The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - VI.

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Submitted: April 11, 2019



He has to tell her now. There is no eluding the facts, there would be too many holes in the story if he tried to cover it up. Panic. What would become of their fate? He has heard rumors, but what part of them are true? Would they be separated? Reassigned new partners?

Ain has nothing in the game. He has nothing keeping him here in service. Some Lightwielders do it for the honor, some do it for the benefits, others for the social status. A Lightwielder is automatically considered upper class regardless of their background. Nearly all Lightwielders do it for their families, others for the opportunities that come with the job; access to resources previously unavailable to them.

Ain has nothing keeping him here, if anything he feels guilty for not wanting to be here. He knows it is the right thing to do, but he lacks the drive that Electra has. The drive that Electra has-

Knowing what drives her now, the force behind the legendary Vicar of the South, explains everything. Ain now understands both Electra and Eloise on another tier. He understands why Electra finds her life as Eloise so dreary. He understands why Eloise resents everyone who believes that she's helpless.

He suspected Electra was from an important family from the stories she had shared with him, but Eloise Desmond?

It explains Eloise's attitude about the famed heroine. The real heroes are the people around you. He can't tell her.

Electra has become his drive, his longing for adventure. They could send him to the end of the map and he would be fine with it as long as she was there at his side. He can't lose something he has just found.

If he told her, she would know his sentiments, he had told Eloise after all. But more importantly while Electra has become more open to bending the rules, at the end of the day she does what she knows to be right. Mainly if there is a risk of her losing her reputation as a Vicar. She would want to tell Sir Errol, Lady Tricize... someone.

What story could he tell them? Would he be be able to keep his story straight? Eloise- no Electra was hurt, not gravelly but she decided to end her night early. Ain would cover for her.

He has no choice, he has to tell Electra that he recognized her as Eloise. The Desmonds are very prominent in the area. Maybe she won't tell Sir Errol or Lady Tricize, she might find comfort in knowing that her secret is safe with him. If she has another accident, it is better if someone who already knows her secret is around, she can't keep switching partners. Her last partner... did she know?

He is thinking too much about this, undoubtedly this is not the first time this has happened. Under certain circumstances families are allowed to know this information, why would a partner be any different?


Eloise wakes up in her bed the following morning feeling unusually sore       

Eloise wakes up in her bed the following morning feeling unusually sore. Her body is heavy, and she feels the sting of scratches up her arms and legs. Little scratches, nothing that would scar. She does notice that the cuts on her elbows have been tended to and bandaged. Her thoughts are brought back to the moment she crashed through the stained glass window, and she is relieved that the damage is not worse.


Eloise turns to see Preston leaning forward in a chair, sitting the corner of the room. She hadn't noticed him, he looks concerned and not irritated with her for once in his life. He stands up and walks over.

"O-oh? What happened?" She panics as the entirety of what had occurred the night prior comes back to her. How had she gotten home? And what did Preston know?

"You had a fit outside last night, you fell pretty badly." He takes her face in his hands and checks her eyes for dilation. "Do you remember anything? What were you doing outside so late?"

"I haven't had a fit since I-"

"You were three, yes I know- but what were you thinking?" Preston is dead serious, more so than usual, but in his eyes there is a flash of relief.

"I don't know- How- Who- Who found me?"

"You were quite fortunate young lady," Doctor Harrison answers himself upon entering the room. Preston steps back making way for him. "The very Vicar of the North himself, Ain, happened to see the entire thing during his patrol. He brought you to the door- to your parents horror I might add. They immediately called Preston and myself here. Anyway sit up- let me examine you. What do you remember?"

Preston glances towards the windowed balcony in her room. Technically no one sent for Preston, but he isn't going to correct the doctor. 

After leaving Eloise in the hands of her servants, he sped back to MontPec to tell Prince Cyan and Lady Tricize that Electra was injured but okay. He ran home to Norr to change his clothes, then made his way south Surt.

The reality is, Preston is exhausted and it's finally hitting him. 

Eloise sits up, now sincerely discovering how horribly sore she is. Ain must have covered for her. She is grateful- but also disheartened, as he must have recognized her as Eloise Desmond.

"I don't remember anything." She is aware that she isn't convincing anyone, but she's too exhausted to try. She trusts Ain, whatever he had told them was plenty.

"Well it appears that you've got a couple of scratches and bruises here and there. You are truly blessed, that seems to be the extent of the physical harm-" The doctor unwraps the bandage on her forearm and examines the abrasion underneath. "Your parents aren't very happy to hear about your fit however, they're talking to other physicians about treatment options."

Eloise pulls her arm away, "I don't think that's necessary-"

"I'm sorry Eloise but this was rather serious." The doctor rubs the bridge of his nose, he must have been called very late last night, there were little bags under his eyes. Eloise feels sorry for this, she knows that he is blameless. "I don't think your parents will let this go anytime soon."

The girl doesn't argue with the doctor, she won't make his job tougher than it already is. She is positive that he has little influence over her parents.


"I might not be able to come around for awhile." Electra announces to Ain a night later. Ain had been surprised when she reported to the castle that night. Preston had stayed pretty late at the Desmonds making sure Eloise wouldn't sneak out, but the girl likely had years of practice. 

He was able to convince Sir Errol to let him keep an eye on her. The Head Vicar too, was reluctant to put Electra back to work so soon after her incident. They were able to come to the agreement that the partners would take a tranquil night of city patrol.

The two sit on the roof of a temple in Surt. The silence is more obvious after their time in Osten but it is not unwelcome. It is what Electra needs today.

"I understand." Ain looks at Electra and he sees Eloise. Had she always looked like Eloise? Her hair was tied up but she had the same mouth, same dainty nose, and notably blue eyes. "It's probably for the better."

"How did you recognize me? As you know..." She doesn't have to finish her question.

"Everyone knows the Desmonds." He had been expecting the question sooner; despite that fact he hadn't come up with a better answer. "I've heard stories about your... health. I hope it was alright- my story to them."

"It was fine, thank you Ain. You are invaluable to me as a partner."

The two sit in comfortable silence for a while. Ain studying his partner's jacket. When she made her appearance at the Light Palace earlier without her Vicar coat, Sir Errol provided her with a new one.

Her previous uniform had been a similar cut to Ain's, except it was the official deep rose color of the southern city of Surt. This contrasting Norr's royal blue color that Ain wears. The uniforms for probationary Vicars and 4th ranking Vicars are in the same style. Since Ain and Electra are nearing their next rank, 3rd rank, Sir Errol had their new uniforms on hand. Instead of replacing her 4th rank uniform, the Head Vicar gave her the 3rd rank one.

While Ain is unable to stop himself from feeling a little left behind, he knows he isn't that far behind Electra. He didn't invest himself entirely into it from the get go, he shouldn't beat himself up for not being at her level. After all, for Electra it is a matter of surviving.

"Electra, you are beyond extraordinary," he says having been reminded by his wandering thoughts. His mind wouldn't let him think about anything else right now. "Powers or not, you are the strongest person I have ever known."

"Thanks Ain. I think I've been waiting my entire life to hear that." Electra grins at him, her attention back from wherever it had drifted off to in the preceding moment of silence. "Oh Ain, what will you do without me?"

"You know-" Ain smirks and leans back until he is lying comfortably against the incline of the roof. His brushes his messy blond hair out of his face. "I might sit back and let the entire kingdom fall to its demise."

"When I said invaluable, I meant invaluable to me, not the entire kingdom. I'm confident Sir Errol's got that covered," Electra teases.

Ain frowns, "Rude. Tsk, after I complimented you too." He jokes, but in reality he is uneasy about working without Electra around.



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