The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Part 2 - XII.

Submitted: June 16, 2019

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Submitted: June 16, 2019




“And my father?” the Prince of D’Hiver Nero asks urgently.

Prince Cyan and Sir Errol walk briskly down a charred street. Ain and Electra follow them at a distance. It is daytime but the skies are perpetually grey. A snow of ash flutters down collecting on the cobblestone. The smell of burning plastic fills their noses. Furthermore what is most daunting is the silence. There is no background noise, simply their own voices.

“He is on his way- along with your uncle, King Ecru. As you know he lives farther into the mainland than us, your father will most likely get here first,” Sir Errol explains promptly. “I’m surprised we got here before him, but they have to go the long way around the main island.”

They come to where the street opens, a wide plaza waits for them. A scene from a monochrome portrait. Across the plaza, there is a grand staircase leading the way into a large estate. The buildings, the vegetation, the people continues to be charred. The two promptly make their way up the stone steps and enter the large fortress.

“Remember what I said, don’t touch anything,” Errol cautions when they enter a hall. Time remains frozen in place. “We are certain it will not continue to spread, but we want to preserve what we can, as we hope it is reversible.”

Finally, there is a sign of human presence, but not a favorable one. The hall is a shadow of whatever had occurred here. The scene before them is one of panic and horror. Statues, made of a black brittle material, run away from the center of the room. Soldiers, servants, and members of the household, scrambling. It doesn’t take more than seconds to recognize that these statues were once people. This was not an accident, this had been intentional- and it had been done to the entire City of Dejai.

The City of Dejai is the capital of the third biggest island within the Island Kingdom of Opal Oceans. It is the largest city on its respective island, but the island is fairly small compared to its sister islands, with a population of 50,000.

The palace the prince and Head Vicar stand in, is the home of the Rosas, the wealthy aristocrat family who governed the Island, as they had for generations.

In the center of the room kneels Lady Else, the mother of the family, crying frozen tears. Behind her, her petrified husband Lord Dorian, Duke of Dejai crawls towards her. Their son Emmett, covers his face in fear. Whatever had taken their lives, he hadn’t seen it. Prince Cyan thinks it is better that way. In front of the three statuesque Rosas, on the black marble tile, there is an imprinted single white Seal.

“It’s a spell.” Sir Errol crouches down and runs his fingers over the etched spell. Gorgeous, intricate, he couldn’t replicate it if he wanted to. And what horror… “It stops at the edge of the city. It isn’t affecting us because we would’ve had to been here when it was cast.”

“Can it be undone?” Prince Cyan is heartbroken at the sight Duke of Dejai and his family. He maintains his composure, although he anticipates that the answer to his question is not a pleasant one.

“We are waiting for Sir Francois to verify. He is bringing Sir Tirius, the Head Vicar of the Historical Archives. Francois was in a conference in Stratrad with him at the time of the news and he has proven to be helpful thus far.”

“This is ugly.” Sir Ain and Lady Electra walk into the room, rejoining the prince and Sir Errol. They had branched off making their own walk through of the city. The same devastation was spread throughout, the incident had occurred in the early morning, so most were in their homes frozen in an eternal sleep. “It does not look good.”

“Any word of your father?” Electra asks Cyan.

“He should be here soon.” Prince Cyan cannot handle the room, “Sorry I need to go outside.”

“I will join you,” Lady Electra volunteers to accompany him. She too, is horrified, but knows that it is her duty to be here. As a member of the Royal Court and as a member of the Order of the Roses.

Both her and Sir Ain had been promoted to the elite order, serving the Royal family exclusively. While there are ranks within the Order itself, the title means they outclass any of the other ranks. This is with the exception of any Head Vicar.

The title is not earned based on level of skill, but rather trust. Electra has never been fond of the ranking system, not only because she knows that it makes Ain uneasy, but because the margins are not truly defined. Vicars are promoted when their leaders see them fit but there are no set requirements.

With that in mind however, she does not find the title ‘Order of the Roses’ entirely superfluous. Having the trust of Cyan and Errol, knowing that it is one beyond that of an obligation to a kingdom, having it recognized- it feels nice. She has learned that this is her real family.

“What do you make of it?” Prince Cyan asks Lady Electra as they step out to the grey light.

“I can’t imagine what or who caused this,” she answers honestly, her thoughts returning to their surreal surroundings. “It’s horrifying.”

“Do you think it’s related to what happened to Princess Lilith and Ain?”

“I don’t see how, but we cannot be sure-”

Their thoughts are interrupted when they spot a group of familiar faces turning the corner.

“Iona?” Cyan blurts out in surprise.

“Sir Admus?” Electra calls out to them. For a brief moment she forgets the ghastly world around them, delighted to see her friend again, but then is perplexed as to why they’re here.

The group looks equally as surprised to see the two.

“What are you doing here?” Iona asks. Her and her two companions, George and Admus, walk over.

In that very moment Sir Ain and Sir Errol join them outside.

“What’s going on here?” the Head Vicar asks when he recognizes Iona and Sir Admus. It had only been about a month since their departure.

“We are not sure,” Sir Admus informs him. “We got a tip that the person responsible for what happened to Sir Raphio was here.”

Electra glances at Prince Cyan, her suspicions are right, it is related to Princess Lilith and Ain’s incident.

“And it sounded ridiculous when we heard it- but now that we are here it is sounding less and less ridiculous,” George observes, disturbed momentarily. He had never seen anything close to this in his many years of hunting down dangerous criminals

“What was ridiculous about it?” Ain asks curiously from the door.

“Many things, but mostly the idea that the City of Dejai was to be sacrificed to some Soldier of Darkness.”

Ain freezes, not many notice except for Electra and Cyan.

“What’s wrong?” Cyan asks unintentionally drawing attention to Ain’s discomfort.

“I don’t know.” He looks away. “Sorry- this sounds mad but- but I had a dream. And in that dream, Basma told me this was going to happen.”

“How specific was it?” Sir Errol arches a brow. Ain finds it strange that Sir Errol is unfaltering and interested what he has to say. No doubt he must find Ain ridiculous.

“Not very specific- she said that something bad was coming.” He looks at Iona involuntarily. “And that only the Vicar of Darkness could stop it.”

Everyone is silent for seconds, but to Ain it feels like hours.

“The person who caused this? Is the only one who can stop it?” Electra is not the only person puzzled. “That can’t be right.”

“It was a dream, it means nothing.” Ain tries to brush it aside.

“But it could mean something.” Sir Errol encourages. “ We can talk to Sir Tirius, he will be able to shed some light on all of this- it appears to all be connected.”


“The Vicar of Darkness is not a person; it is a title earned by an advanced Darkwielder. Only Gialo Caldo currently hands the title out.” Sir Tirius stands in the center of the group of Vicars. They stand over the mysterious white seal in the center of the Rosemond’s hall once again.

Sir Tirius is the older gentleman in charge of the historical Library of Light. Electra recognizes him from her visit there when she was in training. He is the person who had inspired her to request a library in MontPec in the first place. He is portly but healthy, big boned Electra would say. Being from the Southwestern city of Scorched Flats, his skin is heavily tanned, but his short kinky hair is grey.

The group migrates to the dining room of the manor.

“I can tell you now,” he begins grimly, “that whoever did this was not born a Lightwielder, and that they are going to great lengths, to acquire power that is far beyond their control.” He turns to Ain, “Tell me more about your dream, what was going on? Who was present?”

Ain shyly licks eyes with Electra.“Lady Electra and I were present- and Lady Basma as well-” He tries not to look at Iona, she hasn’t said anything since the mention of her sister. “It was the day of the accident.”

“And she is the one who referred to the Vicar of Darkness?”


“What do you make of it Sir Tirius?” Sir Errol asks the older man.

“I think the event itself is significant. I think she could be referring to either Lady Electra or Sir Ain himself.” He looks at Sir Errol with a somber expression, “Clearly the late Lady Basma herself, is not who she was referring to.”

“Sir Errol?” The group opens up from their circle to see a Vicar at the door of the dining room. The man is wearing a uniform with the insignia and colors of the Opal Oceans, but looks about the same age as Sir Errol. He recognizes the Vicar of the East and turns to speak to the person behind him. “This way Your Highness.”

The Vicar steps out of the way for King Cerulean to enter the room.

He is tall, such is his son, but his demeanor is refined rather than awkward. His face shares the same features, but sharpened with age. They do not share the same silver eyes, King Cerulean’s eyes are a faded blue. His hair is white and clean cut, and upon his head sits a gleaming Opal crown.

“Sir Errol, Sir Francois.” Upon recognition, the king starts asking questions. “What have you gathered so far? Where is my son?”

“He is right outside,” Ain announces. “I will fetch him,” he excuses himself briefly.

“King Cerulean,” Sir Errol introduces in the meantime, “this is Lady Electra, Lady Iona and Sir Tirius.”

The King of the Opal Oceans bows as is customary. “Thank you for your service to this kingdom.” 

The three return the bow and their gratitude for allowing them to serve in his domain.

Sir Errol proceeds walk him through the scene in the hall. Sir Tirius tags along to update him on the situation and his own speculation.

Ain returns with Prince Cyan, who promptly joins his father.

“Father, have you seen anything like this before?”

His father shakes his head gravely as they stand before the Rosas family. Sir Francois, beside him, had been carefully taking samples from their remains, with a grim expression.

Unlike his son who had met the Duke of Dejai a couple of times in formality, King Cerulean had been a long time friend of his. This hurts him to see, Prince Cyan is positive of it.

The king sighs, he isn’t surprised this has happened, but he is disappointed that it has.

“Sir Tirius is going to research to see if the spell is reversible- he believes it is unlikely, but he has a vast library, with years of information on these matters,” Sir Errol announces to everyone.

“And if he can’t, this ‘Champion of Darkness’ person basically obliterated an entire town?” Iona asks in disbelief. “I don’t know how that can be possible. You drain the life essence from the living and use it as Light?”

“What sort of person could do this?” Electra joins her friend in incredulity.

“Champion of Darkness? King Cerulean do you think perhaps-” The king’s right hand man steps up, joining the conversation at the sound of an old familiar name, “She is involved?”

King Cerulean waves the man over and introduces him to the group.

“This is Sir Castillus of Fortuna, he is the most trusted of my men. He is my Head Vicar, the most capable man I’ve ever met,” he introduces, then continues to answer the man’s inquiry. “You speak of Lady Tianala?”

“The Lady Tianala yes.”

The king looks worriedly at his son, knowing well the answer to the man’s question.

“For the sake of the divine goddess Adeline, I rather hope not.” 



A/N: I know this is late, but I forgot about some life events that had to happen. That being said, this will cut to a flashback for the next couple of chapters. I will take a week break before I start on that, sorry. Thank you for reading. 


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