The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Part 4 - II.

Submitted: October 09, 2019

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Submitted: October 09, 2019




“What is it like? If you don’t mind explaining.” Preston makes this request of Eloise. They sit on the carpet, in front of a large fireplace, inside Eloise’s room in the Palace on the Seas, the home of King Cerulean. They are off duty, but Preston and Prince Cyan find comfort in hanging out with her. They are all restless from the sudden turn of events.

Eloise knows he refers to the Dark Matter, as Preston is skimming through a book on the subject.

“It’s an experience different from wielding Light- but it is not much more difficult,” she discloses, plucking playfully at the soft blue carpet. “It is however, comparable to re-learning Lightwielding all over again. I suppose you could say that you are practically learning another language.”

“But you picked up Vikrit a lot faster than I did.”

“That is true, but I needed to learn it in order to walk.” She looks at her legs, remembering the early stages of her training. Odd, how overcoming a challenge in her life could result in something remarkably fantastical.

“That is true. I often wish I had that drive you and Iona have. It’s different for you, it’s not just Lightwielding- rather it's a matter of survival.” The blond young man looks up from the book, losing his thoughts in the crackling fire before them. “Don’t get me wrong, my duty to the kingdom is enough to keep me here- but I want to be stronger.”

“For yourself or for those around you?” Prince Cyan asks from behind his own book. He sits in a chair near the fire, too anxious to read his book but also engrossed in their conversation. “Because I think that makes the most difference.”

“Hm… I’ve never thought about it that way.” Preston thinks out loud to himself, then turns to Eloise. “Why do you fight? For yourself or for those around you?”

Iona enters the room and joins the group wordlessly, walking across the room to a large window. She scans the grounds outside out of habit rather than necessity.

“Well think of this way,” Eloise elaborates, her gaze following her friend’s movement. “I have to improve myself, in order to take care of those around me. I take care of those around me, and by doing so, I improve myself. You truthfully cannot have one without the other.”

“That’s why Lady Tianala won’t win this fight. She’s recklessly working on making herself stronger for her deceased sister, without regard to her own health. There has to be a balance of power,” Iona turns back to the conversation once she is sure the gradient sky is clear. The colors are different here, the opal waters of the ocean around them must have something to do with it.

“She is so strong… and she wasn’t a born Lightweider. That alone speaks to the kind of person she is,” Prince Cyan adds, standing and stretching. He casually joins Iona at the window. The four turn to watch the sunset.

“Tianala is strong for all the wrong reasons- that is why she cannot win.” The warrior from Tyon smiles encouragingly at the two Vicars sitting on the floor. It is refreshing to see them out of their uniforms. “I think both of you- if not alone, together, have the skills to win this. Be that tomorrow or three months from now.”

Eloise and Preston are grateful for Iona’s support. The truth is that they do feel unstoppable at each other’s side, but it is encouraging to hear it validated. Especially from someone they trust to be honest with them.

“What would you have done?” Preston asks Iona, suddenly curious, seeing that she appears in a chatty mood for once. “If you were in her situation.” He refers to the Lady Tianala.

“I don’t know.” She leans back against the chilled window. She feels its cool touch press against her shoulder. “I can’t seem to put myself in that situation. If my sister was in love with someone and her love was unrequited, I don’t think she would put the blame on someone else. I think she would work hard to improve as a person. Not for the said person, but for herself.”

“First of all, no one in their right mind would pass on Basma.” Preston points out, something that everyone in the room easily agrees with. “But let’s say that you and her were fighting over a boy-”

“But wait-” Eloise interrupts at Preston’s side. “I didn’t get the impression that Lady Tianala had any interest in King Cerulean... at any point.”

“Yeah, neither did I,” Prince Cyan adds. “I’m not sure if that is because of my father’s impression however. We don’t know all the details of her side of the story after all, only speculation and the stories that have emerged from rare sightings.”

“Okay, okay.” Preston rearranges the situation, holding his hands out, his habit of speaking with his hands emerging. “What if Basma was in love with someone, who was in love with you- but you had absolutely no interest in this person?”

Iona raises a skeptical eyebrow.

“Oh come on, even if you are not as outgoing as Basma was, you have very endearing qualities yourself Iona- with all due respect of course.” Preston points out.

“Thanks, I think.” Iona looks at Prince Cyan who smiles and shrugs.

Preston continues, “Let’s say this person finds out about your sister’s feelings, and uses them to try to hurt you. But in the end they end up hurting Basma instead, this causing her to hate you.”.

“It’s hard to imagine Basma hating Iona.” Eloise admits, not being able to form the idea in her mind. “Basma adored Iona.”

“I can’t imagine her hating anyone to be honest,” Cyan confesses. He recalls the few interactions he had with the woman. It wasn’t that few in reality, but knowing that he would never talk to her again made the memory of her seem fleeting.

“It’s true.” Iona nods, her sister hardly had the capacity to really hate someone. “But to answer your question- this being a hypothetical question and all. I would cut the person out of my life. I think it would eventually become clear to Basma that I had no interest in the said person. And while we are on this hypothetical scenario, I might add that I would not try to stop her from marrying this person, if she told me that she was content with the situation, whilst knowing all the facts. I would’ve respected her wishes, even if they were not the best, because I respect her.”

“I suppose it is hard to picture it in your scenario.” Preston rests his arm on his knee while in thought. “You and Basma are close in a different matter- you are the younger sister. With Tianala and Aoide I don’t think it was a matter of respect or a lack thereof- rather Tianala trying to protect her younger sister.”

“What about you Preston?” Eloise asks curiously, leaning back and stretching her legs before her. She digs the palms of her hand into the carpet, crossing one leg over the other.

“I was ‘adopted’ by the doctor and his wife when I was nine years old. I’ve never been close to anyone in a brotherly or sisterly way. But I suppose if someone used Eloise’s feelings to try to hurt me, I would likely do something petty I’ll admit.” He spoke his thoughts outright and considers rearranging them for the sake of clarification. “Not to the extent where I would get others involved though. I would use the person’s own feelings to beat them at their own game.”

“What if you were King Cerulean?” Iona addresses no one in particular, putting the question out there for anyone to answer. “Would you have done the same? Hurt someone’s loved one to get back at someone you loved?”

“I think that is a good example of how- contrary to popular belief- people with titles are just as human as everyone else,” Cyan discloses candidly. He turns back to face them and takes a couple steps closer to the fireplace. “We are not perfect, nor are always in the right. We are learning too. I truly believe that my father learned from the error of his ways. When raising me he made a point to make sure I would stay humble. He constantly reminds me that even though we have more and greater things, we should not assume that we are entitled to them.”

“I like that.” Eloise looks up from her spot on the floor, “‘Even though we have more and greater things, we should not assume that we are entitled to them.’ I wish the thought would click in my parent’s heads. They’re so presumptuous.”

“I wouldn’t hurt anyone important to the person I loved.” Preston shifts back to the initial question. “In a way that is hurting the person themselves.”

“What if you were rejected by the person? Maybe you want to hurt them at that point?” Eloise proposes.

“I do believe that is what my father intended.” Prince Cyan nods confirming his friend’s speculation “He doesn’t handle rejection well.”

Iona coughs sarcastically from her spot by the window, “I don’t believe anyone from the entire incident handled rejection well if you ask me… But I didn’t get that impression. From what I understood he was trying to prove to Tianala that while she would sacrifice for her sister, the feeling was not mutual. I don’t think either had the healthiest mentality however, and his Highness lost control of the situation.”

Her three friends grin and nod agreeably. They sit in a warm silence, one that gives them a sense of security and hope for the long days to come. They know they will look back to the moment often, and hope that they will continue to have moments like this in the future. 



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