The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Part 3 - VII.

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Submitted: August 07, 2019



"Congratulations on your engagement, and your lovely performance tonight Lady Aoide." An audience member applauds the fated Queen.

"Thank you." Aoide thanks her with a heartwarming smile. There is a distinct charm to her character always, but now there is a glow to her lavender eyes that is mesmerizing.

"We missed your sister, she's a lovely instrumentalist," a second admirer notes.

Prince Cerulean begins to eavesdrops in the conversation at the mention of Tianala.

"Yes." Aoide is disheartened by the subject of her sister, her smile wavering. "She has not been feeling like herself lately. I hope she feels better soon."

"Best wishes to you and your sister."

Aoide thanks the two once again and excuses herself. Prince Cerulean sticks around.

"Is her sister really ill?" the first stranger asks the other, they turn to walk away.

The second shakes her head, "I heard she is envious of her younger sister that is marrying before herself."

"That's right, it's a shame that she's not willing to support her sister." The first nods remembering. "Can you really blame her? She's lived in her sister's shadow her entire life. And you know Ronan is..."

They walk out of hearing distance and Prince Cerulean walks out of the ballroom and onto a balcony. The cold air fails to cool his temperment down. He is infuriated by the rumors that have been circulating about Tianala during the last week. He knows the rumors to be untrue and it outrages him that she is not around to defend herself. Why isn't she here to defend herself?

Even if she were here, she wouldn't care to defend herself. That is the kind of person Tianala is. So why is Cerulean so upset by the entire thing? Nothing is right. He should be content that Tianala is now a social outcast- is this not what he wanted? No that wasn't it...


"I am... afraid to make further preparations-" Lady Aoide admits to Prince Cerulean one evening. "My sister is adamant in not attending any of the celebrations and it... doesn't seem right. She is my family, and I want her here."

Aoide's belongings have been moved into the Palace on the Seas, the palace where the Prince and the King of Opal Oceans reside. She has been spending more time here- allegedly to get to know her away around. But in truth Aoide knows that she is guilty of avoiding her sister as well.

At first, Tianala had avoided her sister and Aoide had been the one desperate to talk to her. Tianala had to come around eventually right? Tianala would do anything for her beloved sister, surely this wasn't the end of it.

About a week after the official announcement, Tianala at long last emerged from her room. Aoide tried to talk to her sister, but whenever she brought the engagement up Tianala shut down. In fact, with every attempt, Aoide is convinced that she is pushing her sister further and further away.

She is living with a stranger, and Aoide doesn't want to believe she's at fault. But is she? She doesn't like the feeling one bit, so she started avoiding her. She hadn't picked Prince Cerulean over Tianala, she wanted both of them in her life, why was Tianala making her choose?

"Is she alright?" Prince Cerulean continues to ask about her sister. His concern, too, is genuine.

Aoide frowns, "I have not seen her in two months."

"Perhaps I can talk to her?" The prince doubts her sister would oblige, but he misses her.

The girl hesitates, she believes that would make things worse. "I don't know honestly. I will try talking to her first- perhaps I can track her down," she decides. Then with consideration inquires further, "Would you say you were a friend of my sister?"

Cerulean is surprised, not of the question itself, rather that he doesn't know the answer.

"I would have liked to have been."

"She's a good person to have as a friend," Aoide nods looking into the distance.

"She is," Cerulean agrees. "Although, she is the kind of person to put other's feelings before her own. I would prefer to have a friend who can be honest with themselves and myself." What is he saying? He shakes the thought off and excuses himself. Secretly, hoping that his last words to Tianala are not to be his last. He doesn't want to be remembered in that manner.

Meanwhile Aoide thinks about Prince Cerulean's comment. Did Tianala really put Aoide's feelings before her own? She certainly hadn't gotten that impression when she tried to talk Aoide out of the engagement. All in the same, Aoide hadn't exactly asked Tiana' for her opinion on the manner before accepting. She swallows her fear and decides to do the adult thing and ask her sister about it after all. 



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