The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Part 3 - IX.

Submitted: August 20, 2019

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Submitted: August 20, 2019





“You’re here!” Lord Ronan’s face is tired, his eyes full of despair. He is relieved by the sight of his eldest daughter, the beautiful stranger. “I don’t know what to do with her anymore.”

Tianala steps into the house she has not been inside for two years. The house is familiar but the air inside is stiff, not warm or inviting as she found it before. It is cold.

“How long has she been like this?” Tianala asks her father, pulling off her long coat and gloves.

“Since he broke their engagement.” There is a sadness in his voice. They walk upstairs.

This is not my fault. Tianala has to reassure herself constantly. From the look on her father’s face, she can tell that he has to remind himself the same.

They walk quickly to Aoide’s room.

Lord Ronan knocks at her door and calls out to his youngest daughter. “Aoide dear, I’m coming in. Your sister is here with me.”

There is no answer but he cracks the door slowly. Aoide sits in front of her dresser brushing her now wispy hair. They enter the room with caution.

“Aoide, can you hear me?” Her father asks, pronouncing words clearly and slowly.

“Hello father, hello sister.” The silver-haired maiden continues to stroke her hair. She her tone calm and pleasant.

“Aoide how are you?” Tianala takes a seat next to her sister.

“Good sister-” Aoide turns and smiles at her. The younger sister is noticeably thinner to an alarming extent. Her smile is as beautiful as ever, but her lips are dry and chapped.

“I’ve missed you.” She continues casually and resumes brushing her hair. “I am sorry for how things left off. I have realized that what happened was not your fault.”

“I’ve missed you too Aoide.” Tianala is not sure how to talk to Aoide anymore. The person before her is broken, words can’t save her.“Would you like to go for a walk with me outside?”

“Not today, I’m not ready,” the younger sister rejects with no hesitation. “I look terrible today.”

“Alright, do you mind if I sit here with you then?”

“Suit yourself sister.”

Their father looks at Tianala with glassy eyes and speaks up.

“Are you hungry Tianala? I can send for something, you and Aoide can share a nice meal together-”

Aoide slams the hairbrush down on the dresser, “Father I am not hungry.”

“Perhaps something small-” the eldest sister begins to suggest.

“You can eat sister, but I am far too busy.” Aoide stands up and walks over to look at herself in a full length mirror on the wall.


“I will look beautiful and a prince will love me.” Aoide talks to the mirror.

“Aoide you can’t stop eating-” Tianala stands up and starts walking towards her sister. She stops when Aoide punches the mirror cracking it. There are no words to describe the helplessness Tianala feels. A feeling she shares with her father.

“Enough.” Aoide is irritated. “I know what you two are trying to do, and it will not work.” She continues to punch the mirror harder alternating hands.

“Aoide!” Her father rushes to her side. “Aoide stop!”

She fights him, sobbing, her hands covered in blood. “Let me go!” She cries. “Let me die!”

Tianala watches in horror. This girl in front of her is not her sister. The happy, smiling, beautiful Aoide is gone. Is she a product of her making? No.

It takes two manservants, her father and Tianala to get Aoide to calm down. That is with the help of a tranquilizing needle. The elder sister stands at the entrance of her old home hugging her father one last time before returning to their country home where she has been residing for the last half year.

“I will not destroy him,” she promises her father, referring to Prince Cerulean. “I will destroy those around him, and make him understand the pain he has caused us. It will not make me the bigger person, but I know that he thinks me to be- I will prove to be otherwise, for our sake.”

She did not wish to hurt him, but she wished to hurt him all in the same. In her eyes, he did this to her family.

“Tianala dear… I cannot lose another daughter.” His eyes are still glassy. He knows the face Tianala makes. She will not be dissuaded from whatever it is she plans to do. “Please… Be careful.”


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