The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - IV.

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Submitted: April 09, 2019



"I heard from Preston that you went outside on Tuesday."

Doctor Harrison presses the cold stethoscope on Eloise's back. Eloise shoots Preston a glare, he pretends to be occupied flipping through his notes. The girl doesn't buy it.

"Thanks Preston." She smiles but her eyes continue to glare daggers.

"Oh don't be too hard on him. It's his job to report everything to me." Doctor Harrison chuckles, "Lean back dear."

"Be hard on him? He's hard on me!" Eloise protests with slight bitterness. She does as she's told and leans back into her pillows.

"Preston only wants what's best for you, only he has a funny way of showing it." The doctor stretches Eloise's legs as part of her regular stretching exercises. They stretch her hamstrings daily, Eloise doesn't recall the exact reasoning for it, but her ankles hurt less because of it.

Doctor Harrison is a stout elderly gentleman with a fondness for bow ties. The thick silver mustache and bifocals only add to his comical appearance. He has the tendency to smell of cinnamon, which makes Eloise crave apple cinnamon puffs.

"Who would ever marry a person so severe?" She mumbles mostly, but Doctor Harrison catches it anyway.

"Preston? Poor boy is doomed to die alone!" the doctor jokes loudly for Preston to hear. He carries on, "He only has eyes for that Electra girl. He and half of the country."

"Oh come on, at least forty percent of the male population is married," the doctor's assistant retorts. The doctor had succeeded in getting a reaction from him."And then you ought to take children and the elderly into account. She's also not that well known outside of Surt. "

"You're one of those people?" Eloise is surprised by how defensive Preston becomes, but it brings him down a notch in his intimidation level. She grins and decides to tease him as well, "What do you suppose she's like in person anyway? Do you actually know her? That's rather unconditional devotion."

"It's not unconditional, or devotion." Preston remains on the defense. Clearly the doctor knows what buttons to push, and Eloise is grateful to have learned of another way to get under Preston's skin. "I am a fan of her, and I respect what she does for the country. That is all there is to it."

The doctor chuckles delighted and starts to packs up his bag.

"You know Preston, the real heroes are the people around you." Eloise adds cheekily.

If only she knew... Preston thinks to himself, but smiles heartily for her entertainment.

Preston understands Eloise's objection. Most people have an unconditional love for the famous heroine. Preston's admiration however, is one justified. He is well aware that he is the only person in the city who knows the true Electra of the South. For Preston Nordkov is her partner, Ain Vicar of the North.



Electra of the South is known for being strong, intelligent and graceful. Additionally she is known to be kind, selfless, and charming. But she has not always been this way. When Preston first met Electra, she was reserved, quiet, and a stickler for the rules. He watched her grow into a confident and stronger person. And while she still prefers to stick to the rules, she is fun when she wants to be.

She is charming in the appropriate light. Sharp tongued at times, she means no actual harm to anyone. She is not completely selfless, but she is fair and sees the people around her as her equal. Perhaps it is out of guilt, but Preston knows that not many people in her shoes would have chosen this life.

She says that her strengths and talents were handed to her. That without them, she would not be the person beloved by many today. Preston believes otherwise- whoever Electra of the South is during the daytime- she is probably twice as tough in character. This version of Electra is far more terrifying than the one Preston knows, even if physically she is not strong.

She isn't remotely as strong as she lets herself seem either. Thinking back to how they ended up as partners- what had happened to her last partner- no one likes to think about it. It eats away at both of them, but especially her. Somehow this weakness, makes her strengths less obtainable. Will Preston be able to catch up to her at this rate?



Electra finds herself at Prince Cyan's side tonight. They spent the first half of the night with his horses, then at a banquet, and now they stroll through the castle's rooftop garden. A strange place for a garden Electra thinks. Most of the flora included is not native to D'Hiver Nero. She wonders how hard the royal gardener has to work to keep the plants alive. The flowers bring the tropical scents of their homeland with them and Electra realizes that this is the smell she recognized their first time entering the Light Palace.

The heroine has discovered enough about the prince today to be confident that he is not nervous because of her. Nor is he as uncomfortable around her as he leads to believe. It is his nature to be naively trusting and kind to others.

Some of the people the heir interacted with had grown accustomed to it, but others hadn't and for some reason that makes Electra feel more at ease with him. They are not a great deal different in age, and they both are being groomed to be leaders one day. She knows of the pressures that come with the life. On top of that, he is a very considerate and selfless person, to the point where even Electra is bothered.

The fact is, Prince Cyan is someone impossible to be mad at. This will be in his favor when he is king.

Interrupting her thoughts, he speaks up.

"I want you to know that I admire you vastly." He turns from the flowers he had been observing and towards the Vicar with a pleased expression. "I mean of course it is very obvious no doubt- but not in the sense Sir Errol was implying."

He sighs and tries again, "In reality, I simply don't have the opportunity to speak with people my age often. I have great respect for what you do for D'Hiver Nero, but I promise there are no romantic intentions behind it."

Electra nods believing that it will assure him that she is aware of the fact. "I understand completely Your Highness. I did not get the impression that there were, but I can see how others would."

"I knew you would understand." Relief flashes on his face and his lip twitches into a casual smile. "You're quite sensible I think, I feel considerably at ease already, thank you."

A dragonfly catches the Vicar's attention and she begins to follow its movement. The chill in the air is increasing, but not enough to warrant them going inside yet.

"If it makes you feel better sire. Lightwielders have pretty ordinary lives during the day. I find it easier to socialize with older folks, than with people my age back home." Electra shares with him, wishing to tear down the wall of intimidation.

"Why is it easier to talk to people older than us?" the prince asks the sky.

The Vicar turns her gaze up towards the sky too. She thinks the stars look different in Osten compared to her hometown of Surt. Here, the deep blue sky reflects off the ocean making it twice as intimidating. In Osten, the air smells different as well. It smells like salty roses, that is the only way Electra can think of describing it at the moment. From behind the two Ain approaches.

"Shift change," he announces half-bowing at Electra. He hasn't been told how formal he is expected to be around Cyan. "You, my friend, are relieved."

The prince watches Ain share a piece of candy with Electra, and he hopes that one day he too will have that type of friendship with someone. When Ain notices the heir staring at them, he offers the prince a piece as well. The young man glows and takes the mint candy.

He thanks him, Ain certainly thinks he's thanking him for the candy, but in reality this is the first time Cyan has ever felt included in his life. 


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