The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Part 3 - II.

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"Marvelous." Tianala breathes quietly to herself, mesmerized. She watches a dance performance by the exotic dancers of the south-southwest. The constant tension between the kingdom of Opal Oceans and that of Amici Vero was over in the political sense, but many citizens of both countries continue to argue passive aggressively due to the bottled up resentment. Tianala doesn't understand, who could argue with such angelic creatures?

The people of Amici Vero, home to the Garden of Light, worshipped the sun as a God. As a result most of their dances were a tribute to the Sun God, Deritius. Their dancers often wove small crystals into their long, silky, scarves that reflected the sunlight, making so the sunlight danced alongside them.

Here in the Island Kingdom of Opal Oceans, there is less sun than in Amici Vero. Not to mention it is after hours, so the sun is long gone. The dancers of the southwest had prepared for this however, and brought lamps of different shapes and colors to mimic the rays of the sun. It is breathtaking.

"Their attire or the young ladies themselves?"

Tianala is startled by the voice that interrupts her thoughts. At her side stands a young man that looks to be in his early 20s. His rosy brown hair and bright blue eyes give him away as Prince Cerulean of the Opal Oceans. She curtsies, this isn't the first time she has attended a royal festivity like this, but it is the closest she has ever been to the heir.

"I spoke of the dance, but I won't deny that the young ladies are stunning creatures as well. And their traditional wear takes my breath away." She answers out of courtesy. Her mind drifting away to the thought of possibly wearing one one day. Would that be offensive to their God? They're so beautiful.

She is reminded of the prince at her side. She isn't particularly interested in striking up a conversation with him. She knows how to have a casual conversation with a fellow noble, but Prince Cerulean is no 'fellow noble', he is royalty. Tianala has no idea how to talk to the crown prince.

"Not many people see past the beauty, I am glad you admire them for their talents. I'm sure they are most appreciative," he notes.

"Beauty often distracts, my sister is an example of that," Tianala motions to Aoide who converses with a girl a couple feet away. She hopes the pretty image of her sister will distract the Prince from her own lack of proper social etiquette. "Not many people see past her physical appearance. They fail to see that her real beauty is in her nature."

"She too is quite talented." The prince nods, "You're of the Meas family yes? I've watched you two perform at many of our festivities."

He is correct, Tianala's family has an extensive history of prodigal musicians. Lord Ronan, doesn't perform with them anymore, but he composes many of their pieces, some that are popular even overseas. The three spend a good part of the year touring the islands of the Opal Oceans- sometimes even venturing onto the mainland. In a way, they are local celebrities. Tianala doesn't care for that part, but she loves the traveling bit.

"You are very kind when you speak of your sister, I would never refer to my brother so kindly."

Tianala turns to him. If the heir is surprised by her mannerisms, then she has already given him the impression that she is an uneducated and foolish girl. He doesn't seem offended however, so she continues to be candid.

"Speaks to her true character no?"

"Speaks to yours as well," he points out, glancing back at Aoide. "I must say that I am somewhat jealous that you have such a close relationship with your family."

"I am blessed to have such a loving family." She watches her father grab Aoide's attention and motion to Tianala. They stride over, each wearing a bright smile. "This is my father, Lord Ronen, and my beloved sister Aoide." The elder sister introduces. While the prince might not know her family well enough to recognize how excited they truly are, Tianala can see it in their smiles and that makes her grin as well.

"Your Highness." Lord Ronen bows and Aoide curtsies.

"Please, that is my father- call me Lean," he protests, pronouncing it like the second syllable of his name; 'lu-en". He kindly extends his hand to the man.

"Prince Cerulean I insist." Tianala's father happily shakes the man's hand with both his hands.

"Cerulean is fine as well." He holds his hand out towards Aoide. Tianala watches, he is a natural, but it must come with the title.

"This is my precious daughter Aoide." Lord Ronen introduces again, as Tianala's younger sister gives her hand to the prince.

"Pleasure to meet you Lady Aoide." He gently shakes her hand as well and Aoide is beaming.

"I see you have already met my other treasure, Tianala, wonderful!" her father gleams. Excited that his daughter holds the prince's attention.

"Tianala?" Cerulean repeats looking back at her, putting the name to memory. Tianala doubts that he will remember her. He meets so many people at these events... she appreciates the effort anyway. "Yes, she speaks kindly of both of you. You have raised her remarkably."

"Thank you Prince Cerulean." Lord Ronen smiles at his eldest daughter, his rosy cheeks shining.

He had a couple glasses of wine earlier, not enough to make a fool of himself, but he still wishes he hadn't finished that last drink. Fortunately, the prince doesn't take notice.

Tianala speaks up, excusing herself.

"Yes, don't mind me, I think I recognize an old friend not far off. I have to make myself known to her." She curtsies once more and departs with her excuse, winking at her sister from behind the prince as she sneaks away. 

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