The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Part 3 - V.

Submitted: July 24, 2019

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Submitted: July 24, 2019



“Hello Lady Tianala! Lovely morning today no?” The doorman greets the young woman when she climbs the steps to her pupil’s townhome.

During the half of the year her family isn’t on tour, Tianala gives music lessons in the homes of various noble families. She is highly sought after, and while she does enjoy teaching, traveling with her family will always be number one in her heart.

“Hello Thomson, it is a great day today isn’t it? Is Annette ready for her music lesson?” Tianala unwraps her scarf and takes off her coat, hanging them on one of the hooks in the hall.

“Yes, Agatha is fetching her now. As per usual you may make yourself comfortable in the drawing room.” Thomson closes the front door behind her. “You know how Annette likes to take her time.”

“Will do, thank you Thomson.”

Tianala walks into the drawing room, walking directly to the piano by the window. She sighs, lowering the top board. Annette’s mom leaves it up because she thinks it makes the room look tasteful, but it is bad for the piano. Placing it so close to the large picture window exposes the piano to sunlight, which too is harmful to the instrument.

She doesn’t bother Annette’s mom about it again however, Tianala knows it would only fall upon deaf ears. At least the window doesn’t open, or the humidity would do some real damage.

A knock on the open door interrupts her thoughts. Strange for Annette to be on time, she thinks. To her surprise Thomson is standing at the door.

“I didn’t mean to startle you miss, but it seems that you have a visitor.” He announces.

“Me? Here?” Perhaps it is her carriage driver, maybe she had left her bag in her car again. “Alright? Let them in.”

“Your Highness, this way.” Tianala hears Thomson say from the corridor.

“Prince Cerulean?” She says taken aback. “Why- how are you here?”

“Would your majesty like coffee or tea?” The doorman offers.

Prince Cerulean waves politely. “Oh no thank you Thomson, I will only be a moment.”

“Of course Your Highness, send for me if you require anything.” He bows and exits the room.

“What is going on?” Tianala asks once they are alone.

“I apologize for intruding, I was visiting across the street and I noticed your car- I had to come talk to you.” He stops to organize his thoughts, but continues before Tianala can interrupt. “I know you don’t think much of it, or yourself, but I’ve taken a liking to you and wish to see you again. I am too impatient to wait for our next coincidental run in.”

The color has drained from Tianala’s face, she searches for words. “You can’t-”

“Why? Is it because of your sister?” He asks directly, maintaining a serious composure. “I don’t know who is responsible for the rumors but I promise I have no interest in pursuing her.”

Her heart breaks at those words. “Don’t say that.” Her voice hints at panic. “You do not even know her.”

“I apologize, I understand that you two are close-”

“No I apologize. I don’t know what impression our conversations gave you, but I promise you this was not what I intended.” There is a sudden somber tone to her voice. Prince Cerulean doesn’t understand why she looks so frightened.

“I know.” He continues earnestly. “I enjoy seeing you because of that fact. I would like to continue to see you.”

He sees now, that it is too late, Tianala has withdrawn into herself. She is not as she was before. “I am sorry.” She turns away. “I don’t think that is a good idea. With all due respect Your Highness.”

Prince Cerulean clears his throat. “No, it is I who should apologize. I did not mean to pressure you with my sentiments. I will take my leave now, I apologize if I have offended.”

She listens to him leave the room before sighing audibly. 



Tianala watches her sister skip around the room that evening. Her sister is reorganizing the furniture in the room instead of practicing her music. Tianala’s mind is elsewhere, at least she’s trying to be, she wishes to be anywhere else but here.

“What do you think?” Aoide holds a picture frame over a table. “Here or over the mantle?” .

Her sister nods.

“Tiana’ are you alright?” The angelic creature looks at her older sister with concern.

“Sorry, I am fine.” Tianala smiles in attempts to reassure Aoide. “I’m a little tired. Anyway we should get a practice in before we call it a night. We have a performance in a couple of nights.”

“Yes I am excited to perform again. At our last performance Prince Cerulean complimented me.” The younger sister claps excitedly.

“Yes, sister I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that...” Tianala begins nervously. She wants to be honest with her sister, but her sister isn’t as mature as she is, she might not understand her intentions. “Don’t you think Prince Cerulean is a little too inaccessible? He is a popular choice but his cousin Prince Nuit of Aire Claro is a good man as well. Aire Claro is known for its wonderful weather.”

As she anticipated, her sister doesn’t seem to understand what Tianala is suggesting.

“What’s wrong with Prince Cerulean?” She asks with big eyes. Aoide is only a year younger than Tianala, but she appears much younger. Behaves much younger as well.

“Aoide, it is not that there's anything is wrong with him- I think you deserve to be happy.” The elder sighs. “You know he is a prince, but you know nothing else about him.”

Aoide blinks, she understands now. She tilts her head with a serious expression.

“You do not know him either sister.” The light haired maiden’s voice cracks slightly. “Besides you should worry not. Simply, seeing Prince Cerulean makes me happy.” She returns to her cheerful demeanor, focusing her attention on the sheet music before her.

Tianala stares at her sister momentarily. She doesn’t understand her after all. “I apologize sister. I didn’t mean to upset you.” She smiles. “Forgive me, I am merely being overprotective. I am convinced you deserve the best and only the best.”

“Oh Tiana’ I love you.” Her sister happily picks up her sister’s viola and holds it out to its player. “Let’s rehearse.” 



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