The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Part 3 - XII.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

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Submitted: September 10, 2019



“Lady Tianala,” A young boy sits next to the woman on a bench. His hair is a misty violet, and his skin is an olive color. A common combination for the people of Creation, the capital of Amici Vero, except for the fact that his eyes are a pale yellow instead of the typical green.“You’re on number six, you should stop here. Any more will kill you.” His tone is sardonic despite his good intentions. 

Lady Tianala is reading a thick book, and her young friend feeds the colorful birds. The thick foliage around them suggests that they are in the northern parts of Amici Vero.

“Julian, I appreciate your concern dear.” She strokes the young boy’s hair. “We can stop at six for now I suppose. I will enter a period of hibernation before continuing.”

“You mean you found the Seal of Oneiroi?” The boy curiously glances at the book she’s reading. The Seal is an ancient restoration spell, so ancient he had long forgotten it.

“I did.” She smiles brushing the back of her fingers against the page. “It requires natural Light but I think you can help me out with that.”

The boy nods agreeably. “Anything to keep you from killing yourself.”.

“You underestimate me Julian, everyone does.” She sets the book down, and rises, this scares off the birds in the vicinity. “I plan to see this to the end. I know in my heart that my being will not let me die until I have finished this.”

“The scary part about you saying that is that I’m convinced it’s true.” The boy snorts in amusement, “When the fact is that you have nothing to fall back on if disaster strikes. You are not a Lightwielder, you are not a fighter, or a warrior of any sort. You have absolutely no influence whatsoever. Everyone else is ten steps ahead of you, and you are using up all your resources simply trying to catch up to the rest of them- imagine what it would take to surpass or destroy them.”

“How long do you think we can go on before they notice what is going on?” She asks ignoring his previous statement. She squints into the distant sky, the breaks in the foliage reveal the bright and cloudless sky.

Julian closes his eyes and sighs. “From what I gather, it will take about a month for them to notice that anything is wrong, and then you will have a period of about 2-3 weeks for them to connect it to you.” He answers after some serious consideration.

“If I hibernate for a week, I reckon I can gather about 5-6 more. Perhaps 7 if I don’t take another hibernation," she speculates out loud.

Julian stares at her blankly, “You will die if you do that. Stick to the 12. It will be enough to get us out on the road- from there it will be easier to maintain a low profile.”

“Alright.” Tianala agrees. She glances at the mark on her wrist. “What a beautiful day it is today. From the look of it, you would think that nothing bad could ever happen in this world.”




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