The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Part 2 - IV.

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Submitted: May 08, 2019



"How are you doing?" A withering Preston checks in on Lilith. They lay on the stone floor of an abandoned church. During the nights the floor is ice cold, but in the daytime the large stained glass window above them makes the floor blaring hot.

While Preston hasn't had anything to eat in two days, he's oddly more alert than he's been the last couple of days. He knows he must be reaching his limit then.

Preston is wearing Ain's clothes- or what is left of them anyway. He no longer has the strength to use his Light. His hand no longer hurts, but he can't feel his arm entirely.

Lilith is now looking at the real Preston, without his masking seal. He looks tired, but he is tired, he had put up a fight for so long. Lilith herself is no longer a princess, she was stripped of her gowns and forced to travel in her undergarments. Her gowns and jewels were traded away by their captors. They did not seem to know who Princess Lilith was and Ain had advised her to keep it that way. For all they knew, they were simply a wealthy family traveling from town. Which seems to have worked because ultimately their captors had them tied up and left for dead.

Strategically, Preston knows it's wrong. Why would they feed them for so long, if they were planning on leaving them behind? Something had changed that made it more advantageous to leave them to die. But he is too mentally worn out to ponder too long about it. He's been clenching his jaw, he needs to relax.

But how can he? He's dying. Who gives up without a fight?

How is Princess Lilith stronger? Why is Preston so weak? She had been fed up until two days ago, of course she is in better shape.

Dr. Harrison- Preston wonders if the mentor was worried about his disappearance. He recalls how the doctor had been so concerned after Eloise ran away from her parents. Eloise... he does not wish to think about her- he can't help but tear up a bit.

"Hungry..." Lilith interrupts his thoughts, her voice cracks. "We're dying aren't we?"

"They wouldn't stop looking for you." His voice is hoarse as well. "Me? Perhaps, but not the Princess of Winter Wind."

"Ain, who are you?"she asks forwardly, too famished to attempt casual conversation. "If we're dying may I at least know your real identity? Who are you? What are you like? If no one ever finds our bodies we will at least have this."

Preston isn't sure if he simply doesn't want to answer the question, or if he is merely too worn out. "Sorry princess, I'm not quite at that point yet," he declines politely. He thinks about how they never got the chance to discuss what Prince Cyan wanted him to discuss with her. Now is definitely not the time or place.

The princess is disappointed and it shows on her face. Not even in her dying moments will Ain give her the time of day. She knows it's stupid to be upset over the thought, given the circumstances, but all she had wanted was one good thing- one good thing.

They sit in silence, alternating between stages of consciousness and unconsciousness. They are not able to perceive the amount of the time that passes.



"What is this?"

Preston is dreaming. He hears a voice not familiar to him. He feels the sun on his face, and sees orange. It is the color produced by the direct sunlight hitting his closed eyelids. His throat is parched and he aches everywhere. Things had been looking better when he couldn't feel anything. He wishes this was a better dream.

"Ain!" He hears Lilith's weakened voice nearby. It sounds urgent. "Do you hear that? I hear voices!"

Preston struggles to wake up.

"We're here! Hello!" He hears her cry out as loud as she can. It's not very loud, but it's enough.

"...a church." A familiar voice echos somewhere in the building. "It's been abandoned. The whole town was likely run out by the growing Ring creature population."

"Electra!" Lilith recognizes the voice and begins to shuffle against her restraints. Her wrists bright pink from struggling. "Electra here!"

Preston forces his eyes open. A tall, slim, brunette busts down the door to the room they are in. A private prayer chamber.

"Basma?" he asks in a whisper. Am I dead then?

When she nears them he recognizes that it isn't Basma after all. They are receiving a second chance at life.

"Electra!" the girl calls out to someone else. She drops to her knees next to Lilith. She slices the chains on the princess's wrist with two small Light dials. Slipping her hands underneath Lilith's own knee and lower back, she pulls her into her arms.

"Preston!" Electra shouts right behind her, rushing to his side.

She throws her arms around him both in distress and relief. He doesn't have time to be embarrassed by his appearance- his smell. As she hugs him tightly, he knows that there is nothing else in the world he wants more than to be embraced by Eloise like this for the rest of his life. He soon, however, unclenches his jaw and loses consciousness.

He soon, however, unclenches his jaw and loses consciousness       



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