Chapter 45: Part 3 - XIII.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Your highness-” A Vicar at the door of the dining hall interrupts a serious conversation between Prince Cerulean, Prince Ecru and King Teal. “Pardon, I did not mean to interrupt.”

“No, come in Sir Castillus. We were hoping to hear from you soon.” The king stands at the end of a table, overlooking various documents. He beckons the young, bright-eyed, Vicar over. “You have news from the physician I presume?”

Prince Cerulean, his brother and father look at the man with much anticipation.

“Not good news,” Sir Castillus says dejectedly. “The royal physician has not found out how the virus is being spread. She has discovered that the illness is depleting their Light resource, but she struggles to slow down the sickness. Let it also be known that the condition does not affect our female Vicars.”

The king and the two heirs do not find the news assuring. Sir Castillus continues.

“We have also done a second sweep hoping to weed out any remaining sick Vicars. We have discovered two more gentlemen with symptoms and have placed them in quarantine for the time being.” He finishes with a grim expression.

The king nods and thanks Sir Castillus for his service. He does not excuse him however, as he is lost in his rushing thoughts.

“Who are the two men?” Prince Ecru inquires.

Prince Ecru, soon to be King of Winter Wind, was the spitting image of his mother. Snow skin with black hair, a slim face with sharp and striking features, finished with the late Queen Esmeralda’s deep green eyes.

“Sir Cai and Sir Ello.”

“And they are numbers 9 and 10?” King Teal runs his hand through his pale brown hair.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Hold on-” Prince Cerulean interrupts suddenly, an idea forming in his head. “Sir Ello? May I ask you if Sir Yetal and Sir Nero are among the sick?”

The messenger attempts to recall. “Sir Yetal I can confirm positively… Sir Nero on the other hand I am not sure, I can go-”

“Do not worry, I can go myself.” Prince Cerulean rushes to the door.

“Son, what are you thinking?” The king follows behind with some caution. His brother shoots a confused glance at Sir Castillus.

“I think I know what the connection is.” Cerulean mutters mostly to himself.

Together, they rush to the medical wing.

“Prince Cerulean! Don’t get too close-” The head physician warns.

“I just want to ask Sir Cai a question," the prince announces. “Sir Cai have you been escorted anywhere by the Lady Tianala?”

The Vicar shakes his head slowly, confused, tired, and sick. “No? But I did ask her to dance at the Spring Festival.”

“What does this mean?” King Teal asks his son with bewilderment in his eyes.

“Lady Tianala?” Prince Ecru does not understand the connection either. “Is that the sister of the young lady you were engaged to some years ago brother? Whatever became of her?”

“Doctor!” A nurse cries from the other room.

The medical staff around them rush towards the clamor and commotion. The king and his sons follow behind them.

“He’s gone,” another nurse confirms and the room’s chaos slows to a halt.

They stand together in a mixed feeling of fear, and remorse. From the doorway, they watch the head physician cover the lifeless body of Sir Adden. Not long ago, he had been a healthy, strong, young man, it is hard to think that he is gone.

“Sir Adden was the first Vicar I saw with Lady Tianala.” Prince Cerulean whispers to his father. “This is not an illness… this is a curse.”



Prince Cerulean and a guard walk up the stairs to the doors of Lord Ronan’s estate. It has changed drastically in appearance, compared to the last time the prince had been there. The estate appears completely abandoned.

The Meas have never been the wealthiest family, but they are rather well off. The land they owned was normally well taken care of. In the past they had a fair number staff members on the premises, along with number of animals. Now, the grass is dying and overgrown in patches. There is no sight of a driver or a doorman. There are no sounds of life on the property.

The anxious prince knocks hastily.

To his surprise Lord Ronan himself opens the door instead of a servant. The lord makes a face of horror and hesitates, nearly closing the door again.

“Lord Ronan-”

“Get off my estate.” The man cuts him off, his fury reflected in his eyes. He tries to close the door in his face, but the prince holds his arm out to stop him.

“Lord Ronan it’s urgent! I need to speak to Tianala-”

“It’s the Lady Tianala to you! How dare you!” The frazzled man starts shouting and doesn’t let Prince Cerulean continue. “I don’t care who you are! Arrest me for treason if you must, but if you do not leave my property, I will kill you myself!”

The guard with Prince Cerulean raises a Light disk.

“It’s alright.” The prince waves him away, it becomes clear to him that Lord Ronen will not help him. He's not in the state of mind to do so. “We are leaving.”

“Why are you raising that disk at me?” Lord Ronan continues to yell. “It’s because of Prince Cerulean that I have lost both of my daughters!”

Prince Cerulean does not know what the man means by that but finds it safer to leave the premises. Where are you Tianala? And where have you been during all this time?



“There is an ongoing citywide search for the Lady Tianala. However, it sounds like there has not been a sighting of her in quite some time.” Sir Castillus reports. “We are asking Your Highness if we can expand the search to the other islands?”

“I allow it.” King Teal replies, intentionally disregarding the number of resources it will take to search island by island. “But do not let our neighbors hear word of this quite yet, Gialo Calado will spring at us on any sign of weakness.”

“Your Highness, we have brought in a healer from Deco, he has something to show us!” Another Vicar barges in.

King Teal and his sons promptly follow the man to the medical ward.

“Prince Cerulean is right," the head physician confirms, “it is a curse.”

The visiting healer shines a Light Seal on the back of Sir Cai’s neck, revealing a hidden black seal. 

“This is the Seal of Nyx," he reports. “This is a forbidden seal thought to have been destroyed decades ago. Its purpose is to drain the Light out of its victim.”

“And how do you get rid of it?” The king is genuinely frightened but maintains a stern expression. 

The healer from Deco steps away from Sir Cai and beckons the men to follow him out of the room. Out of the room, he confirms what everyone is dreading.

“You don’t.” He adds a provision to his statement when he sees that the King will not accept that as an answer, “Only the person who cast the seal can undo it.”

The king turns to Sir Castillus, “Find that woman.”

“Father, something has occurred to me.” Prince Cerulean interjects.“Lady Tianala is not a Lightwielder.”

Healers aren’t like doctors, they specialize in the healing patterns of Light, and illnesses that affect Lightwielders specifically. If anyone knows what is going on, it is the man before them. They look at him with the hope that he will have an answer for them.

“This seal is very difficult to master, only an advanced Lightwielder would attempt one- let alone multiple," the healer notes.

“Are you suggesting the woman has an accomplice?” King Teal asks incredulously.

“That or this Lady Tianala is a very scary lady.” 


A/N: I promise there are only two more chapters left in this super long flashback hah... I'm not super proud of these last two chapters but I had to remind myself that they are rough drafts. Thank you for your patience, and after this part I swear to you this will be the the final part. 


Submitted: September 11, 2019

© Copyright 2020 SonglessSiren. All rights reserved.


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