The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Part 3 - VIII.

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Submitted: August 15, 2019




“Lady Aoide?” The doorman Thomson opens the door to the fair-haired girl. “What brings you here? You look lovely as usual m’lady.”

“Thank you Thomson, is my sister here by any chance?” Aoide stands at the doorway, unsure if whether she should enter the home or not.

“Oh no I believe she is at the Hudson’s today!” The happy doorman announces.

“Oh sorry for intruding then! Have a good day Thomson!” She excuses herself, too preoccupied with the task at hand to socialize.

“No worries! Any time m’lady! Congratulations on your engagement by the way!” He continues to speculate out loud, “You know I thought it strange that Prince Cerulean stopped by to speak to the Lady Tianala that one summer day, but considering it now... He probably wished to discuss his proposal to you. It makes sense.”

“Sorry?” Aoide turns back, she hadn’t known about this. Prince Cerulean stopped by to see her sister?

“Yes, it was not very long after that day that he became engaged to you.” The doorman scratches his cheek. “He knew you two were close, I’m sure he wanted your sister’s blessing beforehand- how considerate of him! Anyway have a good evening Lady Aoide!”

“Thank you Thomson, you as well!” She goes back in the direction she had started in, her eyes lost in the statement.

If what Thomson had said is true, then Tianala would have known about the engagement beforehand. If she had actually meant to stop it, she would have said something before it happened. Unless, something else had happened in between their meeting and his proposal. Something that broke Tianala’s trust in him.

Aoide’s head hurts, she can’t speculate over this, she has to know. She will ask Tianala directly.

Aoide prepares to enter her sister’s room. She hadn’t had any luck at the Hudson's, so she hope’s Tianala is home and in her room. She knocks on the door and cracks the door open when there is no answer. To her surprise the room is empty. A manservant passing by stops when he notices her.

“Looking for the Lady Tianala m’lady?”

“Yes, have you seen her?”

“She is with a visitor in the study, shall I let her know you are looking for her?” The servant asks politely.

“No it is alright. I can go myself thank you Daren.” She declines politely.

She enters the library silently. The study is upstairs, overlooking the library. She hears voices, but she herself remains out of the view of the study, and as a result remains unnoticed.

“Why are you doing this? I thought you would do anything for your sister?” Aoide recognizes the voice as that of her fiance’s.

“I cannot condone your behavior! The audacity you have, to say the things you say and then expect me to be a part of this!” Tianala sounds angry, Aoide had never known her sister to be angry. She cannot believe the sight. “I will not sit by and watch my sister make the worst decision of her life- because I love her.”

“I don’t have to marry her.” He states seriously. Aoide’s heart panics. What is going on?

“You don’t, but nothing will be accomplished by not going through with it now.” Tianala’s voice is cynical. “Do you think we can return to as we were before? Never.”

She takes a defensive step forward towards the prince. “I will never stop resenting you.” She maintains eye contact with the prince, her voice clear.

Prince Cerulean is frightened but he doesn’t dare show it. With uneasiness he steps away.

“I wish I felt the same.” He sighs, tired of arguing with the maiden. “I am tired of you, but I will always be enamored by you. I will end this whole fiasco if you ask me to right now.”

Tianala considers in seriousness, maybe it is not too late. If Prince Cerulean were to end the engagement, Aoide would not blame Tianala for it.

“You cannot involve me," she says finally. “But I would prefer it so.”


Aoide feels her insides being sucked into the earth. What is this feeling? Helplessness? Betrayal? She is breathless. She leans against a table to regain her composure. It makes a sound, but Aoide doesn’t hear it. She can’t hear anything. She knows she must have made a sound because Tianala and Prince Cerulean look over the balcony at her.

“Aoide, you must understand-” Tianala rushes down the stairs and to her side. Prince Cerulean walks guardedly behind her.

Tianala tries to help her sister stand up straight.

“Don’t touch me!” Aoide gasps, she is filled with a rage she has never felt before. She quivers and shoves her elder sister off.

Looking at Tianala lost and searching for answers. Her sister can only stare at her sister with tears in her eyes. “Aoide-”

“You whore.”

Did Aoide really hear herself say that? She cannot believe it. She would never say such a thing to her elder sister- how ugly Aoide feels at once. She is repulsive- disgusted with herself. No wonder the prince doesn’t love her.

Her heart breaks, not for the prince, but for the expression on her sister’s face. Aoide will never be able to take back those words. It had not been a slip of tongue, those were her raw emotions. She cannot contain herself, she breaks into sobs and runs out of the room.

Prince Cerulean stares uncomfortably at Tianala’s back. She is motionless for a moment and the crown prince searches for words of comfort.

“I-I can’t be here.” She informs him suddenly, her voice cracking. She walks briskly out of the room. Tianala would leave that house that night and not return to her home for a long time.


Society would see very little Tianala after this incident. Prince Cerulean would never have the same fascination with anyone else in the way he had with Tianala. Part of him didn’t want to fill that void. He does meet a headstrong Lightwielder by the name of Fiore, who with her ambitious soul, makes him a better person. He never forgets Tianala, or that uneasy feeling she gave him the last time he had seen her. There is a troubling paranoia, that prevents him from making Fiore his queen. 


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