Chapter 35: Part 3 - III.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“The performance was splendid!”

 Tianala snaps the lid of her viola case into place. She overhears a group of gentlemen not far from the stage conversing about the concert that had now concluded. The Meas family find themselves at a public ball tonight. It is in Fortuna however, the capital of the island kingdom, so the crowd is filled with more nobles than that typically seen at public balls. 

 “That girl who was singing was a dream, pray what is her name?” Another voice raves as Tianala continues to eavesdrop, she makes way for the following performers to begin setting up. 

 “Lady Aoide?” A third voice answers. “She’s lovely, too bad she’s spoken for!”

 Tianala smiles to herself as she finishes collecting her things. Her father would let the two perform at public balls for the practice, they would not be staying for the rest of the ball. 

 “You fib!” the second speaker exclaims. 

 “It’s true,” the first voice chimes in. “It’s not official or anything but I hear she is to be engaged to the second prince, Cerulean I believe.” 

 Tianala is positive that her father unintentionally started that rumor one night after the fourth glass of wine. She is amused at how fast word gets around on the islands. 

 “That’s unfortunate,” one of the young men continues, “does she have a sister?” 

 “That she does, the girl on the cello I think.”

 “I thought it was a violin.” 

 “That’s not the point; the point is she looks nothing like her sister.” 

 Tianala walks out of hearing distance from the gentlemen, unphased by what they are saying about her. She is pleased with the night’s performance, it could not have gone any better. She is certain that her father will be pleased as well. The crowd reacted positively to a preview of a song that Tianala is in the process of writing for her sister. It is to debut at the next private celebration they’re to play.

 For Tianala, nothing in the existence of life, brings her as much joy as music does. Playing it, creating it, she could do it all day. On her viola, the rich sounds her instrument makes, the colors her instrument makes. Tianala can see the colors in music. 

 “Are you often compared to your sister?” Once again she is startled by the voice of Prince Cerulean. 

 Had he always been so tall? She doesn’t remember having to look up the last time she had spoken to him. Tianala herself has always had a big boned, and blocky stature, much like a boy’s. She had been accustomed to towering over most the men her age. It isn’t too surprising still, King Teal and Prince Ecru are rather tall as well. Only the king and Prince Cerulean shared rosy brown hair color and brown eyes. Prince Ecru, inherited Queen Esmeralda’s green eyes and dark colored hair.

 She eyes him up and down suspiciously. Tianala hadn’t expected to see him again so soon- or at all. In a place so public too, is he allowed to go out like this? Where is his guard? She supposes that it’s even more strange that she hasn’t encountered him in the past. The two are often at the same sort of events. She wonders why that didn’t occurred to her sooner.

 “I don’t mind it.” She admits going back to his question. All in the same she squints and scans the crowd for her father or sister. “It is the inarguable truth that my sister is leagues beyond most in terms of beauty.” 

 “You seem pretty comfortable with the fact,” he observes. He reaches out to help her with the viola case.

 “Oh it’s alright I can manage-” Tianala protests.

 “I insist. What kind of proper prince would not lend a helping hand to a lady?” He swings the case over his shoulder and walks along at her side. He returns the topic of their conversation to what he was saying moments ago “I too, have an older brother who I am often compared to. Yes, he is stronger and smarter than me, but he is older so naturally that will always be true. It does not seem right to be compared.” He speaks of Prince Ecru, and Tianala wonders what kind of relationship they have.

 “If it will always be true, nothing is accomplished in getting upset by it no?” she points out absentmindedly, spotting her sister up ahead. She becomes aware then that she’s scolding the future King of the islands. Before she can take her question back he nods.

 “I suppose that is true.” 

 Tianala takes her case back and bows. “I have found my sister, thank you for your helping hand Your Highness.” 

 “Call me Lean, I insist.” He returns the bow. “Wonderful performance today. Send my compliments to your sister.” 

 “I think she would value them more if you told her yourself.” She encourages him to follow her, and then makes a mental note to stop telling the prince what to do. 

 The prince hesitates, but then follows.



Submitted: July 09, 2019

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