shame and a flat tone. "I don't think she likes me a great deal- I know I'm not in her way but something in the back of my mind gives me an anxiety. I decided that I like the Masking Seals, if I can't tell I'm annoying you, the better I think."

Iona has been taking turns with Electra for the last three nights They rotate guarding the prince every night. Tonight it is Iona's night. Sir Errol has left on an indefinite mission to find the lost princess. Rumors of sightings had been prominent, but not any have been confirmed.

"Right, she doesn't wear a Masking Seal because she's not technically a Vicar." Electra tilts her head in curiosity, "What makes you think that she doesn't like you?"

Prince Cyan shrugs, "I struggle to make conversation when her responses are minimal. She constantly wears an expression that makes me believe that she is bothered by my talking to her." He sighs, "Am I thinking too much about it? You and Sir Errol are so open with your sense of humor."

"Iona is not a wordy person, I won't deny that," Electra validates his concern. "I promise she doesn't hate you. She's a kind person, relax and she'll warm up to you in good time."



Iona and Electra exercise with Lady Tricize in the retired training grounds of MontPec. It was certainly nostalgic, these were the same grounds Electra had trained with Basma. The weather is drier and colder. The skies are washed out and the sun is diluted by a blanket of clouds. The trees, however, stand in their same spots, and the earth contours in the same shape as before.

"Any word as to how the search is going?" Iona asks Lady Tricize as she catches one of Electra's punches.

"They've expanded their search northbound. Prince Vermilion sent Rupi of the North Wind to the western country since she has ties there," the woman replies with a content grin plastered on her face. Her gut had been right about Iona, despite her lack of formal training the girl is a natural. And, while she is rough around the edges, she's innovative and powerful. Possibly even more so than the girl realizes. "They're reluctant to go Southwest- in order to avoid tension with some of the towns down there," she finishes.

Electra stops one of Iona's kicks with the back of her forearm. Lady Tricize compliments her.

"I don't blame them." Iona is from the southwest afterall, she is conscious of the fact that her people aren't the biggest fans of D'Hiver Nero. None of their recent rulers have caused them problems, but historically speaking D'Hiver Nero- rather the Opal Oceans, has had a fondness for conquering lands that already belonged to other people.

"I can't figure out how you can perform a three-point seal..." Electra concentrates on dodging one of Iona's Light disks and preparing one of her own. "...On your own."

A three-point seal being when a Vicar holds two spells a once, one in each hand, and then summons a third disk in a kicking motion.

"Gunning for 1st Order already?" Tricize raises an engrossed eyebrow. "How long have you been in 2nd Rank? Last Winter? Early Spring?"

"Mid-Spring," Electra answers between pants. She normally has enough stamina for a couple of hours of practice, but Iona is too quick, it takes remarkable effort to keep up. Both Tricize and Iona are impressed that she's been able to keep up so far. "To be fair I don't think I earned that one until much later skill-wise. I want to make sure this time around I deserve the title."

"Oh shut up and accept that you're talented," the teacher snorts. Electra coughs or laughs or both and spins a half-hearted dial at Iona.

Iona glides an already prepared disk and reflects Electra's own Light back at her. She then signs for a timeout while she explains.

"Because you use your Light to gain use of your legs, it should be of no trouble for you." In the dirt she slides her right foot to the side, spinning a Light disk from the ball of her foot. She then kicks it upwards catching it in her hand. "It's the same motion but with output. It takes most Lightwielders a while to get the hang of it- but since you already use Light for your legs, I imagine you'll pick it up pretty quickly."

Electra stares at her demonstration, inspired to try it herself. She recalls Sir Francois doing something similar before. She tries to follow suit. The Light travels down her leg as she slides it to the side. Instead of producing a disk however, it ricochets back into her.

"You understand the idea of it though right?" Iona shows a hint of a smile, she is normally very serious despite the many years they have been friends. "You'll get it. If you'd like, we can take a break and play a game of Onte."

Being from a different part of the world, Iona had never played the board game until the night prior. She had enjoyed the game enough to keep Eloise up half of the night playing. Because she is so serious, Iona's endearing side is not often apparent, but this is the side of Iona that Electra prays Prince Cyan and others will see one day.

"Alright," Electra smirks, "but let us go steal some nooseberry tarts from the kitchen before that."

Lady Tricize raises her arms in innocence. "I know nothing about this," she teases. " I won't have Sione on me for that again."



Prince Cyan mentally prepares himself, running through the checklist of proper mannerisms that come with speaking in front of a large crowd. In all frankness, having spoken in front of crowds most of his life means that he is no longer anxious about the speaking itself. If Cyan can deliver a keynote about increasing taxes in Vikrue without being stoned by the masses, then he can talk about this tonight. Surely no one will object to outside help in searching for the Princess of Winter Wind. Not at this point anyway. Prince Cyan is aware that he's not the only one in despair. 

Her father is frantic, he is ready to trade away his kingdom for a whisper of information. Fortunately, Cyan's own father, King Cerulean of the Opal Oceans, is staying in Winter Wind to prevent that from happening.

The Prince of Opal Oceans shakes his head, now isn't the time to worry about the other kingdoms, Prince Cyan has his own kingdom to run. One he has to prove he will be able to rule over one day. He pulls on his jacket, and presses his lips together when he remembers that tonight is Iona's turn to guard him. He was hoping it would be Electra, Iona continuously makes him anxious. Is it because she is blind? No...

Iona is nothing like her sister, but Prince Cyan knows that it is inconsiderate of him to assume so. People should not be compared and he should be setting an example. He decides to stop trying to talk to Iona as if she were Basma. He will also make the best of the event tonight, rather than worry about her opinion of him.


Moments later he is standing in a small waiting room built behind the stage of the grand hall.

"Are we clear to enter?" From the corner of his eye Prince Cyan catches a glimpse of Iona asking Electra at the door. It is a rare moment, to hear her voice, softer than Basma's but somehow deeper.

"...what do you think?"

"Sorry?" Prince Cyan turns back to a Vicar by the name of Thom who had been talking to him.

"We were going to have Sir Errol speak first, but he's on his way at the moment, so we will have you introduce him after your opening, does that sound good?" the Vicar repeats with a hint of frustration in his voice. It goes unnoticed by the prince.

"Oh? By all means, thank you Thom." The heir turns to the door, jolted a bit when he sees that Iona is already at his side. Can she really see without her sight?

"They're ready for you, Your Highness," she says promptly with little inflection in her voice.

"Erm, Cyan, please," he corrects politely.


They exit the room and begin walking down a dim corridor. Basma was tall, she nearly came up to the Prince's height, but Iona is taller, which is unheard of. He's not used to talking to people at eye level.

"Electra is out in the field tonight?" he asks already quite aware that she is. He is wary, is he is to look at Iona when she speaks? Is it considered rude to stare because she is blind? Is it more impolite to not look at her?

"She's taking off at this moment."

"Oh? Have there been any updates?"

"Nothing notable. If there were, it would presumably be reported to you before myself sire."

"Cyan," he corrects again.

"Of course, my apologies sire. Tyon is a very formal speaking town, seeing that it is a military town."

His brows furrow, finding Iona's mannerisms interesting. He is familiar with the customs of Tyon of course. It is odd to him that Basma, someone slightly more loyal to her hometown, spoke so informally. Iona, however, is not to loyal to her hometown, but speaks like a true native of the town. Here is Prince Cyan comparing the two again. He rolls his eyes at himself, then prays that Iona is truly blind and doesn't think he is rolling his eyes at her.

"Tyon is very formal," he repeats and agrees. Bashfully he adds: "I am not very well liked there."

"I form my own opinion on most matters, in lieu of letting the society of Tyon decide my opinion for me." Light flashes briefly in her eyes and she turns to look at the prince. "As a result, I am also not very well liked there." She isn't smiling but for some reason Prince Cyan gets the impression that her intention is to be encouraging.

"Your sister said something similar to me when I first met her." He smiles at the memory of Basma, then realizes what he has said. "Sorry-I didn't mean to remind you."

Her Light flashes in her eyes once more as they return to their prior sightlessness. She once again faces straight ahead. "Do not apologize for your thoughts. No one should have to," she says sternly.

He doesn't get the impression that he has offended her but that is unequivocally the end of that conversation. They say nothing else as they walk onto the stage. 



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