The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Part 3 - IV.

Submitted: July 15, 2019

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Submitted: July 15, 2019




At another event, Tianala finishes a performance. A number of weeks have passed since her second encounter with Prince Cerulean. She smiles and nods to her fellow musicians, excusing them for the night. When she was younger, her family travelled as a full sized orchestra, but as her older family members retired, Lord Ronen had to hire a smaller string orchestra to play along with Aoide and Tianala during their touring season.

Tianala packs away her area and decides to change her clothes before joining the festivities of the night. Because Aiode has a solo performance later in the evening, Tianala is allowed to wander. She hopes to find food somewhere.

She exits the stage, accidentally bumping shoulders with one of the performers of the next act. “Sorry!” she apologizes.

“Your playing was marvelous!” they compliment her as they pass by. Both are in a rush to get to where they need to go, so they don’t stick around to converse.

“Thank you!” she shouts at them from the hallway.

She looks for a room to change her clothes, but the estate is vast and confusing. It is that of some great Duke. After taking a wrong turn and she finds herself outside. She turns around to go back inside when she runs into Prince Cerulean.

“Your Highness, I apologize, you must excuse me.” She walks around him in an awkward half bow.

“Tianala hold on.” He turns back towards her, “You look lost, can I help you find something?”

She stops and looks back at him, thinking about the offer.

“Oh that’s right, you might be able to help me,” she says considerably. “I’m looking for somewhere to change my clothes, I’m a mess.” The stage lights at events are hot, more often than not making her a sweaty disaster.

He hadn’t noticed the fact until she pointed it out, his expression is amused.

“There is a dressing room not far from here.” He begins to lead the way. “Let me help you carry something.” He reaches out for one of her bags.

“It’s alright I got it.” She pulls the bag out of his reach with a little too much force, and flings it behind her. She cringes when she hears it splash.

She turns around to see it landed in one of the many fountains on the estate. “Who puts a fountain in their home?” she exclaims in disbelief, forgetting that Cerulean is still present. She looks back at the prince apologetically, “Sorry, no offense to your friend the Duke. He has a lovely home.”

Prince Cerulean is holding back his laughter but isn’t doing a good job of hiding it. He isn’t laughing at her, merely the comedy of the situation.

“No-no I apologize.” He walks over, bending over to pick up the soaked bag. “I shouldn’t have insisted. Is it of great value? I can replace it.”

“It’s fine, they were my clothes. I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m at fault really. A couple of hours in these clothes won’t kill me.” She sighs quietly.

“Are you certain? Duke Gregor has a daughter, I can I ask her perhaps-”

“I’ll be fine,” she assures him. “I will go put these to dry somewhere outside. I can find my way back, thank you again-.”

“Oh no!” A third voice startles both of them. It is Duke Gregor’s daughter, who had conveniently overheard most of the conversation. “I insist! Lady Tianala come here! We will find you something!”

She breaks away from her group of friends to stride over and drag Tianala away before she can protest.

“Thank you Lady Sharron!” The prince calls out to her.

“Anything for you dear!” The young lady calls back.


I think… I’ve been waiting my entire life to meet you.

She had been looking through Cerulean, not at him. Still, it worked. Whatever had drawn his attention to her.

How hadn’t he noticed her before? The Meas family performed at every event Cerulean had attended since he was an infant. What had it been about that night that changed Cerulean? The solo performance of Danse degli Cielite? No Cerulean had heard the piece before. Was it the way in which she made the viola cry? It cried and it hurt the prince. He had never felt so empty.

That’s not what hurt him however. What hurt him that evening had been in that skipped heartbeat, in that inhale of panic, in which he had felt her emptiness as well.

He had to find this person, he had to find out more about her.



“You look splendid!” Lady Sharron assures Tianala before walking away, presumingly to rejoin her friends out in the hall.

Tianala smiles and nods warily, until she is sure the woman is alone. She would stick around for a couple minutes, and then beg her father to go home. Although her sister hadn’t performed yet, realistically she wouldn’t be able to go home for another hour. Her sister’s singing was becoming more popular among the locals, she typically was cast as the grand finale. Tianala will have to settle for hiding for the rest of the evening.


We are empty people. Prince Cerulean wakes up from his thoughts when he spots Tianala standing not far up ahead.

“I am terribly sorry,” he says walking up to her, his hands clasped behind his back. Clearly he is more amused than apologetic.

“If you truly are, please do me the grand favor of not standing so close. You’ll attract more attention my way.” Tianala is more stressed out by his presence if anything.

“I think you’re overthinking it.” He tries to reassure her.

“I look like a bag,” she speaks candidly. The clothes given to her by the Lady Sharron are on the curvier side. Something Tianala is lacking vastl, making it obvious that her dress is too big for her. The dress is hideous bright orange color, that appears to glow in the night light, making her hard to miss. “Seriously, Your Highness thank you for your aid, however I would be more comfortable if you were inclined to be elsewhere.”

“Right, right.” The prince smiles widely, the nerve of her to talk to him so. It is most interesting to him that she does not seem to care at all. He bows with the cheeky grin still plastered on his face. “Carry on.”



She can’t do it, she hides for the rest of the night. Tianala is not one to attract attention to herself if she can help it. She sits in the garden a top of some stairs. The night is far too cold to be outside, but she puts up with it if it will spare her humiliation.

“You’re hiding.” She hears the voice of her shadow as he approaches. “I’m terribly sorry about that again.”

She watches the prince sit down next to her. This time his apology is sincere.

“Oh it’s alright, do not worry about it Your Highness.” She shifts her gaze to her hands. “What brings you out here anyway? Earlier you were out here as well, did I interrupt something?”

“No, nothing in particular. I like talking to you Lady Tianala. Earlier too, I saw you wandering around.” He shrugs, “Talking to most people is tiring. Most of the time people spend their time trying to impress me, rather than make good conversation.”

“Ah I see…” she hums thoughtfully. “You are fortunate then, that I have nothing impressive to say,” she jokes.

“You play the viola quite well,” Prince Cerulean suggests.

“I am slightly better than average about it. Nothing anyone will write a story about.” She gives him a look of assurance, she doesn’t want his pity. “Not that I mind, I’d rather not attract attention to myself.”

“I’ve noticed.” He doesn’t understand why she is so comfortable with the fact however. “Why is that?”

She shrugs, “I’m more at ease when someone else is the center of attention. I don’t know why our society is so obsessed with it. That sort of matter doesn’t interest me.”

“Hm, I supposed I’ve never been without attention to understand what it feels like.” Perhaps it is better and Prince Cerulean doesn’t know it.

Losing interest in the topic, Tianala looks back at the manor. “I believe my sister is going to perform soon. Let us go inside.”

Again, an order. Cerulean doesn’t protest because he knows he would follow Tianala anywhere.



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