The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Part 2 - III.

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"To me, success is people remembering my name fondly, when I am long gone from this world

"To me, success is people remembering my name fondly, when I am long gone from this world. It is people remembering the Opal Oceans as a country that redeemed itself, and not a country that savagely destroyed nations. Don't get me wrong, I don't want people to forget what happened here during the Dark Century, I want people to know that we as a nation recognize that it was not right." Cyan glances at the clamor happening backstage and knows he needs to wrap up. "So I ask you, the people of D'Hiver Nero, to trust that when we let others in, we have the resources to protect you. Not only in a physical sense, but as a culture. In return, I believe that together, with the help of our neighbors, we can get through this hardship."

The conference ends without Sir Errol having a chance to speak. Shortly after they had commenced they received news of a body discovered in the western woods of Octmere. They cut the conference short and rush to meet Electra and Sir Errol in the Guard's Hall.

"We hear that there is news." Prince Cyan strides briskly into the hall. Everyone stands in a stunned silence, watching Sir Errol maneuver tokens around the large map on the table.

"There is a body," the Head Vicar confirms. "They're working on identification, but we are certain it is Sir Raphio, as his partner Sir Admus sensed his passing last night."

Prince Cyan is silent, unknowing what to say. It is not an easy task to take down a Vicar- especially one so advanced, Sir Raphio had been 1st rank.

He glances back to the door when it opens and a couple Head Vicars enter. Among them Lady Tricize and Sir Ribo, the Head Vicar of the local City Guard. Lady Delpha, Head Vicar of Opal Ocean's City Guard is present as well.

"Any other information from the body?" Lady Tricize asks.

"There are no signs of an attack, he appears to have died from exposure."" Electra updates her, having returned from her brief departure. 

"It is possible evidence that they are being held captive somewhere."

"Or that they are stranded," Delpha adds.

"How did they get so far out west?" Iona observes the location on the map where Sir Raphio's body was found. It was two kingdoms over, closer to the town of Vikrue than the city of Gratude.

"I agree with her." Electra brushes her fingertips over the map on the table. She is on edge, she can hear her heart pounding, but now is not the time for emotions. "This is definitely leaning more towards foul play."

"But is it an attack from another nation, or a rebel army?" Sir Errol stares at Prince Cyan as he reviews all his options in his head. This bothers the prince as well, seeing that he has only recently convinced the people of D'Hiver Nero to trust its neighbors.

"I want as many guards as we can afford have to head west tomorrow," Prince Cyan announces.

"It will be a grand process, but I agree that should be our priority," Sir Errol nods in agreement. "Electra, I will stay here for now to resituate the guard. This time around I will stay at Prince Cyan's side. You and Iona go west tomorrow." He looks directly at Iona, "You are familiar with the area yes? Probably more so than myself."

Iona nods, and Sir Errol is undoubting that the arrangement is the best.

"Alright, I know it will be difficult, but do your best to get some rest tonight. I need everyone to be well rested tomorrow," he says, speaking to everyone in the room. He then turns and speaks to Sir Thom specifically, "Send word to Sir Castillus and the Lady Jopivett if you would. Prince Vermillion is heading to Gratude as well..."


Electra kicks a spinning Light disk from her right foot and hops onto it as they head out the following morning. Iona follows at her side on a Riding disk.

"I see that you've been practicing." Iona notes with what some would say is a glimmer of pride in her voice.

"I wish I would've mastered it earlier. The trouble it would've saved me." Electra thinks back to her struggle fighting the three Dark Creatures in the old Light Palace library. How far away that feels now.


"This area is known for the large amount of Ring creatures that live here," Iona announces as they slow down.

The forest they have been traveling through has grown denser. They continue in the direction of the area where the body of Sir Raphio was discovered.

"There are a lot of rock caves around here," Electra observes. It makes sense with the amount of Ring creatures around, they live in caves. Bandits use the caves are rest stops, so they warranted further inspection. Electra isn't fond of the idea however.

Ring creatures are Creatures of Darkness that are tricksters, and are virtually harmless. They tend to be a nuisance rather than a danger. They live in rock caves and are responsible for the annoying ringing noise sometimes stuck in people's ears. They tend to play malicious pranks on humans and animals alike.

Iona and Electra encounter many in their search, but let them be as they are not their primary concern at the moment. Additionally, Creatures of Darkness that don't harm other creatures are generally left alone.

"Eloise." Iona stops their search and steps off her Riding dial.

"Did you find something?" the blond Vicar asks, following suit and stopping herself.

"No." Iona flashes Light into her eyes and looks at her friend pensively. "But I wish to talk to you about something I cannot talk to you about back at the palace."

Electra looks at her friend with curiosity. The sun is right above them, she imagines that it is close to noon.

"I want to teach you a spell that I do not wish you to use ever, but I believe is important for you to know," the dark-haired young woman begins. "I do not want you to find yourself in the same situation as Rose, where you have no control in the last moments of your life. I personally believe that every Vicar should know how to do this, but I do not believe that every Vicar should have to know. In a perfect world, the situation in which you would need this type of spell would never arise, but we both know that safety will never be guaranteed to us."

She spins a disk of Light at her side. "This is an old spell, I had to go very far away to learn this because in most modern kingdoms these sort of spells are forbidden." She moves forward to demonstrate. The seal pattern on her disk is not one familiar. Spells typically use the Old Vikrit alphabet, but these characters are foreign to Electra, rougher, sharper. Iona's disk grabs the attention of a Ring creature floating nearby, it begins to draw closer.

"The title Vicar of Light is misleading, but was one intentionally given to Lightwielders in recent times. Light being the contrast to darkness, you are conditioned to think we are polar opposites to these creatures. But if you notice Creatures of Darkness have a Light of their own, a Dark Light- or Dark Matter they can wield and are conveniently also made of." She lets the Ring touch the dial, and as it does her dial begins to spin in a dark color. "We have the ability to wield Darkness, because humans are made of both Light and Darkness"

Electra watches with astonishment as the disk Iona spins dissipates. The taller Vicar is then able to control the movements of the Ring itself. This demonstration is slower than Iona moves in real time, that is clear to Electra now.

"Darkness however," she continues to explain, "is twice as difficult to wield. If we let it overpower us we put our own natural Light at risk." She releases the creature from her control and it flutters away.

"Teach me," Electra insists immediately, to Iona's surprise.

"Eloise, there is a good reason as to why its forbidden. Darkness is powerful, but it is a double edged sword. I believe that you are strong enough to wield it. I am trusting you to keep this knowledge to yourself. If you must pass it on, I anticipate that it is only to someone that is equally as talented and trustworthy."

The way Iona speaks, one would think she is older than Electra, but she is actually a bit younger.

"I have no desire to tell anyone else about this," Electra promises. The one person she would even consider is gone, and if Electra had been stronger in the first place, perhaps... no don't do that to yourself.

"This will be a short lesson. I don't want you practicing this anywhere near the palace, remember that." Iona spins a fresh disk of Light at her side, Electra follows her lead. "I will not lie to you, it is an uncomfortable feeling to perform these sort of spells. Mostly because you have to put yourself in a time and place where you felt absolutely and horridly worthless, in order to execute them successfully. You must become comfortable with the unpleasantry in order to access your own inner Darkness."

Electra closes her eyes, she is Eloise lying in the cot at the Institute. Without Light, without voice, without any motivation in life. A desperate, naked feeling. This period of her life had been her Darkness- her own Hell.

She opens her eyes to see that a Ring creature approaches her Light disk. She then looks over to Iona, watching for the next step.

Iona slows down her own disk in order for Electra to see the Seal she is forming next. "This is the Seal of Erebus," she explains.

Electra copies it and the creature can't resist touching the spinning disk. At once, Electra feels a pull in her energy when the seal changes color before her. The creature becomes an extension of herself.

"This is something you can do with all Creatures of Darkness," Iona adds. Electra starts to play with the creature's movements. "It becomes more difficult the larger the creature, the draw in energy is more powerful. I would suggest slowly working your way up. Practice far from home, preferably with me around to keep guard."

"I would honestly prefer it that way as well." Electra releases the Ring creature back to its own will.

The blond Vicar knows the rules of her country by heart. Electra, in years past, would have hesitated before trying the Seal of Erebus. She knows the consequences, the penalties.

But Iona is right, to know these spells, and knowing when and when not to use them... this is having true control over your life.

"And who are the Gods to tell us when to live or when to die?" she breathes the words into the wind.

"King Titanius, I enjoyed that one." Iona recognizes the line from a book she read as a kid.

"I haven't read it yet, it's on my shelf," Electra hops back onto a Riding dial. "I hear it's a classic, Cyan won't shut up about it anyway." 


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