The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Part 3 - X.

Submitted: August 28, 2019

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Submitted: August 28, 2019




I will be everything he thought I couldn’t be.

In Songless Siren Doire, there is a final incident that takes Doire to a point from which she could not return. Her fate is sealed and she seeks her captor’s destruction despite the pricey cost of her own life. Tianala had not reached this point yet, but it was coming and she knew it.

“Hello,” Tianala introduces herself to a hooded figure sitting in a dark booth. “I am looking for a nameless man, I was told I would find him at this table.”

She sits down across from him without waiting for a response. The bar is lively, but not in a chaotic sense. An ocean of chatter and murmurs fills up the small vicinity, there is plenty of background noise.

“‘Finding’ a nameless man makes the remaining nameless bit pointless, a nameless man doesn’t want to be found.” He says disgruntled. “Who are you?” he asks with a clearing of his throat.

The woman before him is beautiful. She is a naturally pretty woman, nothing outstanding. But, she is lovely, there is a delicate grace in the way she is dressed, in the way she moves and the way she speaks.

“I wish to be nameless, meaning I do not plan to stick around for long.” Tianala senses his annoyance but remains confident. She smirks at the man, “I’ve heard that you don’t like company. I understand. I will keep it brief and be on my way.”

“What do you want?”

“I know that you are in the business of acquiring Dark Matter, I would like to borrow a very insignificant amount.” She gets to the point, the man respects that. “In return I will bring the amount you lent to me twenty times over.”

“I am not interested in more Dark Matter. I have sufficient.”

“I am aware.” Tianala’s clear eyes scare the stranger, not that he shows it. “I think you are interested in how I plan to expand the Dark Matter.”

His lip twitches, “You are not suggesting that you have the Seal-”

“The Seal of Nyx.” Tianala announces proudly waving a red playing card in between her fingers. She slides it across to him. “Try it out, it is the real deal.”

He picks it up and recognizes its authenticity. He doesn’t need to test it out to verify, the intricate pattern could not have been made up. This seal had been destroyed years ago. How is it possible? “How did you get this?”

“It was not easy and I had to travel quite a distance to find it.”

“What’s the catch?” He is right to be suspicious, this seal could buy the common man an entire kingdom. He must be missing something.

“No catch, I am no Lightwielder. It is of no use to me.” She says simply. “I would like a small amount of Dark Matter, that is all. You may keep the card, but once you’ve mastered the seal I ask you to destroy it. Three people in this world know the seal: you, myself, and the man who gave me that card. I would say that is enough.”

The man nods and after a fair amount of thought he spins a small dial of Dark Light with only two fingers. “Alright give me your wrist.”

She puts her wrist out on the table. She is fully aware that there is a chance this man could kill her, but he is a smart man. He is afraid of her. Not because of the air of confidence she carries, nor the dangerous spell she brings him. He is afraid because he recognizes that this woman has absolutely nothing left to lose in this world.

He burns the Seal of Ratri into her wrist. This Seal would let her temporarily let her access a small amount of his own Dark Light.

She leaves content, and the mysterious man is sure he will never see her again. He looks at the card in his hand. The Seal of Nyx. This seal would be the end of that young lady. Even he, a skilled Dark Lightwielder, would take serious precautions before attempting the Seal. The Seal of Nyx allows a person to take a Lightwielder’s Light for their own, gradually and at the cost of the life of the victim. However, it is achieved by putting a large amount of stress on the user’s own Natural Light.



A/N: I know the chapters for this "flashback" are short (there's only a couple left), so I will be posting the next chapter tomorrow. 


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