The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Part 3. - I.

Submitted: June 26, 2019

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Submitted: June 26, 2019



Part 3 - Tianala and Aoide

“Never in my life have I seen a creature more beautiful than my beloved daughter,” a man by the name of Ronen almost sings. He strides into the dining room of his warm home. It is not a grand home, but it is furnished with nice things. Old money, not new money.

“She is sure to be married to a king one day.” The man takes a seat next to his two happy daughters, Tianala and Aoide.

Tianala is the eldest of the two. She long ago accepted the fact that her sister is the favorite of the household, however she is not bothered by the fact. She too, is enamored with the lovely creature her younger sister is.

Aoide is a true daughter of the Gods. Her eyes are the color of lavender- she smells of lavender. Her hair is a pale gold, it is almost silver. Her proportions are considered ideal and her face is a character divine. Tianala looks nothing like her, no one in her family looks like her. Tianala has colorless eyes, and light bronze skin. Her hair is the color of caramel.

Tianala is not ugly, but she is not outstanding in beauty either. She is pretty and she is average about it, most importantly she is content about it. She knows the kind of attention conventional beauty attracts and she does not care for it.

Ronen, her father, loves both his daughters greatly. Tianala understands that. Aoide understands that. He would give them the world if he could.

“Father you ought to stop saying so.” Aoide has a perfect smile. She picks up a spoon and stirs her soup. “You’ll get my hopes up, and then I will accept no one other than a king.”

“Good!” Her father hums firmly, digging into his meal as well. “You deserve nothing less!”

“Father, his marriage is sure to be arranged and I will be doomed to die an old maid,” the girl points out smartly. Prince Ecru of the Opal Oceans had an arranged marriage to the Princess of Winter Wind, his younger brother’s- Prince Cerulean’s marriage would likely be arranged as well.

“If you die an old maid let us all suffer a fiery death, for this world is clearly not right if that happens,” their father jokes. Aoide is already very popular among young noblemen. In Ronen’s eyes, no one is worthy of his precious daughter, but a prince would surely be respectable match.

“In all seriousness a king would have to blind to not want to marry you.” Tianala grins at her younger sister from across the table. “I have little doubt that it won’t happen.” Something about her sister’s grace, assures her that the world will bend to her favor, it always has.

“Eat you two!” Aoide loves her family, and wishes for nothing else in the world but their happiness. “Nothing will ever get done if we don’t eat!”



A/N: Sorry it's a short chapter to start off this flashback, I'm at convention this week, but I hope to update again real soon!


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