The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - V.

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Submitted: April 10, 2019



"And without the world to read, this space is no longer safe

"And without the world to read, this space is no longer safeThe words were my identity, and now I've been led astray.

Electra's lyrical voice rings through the empty shelves of the palace library, mixing with the clicks of her steps.

She hadn't imagined that moving to Montpec would leave the Light Palace as an empty shell. A historical monument, reduced to its skeletal remains. Electra mourns the library but is equally eager to see the brand new library in MontPec. Cyan said it was to be grander, with a custom built Einfred piano in its gallery.

A month has passed since Ain and Electra have joined the Royal Guard, and the relocation of the castle is a few days from being completed. Their steps echo because most of the rooms are now bare. There is some furniture left here and there, but not enough to provide proper insulation.

"Is that Sounare?" the prince inquires, referring to a famous poet. The poem Electra had quoted rings familiar to him.

"Close, it's Rhiannon Noreski," Electra hums.

"That's right," Cyan nods recognizing the poem, "She wrote Songless Siren Doire as well right?"

"Yeah I like that one." Ain had only read the book because Eloise wouldn't stop hassling him about it. He ended up enjoying the book but he will never admit it to her. He turns to look at the prince. "When do we travel to MontPec?"

"Errol is there right now confirming that all the security measures are in proper order. If all goes well we leave tomorrow-"

"Did you hear that?" Electra hushes them mid-conversation.

"Hear what-"

They are interrupted by the sound of a second distant explosion. A commotion is heard out in the hall, followed by a third, closer, explosion.

Ain steps defensively in between the prince and the door. It bursts open and Xena pokes her head in.

"It is a group of Dark Creatures- we've got it handled." She assures them, stepping back out.

"I'll check it out,"Ain says striding towards the door.

Prince Cyan's posture straightens and he looks at Electra with a rare but serious expression.

"When was the last time you heard of any Dark Creatures around here?" Electra asks trying not to show alarm on her face. During her month in Osten, she hadn't heard of any attacks anywhere near the Light Palace. Security around the palace was by Sir Errol increased in anticipation of the move. 

"Not in some time. About a year ago? Yes, about." He glances in the direction of the window and thinks twice before approaching. "Why? Do you think this is a set up?"

Electra prevents him from getting closer to the window by cautiously holding her arm out in front of him. "The timing- it's suspicious." Better to be overcautious than to be caught unsuspecting, she thinks.

She nears the window discreetly, inching in from the side. Prince Cyan backs away guardedly. 

Electra sees nothing out of the ordinary outside, aside from the three guards are stationed below them. She places her right hand on the wall anyway, sending a Light pulse through the library. She turns abruptly as a loud explosion knocks down the set of doors into the room. Two Creatures of Darkness charge in ferociously. Their thick, hastily-formed, extremities shake the ground as they charge at them, crushing the marble tile beneath them.

Electra swiftly spins a Blocking dial to stop the first beast from running over Prince Cyan. She throws the prince behind a lone armchair, instructing him to stay down. She throws a couple of discs at the second beast in hopes of slowing it down. They're smaller Dark Creatures, Elks, not very bright either. Even so, they tower two feet over Electra.

The first beast recovers and it is comes towards them once more. This time Electra is prepared with a Sealing dial. The creature realizes too late and skids into the spinning dial. The creature is sealed.

She turns to face the second beast, this one is more ferocious than the first. It roars a ball of a dark mass over its head, the unpleasant chemical smell burns the inside of their nostrils. The Dark Matter itself is not lethal, but burns remarkably. Electra darts and stands between Prince Cyan and the monster, holding a Blocking seal in between her and the Dark Creature. The monster shoots a long steady beam of the Dark Matter, but it does no damage to Electra or Cyan, sizzling as it hits the Blocking seal.

In the meantime two additional beasts barge into the room.

"Electra!" The prince tries to stand up but stops when the Vicar glances at him. Her eyes speaking for her.

"Stay down!" She prepares another Blocking dial, boxing Cyan and herself in a nook by a window. A bad place to be, but she knows that she won't be able to seal any more creatures if she's blocking three. This isn't a good plan, but she is counting on the reappearance of her partner.

Reading her mental call, Ain comes running in, shooting Light disks at the creatures, stealing their attention away. They are not easily distracted, they know who they are here for, which confirms Electra's theory that this attack was planned. They continue to charge at Electra and the Prince of Opal Oceans.

"Get Cyan out of here!" Electra shouts at Ain. Seeing that there is no sneaking the prince past the three creatures, she knows her demand is impossible.

"We need to seal one of them!" He shouts back, preparing a Sealing disk behind one of the creatures.

Electra's concern is that slingshotting the Dark beast into the seal will drain her Light energy. She switches the Blocking disk closest to her partner into a Propelling disk. She can't afford to waste time by contemplating the consequences.

"Cyan, go with Sir Ain!" she instructs ultimately before releasing the seal.

"You'll catch up to us right?" Ain closes the seal and shelters Prince Cyan behind a prepared Blocking dial.

Electra has to relieve his doubts in order for him to leave, but she also does not wish to lie to him. She does not know the future, she doesn't want to promise- like she promised Basma. No. Not now.

"I will, but I have to hold them back! Get him out of here!" She urges as she casts empty Light dials at the two remaining creatures. Spell-less Light Dials don't do a lot of damage, but it will conserve her depleting Light energy.

Ain and Cyan sprint out the door and down the hall. The monsters take notice and charge behind them. Electra spins on a Sailing dial and glides ahead of them, cutting them off. She resumes to shoot blank Light dials, her Light becoming an increasing priority. They lose Ain and Cyan, but push Electra out through a large stained glass window and out into the deep grey night.

The creatures are angry and now their target is Electra. Realizing this, she spins away, fleeing the scene. She makes her way down a long stretch of grass and out the castle walls. Not her finest moment in judgement, but she had only two concerns. Now that the prince is out of the harm's way, there is only her second concern.

Guards scramble, they are able to subdue one of the beasts to the young Vicar's relief. The other beast remains on Electra's tail.

She glides down the streets of Osten, in search of a non-crowded area to seal the beast. Fortunately, the castle is surrounded by quieter streets. This means, however, that she has to seal the creature before getting any closer to the center of the city. A light shower begins to rain down to add to the ominous night, delivered by the thick gray clouds that had rolled in hours earlier. The heaving Dark Creature rounds a sharp corner and glowers down into the alleyway, where Electra stands prepared with a Sealing dial.

This creatures is smarter than its brothers though, and it does not charge into it. Instead, it prepares a ball of Dark Matter, Electra does not believe she has the strength to block it, she is having a hard time standing as it is.

The monster screeches in its attack, beaming the ray of Dark Matter at her Blocking Dial. The attack is long but Electra is able to hold her seal. She knows that the seconds after the attack will be her only chance to finish the beast off. She cannot seal it on her own- as a 4th Rank Vicar she can't propel the creature into her own dial, but she can possibly cleanse the creature.

Exiel, or rather a Cleansing spell, is a Light spell that can be done without a partner. Electra's first major hesitation is that she has not practiced it before. The second being that it requires using one's own natural Light, and not only that of Vicar form.

All humans and animals alike have natural Light, but are unable to utilize it unless blessed with 'the touch of the Light Gods'. Every nation, every religion, has their own version of the lore. In D'Hiver Nero it is that of the Goddess Adeline. Her 'Children of Light', Lightwielders, Vicars, are blessed with an abundance of Light they can bend to their will. This is only possible through rigorous practice.

Some of Adeline's children are more blessed than others, with easier access to the Light of the Goddess. And while the reservoir of Light itself is limitless, physical bodies of Lightwielders can only take a limited amount of strain at a time. Training to be a Vicar is not about how much Light you can control, it is about developing the core strength needed to channel it properly and effectively.

That being said, when Lightwielders tap into their own natural Light, they put their own lives at risk. In D'Hiver Nero, Lightwielders are trained to avoid doing it at all, it is a move of last resort. Tapping into their natural Light means tapping into their life essence.

Electra spins a small but condensed Light disk in her hand, holding it out in front of her. All of her remaining Vicar Light. She slaps the Light into her chest, absorbing it in one long draw of her breath. She spins a large Light dial in front of her with her natural Light. Exiel. The dial works as an amplifier, blending her natural Light with the Light she borrows from the heavens.

With a slow exhale, she releases the Light in a ray beaming from her chest, through the dial, dissolving the monster before her. As the monster evaporates, she vows to never attempt the spell again. She imagines that this is what it feels to be torn in half, that is the only way she can describe the sensation.

Ain runs into the alley, catching a glimpse of Electra performing the Cleansing spell. He is about to call out to her when she takes off running in the opposite direction. She hadn't spotted him, but where was she going? Could she be disoriented? Ain recognized the spell for what it was, but had never witnessed it in action. He didn't think he would ever, anytime soon anyway.

The rain comes down harder now. Electra can feel the Light draining from her. She is having a hard time running, but she needs to get home- or at least not here. Her legs give out beneath her, and she begins to drag herself in the direction of an awning. She finds herself losing consciousness in a puddle. It's curious, the instant before one loses consciousness, what comes to mind. She closes her eyes and recalls Jakub's sunkissed cat. She longs for the warmth she had felt that day.

"Electra?" Ain rushes to her side. Startled, he instinctively scoops her up from the puddle. He stares, trying to collect his thoughts. In his arms is the great Electra of the South without her Light, Eloise Desmond.

In his arms is the great Electra of the South without her Light, Eloise Desmond       

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