The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Part 2 - X.

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Submitted: May 31, 2019




A number of nobles flock towards Prince Cyan and Iona observes this from a distance. They ask him a multitude of questions and discuss a variety of political things. He doesn't appear to be overwhelmed, keeps his composure and answers their questions accordingly. Iona loses interest in the politics however, and returns to her sightlessness. They are attending a convention in Vikrue, it is dangerous for Cyan to be here but he had insisted in accepting their invitation.

Vikrue, dubbed "the Diamond of the Gods" is the capital of Hielo Blanco. A theocracy, older than any of the other nations at five-hundred years old. Before the Opal Oceans took over D'Hiver Nero two-hundred years ago, it was a nation of Hielo Blanco. That is why in some places in D'Hiver Nero continue to speak New Vikrit, and why Prince Cyan is thought upon with disdain by the natives here.

"Have you gotten a good read of the room? Are you sensing tension?" Sir Errol stands next to her, looking into the room, having only then returned from a meeting himself.

"I don't sense any threats within the perimeter of the room," Iona reports.

"These tall windows make me uneasy. While the room is well lit and I can see everything from here, the people outside too can see everything in here."

"It is very birdcage like," the brunette agrees with the Head Vicar. "At least we're on the second floor."

"Very true." Errol excuses himself, "I'm going to go check in with the Lady Electra."

The non-Vicar finds herself looking over at the prince again, he waves for her to come over.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" She approaches his table, steering clear of the bustling personnel. The busy room has the ambiance of a newspaper agency rather than the government office it is, with all its clamor and fluttering papers.

"It has been an enlightening morning." He is tired, but no one would know it from his mannerisms. Iona knows however, she has spent enough time around the prince to recognize the fact. "How is everything on your end? Everything alright?" he asks, his silver eyes have a curious shine to them.

"It's been fairly quiet, but Sir Errol is checking in with Electra."

"Oh? I was a little anxious because I caught you looking over here a couple of times." His attention returns to collecting his notes from the conference that are spread all over his table.

Iona suspects the conference is wrapping up, everyone else starts packing up as well. The sun is directly above them as it is the early afternoon, but she can't imagine that anyone wants to be in the tall-windowed room when the sun sets, it would blind everyone. Whoever had designed the building had done a poor job.

"My intent was to lip read your conversation, it was horribly boring. I don't know how you do it for so long," she explains picking up some papers and handing them to him.

He laughs at her unexpected candidness, "I suppose it was tedious for me at first too." He stands there looking at her awkwardly before speaking up again, "I hear this is the last time you'll be here with us."

"Most likely-"

Iona hears a crashing noise in the distance that Prince Cyan doesn't quite catch.

He continues talking unaware, "Well thank yo-"

"Get down!" Iona interrupts him when she shoves him out of the way of a flaming brick. She didn't mean to shove him so hard, but he stumbles, hard, into a couple of chairs.

"Everyone get down!" Electra shouts, running into the room as a shower of bricks come crashing through the windows.

Iona instinctively flips a table on its side and uses it to shield Prince Cyan and a small number of panicked civilians. People are shouting, but it's muted by the crashing glass and the loud cracking from the bricks hitting the tile.

The chaos is brief and at its end the room is left in an uncomfortable shock.

Electra signs at Iona, instructing her to escort Prince Cyan his room. She begins to put bricks out using Light disks. Iona puts a couple of small fires out near her and nods at Electra before pulling Prince Cyan out of the room.

"Let's go."


When they enter the prince's guest room, Iona promptly walks to the set of windows in order to ensure that they are clear of any danger. Why does this building have so many windows? Prince Cyan shyly approaches the windows.

"We're clear," she says to his relief, but cautiously casts a Concealment seal on the windows, making it so no one is able to see into the room. They're on the third floor but that hadn't made a difference in the conference room.

"Goodness, it doesn't look as if we will ever get a break will we?" Prince Cyan walks over to a small table in the room so graciously provided by the government of Vikrue. He leans back against it, doing his best to calm down. It hadn't the first time an attempt had been made on his life, but it had been the first in a while.

"Pull up your shirt." Iona walks over to him and spins a Healing disk in her right hand.

"S-sorry?" he says a bit bewildered and noticeably pale from the scare.

"Where you fell on the chair," she explains impatiently.

"Oh it's alright- I'm fine!" he tries to sound convincing.

She grabs the side of his shirt and lifts it up to reveal the swelling red mark on his side.

"I know how hard I shoved you," she says firmly. She hovers the Healing disk over his side and adds in a softer tone. "I didn't mean to, it was a reflex, sorry."

The warm feeling created by the Light disk works straight away, Prince Cyan feels better instantly. He however cannot help frowning.

"You promised you wouldn't use these kinds of spells around me," he protests softly.

She pulls his shirt back down.

"First of all, I promised I wouldn't use Dark Matter spells around you." She gives him a stern look but speaks politely, "This is a Light spell. Although it is forbidden, and the only reason it is forbidden is because it is dangerous for unskilled Vicars to use out in the field. The spell depletes their own natural Light quickly, they don't recover as fast if wounded. We are not out on the field, I will be fine." She maintains with some clear annoyance in the inflections of her voice. Her passion for the subject reminds the prince of Basma and her speech for better education.

"Furthermore, isn't it a bit hypocritical for you to say that now? You had no objections to me using any forbidden spells when Sir Errol's life was on the line. Admit it, these spells should be taught to trusted and skilled Lightwielders- lives would be saved-"

"You know that's not meant Iona." Prince Cyan is somber. He sympathizes with Iona's frustration. "Of course I think those sort of spells can save lives. I think it is ridiculous that some of these are banned but I have no say about it right now. Right now- I can't protect you if someone walks in and sees you using these spells. I'm not even well liked here! Sure, if we are in the middle of nowhere and it is just me, you and Errol, of course it's alright! I can't change the rules right now- but one day I will have that say, and I will do something about it."

Iona hesitates to continue arguing with him. For a moment Prince Cyan suspects that she is going to slap him, so does Iona for a moment- but... . she can tell from the look in his eye that he means it.

"Look-" she sighs, "Don't take this the wrong way but..."

Cyan waits for her to finish, slightly perplexed.

She pulls his face in for a kiss. Cyan is not any less perplexed by the action but knows that the right response is to kiss her back. He doesn't want her to let go but to his disappointment she does.

"Most likely I won't see you again after today," she explains. Her light colored eyes shift their gaze towards the windows. "You are too trusting but I find you remarkable. I hope you take care Cyan."

"I don't want you to go," he admits bluntly. Although he knows that it's the last thing she wants to hear, "I like you Iona."

She slips from her serious character with the hint of a smile, but shakes her head disagreeing. "I believe that you like that I'm dangerous. I think you like that I'm the last person you should be involved with. But it's likely the reason I like you, I have this fondness for creating disorder."

"I like you because you're a good person." Prince Cyan he expresses but recognizes her perspective. She is so intense. "I understand that you can't stay, so promise that you will take care of yourself."

"You know I will." She heads for the door, bowing in the direction of the prince when she reaches it. "Goodbye Cyan."

"Goodbye Iona."

"The attack was fabricated by a local rebel group. The city council has a hard time dealing with them in general." Sir Errol explains to Iona and Electra. "They have never done anything as violent as this, but as you must know we are not very popular here."

"We caught a couple of their members." Electra adds, visibly shaken from the attack. She remains composed regardless. "Most of them are quit young. It's a little disheartening."

They stand in the hall outside of Prince Cyan's guest room.

"What is the council going to do?" Iona crosses her arms over her chest and shifts her weight onto her right leg.

"They said we could press charges, but I don't think Cyan is up for it. How is he?" The Head Vicar inquires, looking at Iona. He doesn't wish to leave the prince alone for too long, mainly right after an attack.

"He is a little shaken but looks to be okay."

"I'll go and update him," Sir Errol excuses himself.

"What about you? Are you okay?" Iona puts a gentle hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Yeah, I don't know how they got past two of us. Granted, they probably know this building better than we do." She remembers something unrelated to the topic mid-sentence, "I hear that you and Sir Adamus are leaving soon."

"Yes, he desires to look into the bandits who killed Sir Raphio," the taller girl explains. "I personally have no interest in attracting attention to ourselves, but I promised Sir Errol I would keep an eye on him. It is a very dangerous thing Sir Raphio is looking to do."

"Thank you, I'm certain Sir Errol rather appreciates that." Electra is happy, but sad at the reminder that Iona is leaving again. 



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