The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Part 3 - Xi.

Submitted: August 29, 2019

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Submitted: August 29, 2019



“What is she doing?”

Prince Cerulean overhears someone say in a harsh whisper. He catches a familiar face in his peripheral vision. He is at a private ball. One taking place three years after the events with the Meas family. The Lady Aoide fell apart after the events in her family’s study. Her and Lord Ronen stopped making appearances in public events immediately afterward.

The prince did not think they would keep their distance for so long. Society yearned for the return of the talented Aoide, but all scheduled events were cancelled, and there was no word from Lord Ronen about a return. Cerulean attempted to see Aoide once, but either she was not home, or refused to see him.

“Is she really here with him?” He hears the whispers resurface, bringing his attention to the face that had haunted him these last three years. The sightings always fabricated by his subconscious, he had long accepted this as his punishment.

“Did you hear what happened to her sister…”

The prince gives in, he looks across the room at the stranger he once hoped to marry. He had accepted the fact that he would never see her again, so why is this happening? She isn’t really there... right?

She smiles at her dance partner, Adden ,Vicar of the Southwest. Her smile in the past had been polite, but never genuine like this. This is a real, sister-of-Aoide smile. A bewitching expression. That is not the only thing different, her appearance has changed. Her hair is swept up neatly in an updo, she wears brown lipstick and a divine black and white gown- but more importantly, she is fearless.

She is a stranger. This Tianala welcomes the attention. All eyes are on her, but they aren’t speaking of her in a good light. It is what she wants, Prince Cerulean is conscious of the fact.

He is now uneasy, what is that woman doing here? Is she mocking him? She has to be mocking him. He turns his attention towards the Lady Fiore, who waves at the crown prince from the other side of the room.

He decides that is better not to get involved, after all, all Tianala wants to get a reaction from him. He isn’t going to give it to her, not in spite of her, but because he doesn’t want to be that person anymore.



Three months later, Prince Cerulean spots Lady Tianala with yet another Vicar. Over the last couple of months, every time he would see Tianala at an event, she was with a different man. He finds it frustrating- did she not care what people are saying about her? No, of course not- she never did. She is mocking him. He would be lying if he said it doesn’t bother him, but it hurts him. In the back of his mind he accepts that his actions were the sparks that set off the disaster. He is afraid to guess as to how far she plans to take this feud. 


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