The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Part 3 - VI.

Submitted: July 30, 2019

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Submitted: July 30, 2019



“Give my congratulations to your sister Tianala! Have a good evening!”

For a short second, Tianala doesn’t grasp that the milk lady is talking to her. She had been walking home after a lesson and decided to cut through the market square. Not much of a shortcut, but rather a scenic route. The setting sun washing a gradient of colors onto the busy cobblestone streets.

Tianala doubles back to see the familiar cheery face of the woman.

“Of course Dana- wait sorry- congratulations for what exactly?” The young woman grins sheepishly. Every now and then her sister would win vocal competitions, she hasn’t participated in one in a long moment however. Not that Tianala is aware of anyway.

“Oh? I heard that she is officially engaged to be married to the crown prince, or did I not hear that right?”

Tianala’s smile drops. “Prince Cerulean?” she asks to clarify. “That is just a rumor...”

“You know better than I do, I’m sure it is a silly rumor.” Dana shrugs. “Oh well! Have a good night sweet!”

Tianala hasn’t been home all morning. She had gone from one client to the next, giving music lessons for the entirety of the day. She quickens her pace to get home. She can’t believe the rumor is still running rampid. It has to be a rumor. The last time she had spoken to Cerulean was a month ago. She did see him at an event, but he made no effort to speak to her, rather she spent most of the night avoiding his gaze.

She arrives home hardly paying attention to the doorman’s greeting. She asks to know where Aoide is. She rushes and opens the door to the sitting room where her sister and father are said to be. She fully believes she is overthinking the milk lady’s comment, so she proceeds calmly with caution.

“Tiana’! I’m so glad you’re home! You will not believe what happened today!” Aoide exclaims with joy. She leaps out of her chair and rushes over to her older sister.

Tianala can’t find it in herself react, overwhelmed by all the emotions going through her mind at once. Eyes wide, she staggers back at the sight of the ring on younger sister’s finger.



“Your highness you have a visitor- she is very persistent-” The guard is cut off when Tianala pushes him aside and enters the room.

“It is fine Sir Harold, you may leave.” The crown prince excuses the guard. He takes off his reading glasses and stands from his desk. He had been anticipating the young woman.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tianala exclaims with both fists clenched at her sides, knowing fully well that she doesn’t need to explain herself.

“Is this not what you wanted?” Prince Cerulean asks her calmly walking around his desk and folding his arms over his chest.

Tianala is unmoved.

“Yes, but only if it’s real.” She knows it's not however. “You can’t go into this half-hearted. This is Aoide- a person with feelings and a future.”

“Can I ask you, do you always put her feelings before your own?” He knows the answer to this, but he wants to know if she’s even aware that it is wrong.

Tianala doesn’t see anything wrong. “She is my sister, I care if you are trying to hurt her.”

“Do you know if she would do the same for you?” he asks assertively. “She didn’t even ask you before she accepted my proposal, did she?” He doesn’t need an answer to see that his theory is true.

“I’m not trying to hurt her,” the prince continues before she can protest. “I wanted you to see that it’s wrong. You don’t see the way they treat you as wrong because others have been treated worse. When I asked your father for his blessing do you know what he said? ‘Finally someone worthy of my daughter.’ Do you know what he said when I asked him about you ever marrying? ‘I will give my blessings to any man that asks.’ You have to see what is wrong with that yes?”

Tianala blinks away tears of anger. Her father loves her. There is no doubt in her mind. But she understands that Aoide is on another tier. Nothing iwrong. Tianala is mediocre, a settler, she has always known it and she is not ashamed. Her sister on the other hand, she is going places. As her sister Tianala should support her, who is she to let her mediocracy hold Aoide back?

“You wouldn’t understand,” she speaks finally. “You don’t take care of a cat in the same way you would take care of a dog, but you can love both equally.”

“Yes, but you don’t give preference to one over the other,” he says resolutely. “I apologize, all I wish is for you to see your own self-worth. It is obvious to me now that you are not capable.”

He is as angry- if not more than she is. Tianala is unable to understand why he is so passionate about the matter, but it appears that he has his mind made up. The circumstances have changed, if he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone before, he is now.

Tianala presses her lips together, “Stop this- before it’s too late.”

“You marry me then.”

“That’s outrageous!” she exclaims disbelief. “You know you have to do this now, you can’t take it back.”

“I am the crown prince, I don’t have to do anything.”

Time stops for a moment as Tianala calculates the extent of her rage. Her colorless eyes appear to flash green with a golden ring outlining her irises. The moment is fleeting, Cerulean almost misses it.

Time continues when she steps forwards and slaps him with all the force in the world. That’s what it feels like to Prince Cerulean anyway.

“You are detestable.” She frowns, she has never been this furious in her life. “And I will put a stop to this.”

Prince Cerulean watches her storm out wordlessly. Upset at himself for being unable to talk sense into her, but even more upset at himself for what he planned to do.



Tianala enters her sister’s room in notable distress. She is sweating and her hair is a mess.

“Sister what’s wrong?” Aoide asks her immediately.

The girl had been reading a book while lying in her bed. She rises to a sitting position.

“Aoide, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way-” Tianala begins, sitting on the side of her bed. She concentrates on her shaking hands. “All I want for you in this world is to be happy.”

“Tiana’, what is it?” Her angelic sister stares at her with wide eyes.

“You cannot marry Prince Cerulean- he is not doing this for the right reasons.” The elder sister bursts into tears, pressing her lips into her hands.

“Tiana’ what happened? Please tell me.” Aoide slides off her bed and walks around to sit on the same side her sister is sitting on.

“I c-can’t- he is not a kind person- please believe me.”

“Sister you are making some serious allegations- maybe we should talk to father- and perhaps-”

Tianala looks at her sister in despair. Aoide has to believe her, Tianala has been protecting her all of her life. Why would she mislead her?

Do you know if she would do the same for you? She blinks away the prince’s words. Tianala trusts Aoide with her life, and Aoide trusts Tianala… right?

“Aoide you know he will not agree with me, he hardly knows the heir!” She inhales and exhales, nauseous from crying- nauseous from the fear. She tries to straighten out her argument in her mind. “Sister dear- you do trust me no? You must believe me over Prince Cerulean- please tell me you trust me over him.” She exhales a long and choppy sigh.

Aoide stares at her trying to connect the dots. “Tiana’… there are a lot of factors that play into this- and you know you cannot ask me to end my engagement to the crown prince without a real explanation.” She takes her sister’s hand and strokes it with care. “Please tell me your reasoning behind this.”

Tianala shakes her head. “If I told you my reasoning you might misunderstand my intentions. I don’t want anything from this, I want you to be happy.” No one would believe that the prince loved Tianala. He is a prince and she is no one.

“But I am happy!” Aoide exclaims with a twitch of frustration. “I love you Tiana’, but what you are asking me is doing the opposite of making me happy. In fact, I can’t help but to think that it is in ill intention-”

“Aoide what does that mean?” This is the exact opposite of what Tianala wanted. Her greatest fear.

“This is a good thing that is happening to me, and it seems-” The younger sister hesitates to finish her sentence, “Well it seems that you are trying to take it away from me.”

“That is not at all what this is!”

“Then what is it? Tiana’ please… confide in me.” Aoide is running out of patience.

Tianala bites her lip, and shakes her head slowly. She’s unraveling, panicking, reaching for her sister’s warmth.

“Has he killed someone?” her sister questions.


“Has he assaulted or offended you in any way?”

“No but-”

“Then I don’t care,” the younger concludes. “I’m not a fool sister. I know that it is not a perfect marriage, that it is not one based on unconditional love, but this is what I want. Trust me Tiana’.”

She knows that the prince does not love her… and still she chooses him over Tianala. He was right, she doesn’t care what Tianala thinks.

“I can’t be a part of this sister. I refuse to.” The elder doesn’t want to mean it, but a part of her knows she does mean it. She watches her sister’s heart break, the young maiden recovers quickly however.

“Then don’t.” Aoide says coldly, her voice cracking.

Tianala can’t breathe. She excuses herself and goes to her room. What happened? The conversation had gotten out of hand. This is not the direction she had intended for it to go.. She is devastated, Prince Cerulean cannot win. 


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