The Vicar of Darkness

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - IX.

Submitted: April 17, 2019

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Submitted: April 17, 2019



Eloise wakes up remembering the events of the night prior. She groans, recalling that her situation did not get any better. If Ain is Preston, how is she supposed to avoid him now?

A knock at her door startles her. It is too early for Doctor Harrison or any of her nurses to be at her door. She sits up and before she can respond, the door opens. Her parents enter.

She is bit put off by their rare presence, "Mother, Father-"

"Eloise we need to talk," her mother states curtly with no concern evident in her words. Eloise cannot say for certain that her mother is without concern, but if she is concerned, she is concealing it well. She takes a seat at the foot of her daughter's bed. She sits with perfect poise, her back is as straight as her long blond hair.

Her face is long, unlike Eloise's, and her eyes are a milky green color. They remind Eloise of jasmine tea. Her lips are thin, but she remains youthful looking.

Her father ignores the two women. He walks past them, stopping when he reaches windowed balcony. He holds his hands behind his back and puffs his chest out, looking down at the world as if he owns it.

"What about, mother?" Eloise can sense the ominous future coming her way. Historically her parents hardly delivered good news, not that she can remember anyway.

"Your health."

"Mother I feel fine-" She begins to shift into a seated position.

"Eloise," her father interrupts harshly. "Enough."

Her father does not turn back to look at her. Eloise can only stare at his back. She can't remember a time when her father's voice wasn't barking orders. She imagines that it is why she dislikes being told what to do. Alternatively, it could be that she is rebellious by nature.

"Feeling fine does not equate good health Eloise," her mother echoes what Preston had told her on the daily. "Your father and I have been in communication with specialists. They have recommended a clinic a bit north of here."

"Wait, are you sending me away?" she interrupts. Her senses had been right after all.

"You will listen to your mother, Eloise." Lord Desmond's voice bellows from the looming shadow at the window.

"You would only be gone for three weeks, but hear us out." Her mother places a hand on Eloise's leg. Her green eyes looking at Electra with good intention. "If we don't see any improvement, or if you are uncomfortable being there during the first week, you may return home."

Maybe this is good news, Eloise can go away for a week or two. She technically isn't entirely avoiding her problems- rather she is putting them off. She isn't so sure about how desperate her mother is sounding however.

Her mother has always meant well. Unfortunately in her mind, her husband would always be in the right, regardless of whether or not he was. To be fair, in most business matters he typically was right.

"When would I leave?" the girl asks as if she is considering the proposition. Although she is aware that she has little say in the matter.

Her father turns around to look at her. Oddly enough, even as he is looking at her, Eloise gets the feeling that he isn't looking at her.

Lord Desmond is a tall, broad shouldered man. He was born into money, for all Eloise knows, he has never done any sort of manual labor in all of his life. Regardless, he was built for it, most of the Desmond men were. His hair is a burnt orange color that appears brown in certain yellow lights, and his eyes are a piercing violet-blue. The only trait Eloise has inherited from him.

"You leave now," he announces and Eloise is reminded that there is no arguing with him. He has made up his mind and there is nothing anyone can do to change it.



Eloise is both saddened and solaced knowing that she will not see Preston again until she returns to the Desmond manor. Her heart flutters in panic when she remembers that she did not get a chance to say goodbye to Sir Errol or Prince Cyan. There is little she can do to change that however and tries to remain at ease.

She is wheeled by her driver into the gloomy facility. The air feels cold and empty here, and although her parents are here with her, it is lonely. It all happens too quickly. She is checked in and taken to her room. Her parents say some heartfelt words for the sake of appearances and they leave her. It is then that she is alone.


Eloise jerks awake later that same day       

Eloise jerks awake later that same day. She is in a different room with a more incandescent light to it. She lays on her side in a gown that she hardly remembers putting on. The room, the bed, her gown- something gives off a clean lemon scent. It reminds her of Preston and she questions if it's the disinfectant they use. A smiling nurse notices that she is awake and waddles over to her.

"Eloise Desmond? Don't worry, you won't be awake for long," she soothes her in a motherly nature.

Eloise sits up in a daze, a chill makes her shudder. The hospital gown she is wearing now, is backless, but that isn't the only reason she is cold. Instinctively, she reaches for her hair but its gone- or was it still there? She's too disoriented to decide.

"Oh no honey, please lay down." The nurse helps her lay on her stomach, she is short but she has a strong hold.

She straps her down tightly, and Eloise knows she should be more alarmed. She isn't however, which makes her think that she has been given a sedative. The nurse puts a cloth in Eloise's mouth, injects her with a mysterious blue liquid and Eloise begins to feel heavy again.

That being said, she does not lose consciousness. Instead she finds herself unable to move. The nurse leaves, and for what she feels is hours, Eloise is left on her own.

In fact, an hour has passed when she hears noise again, she is optimistic. The doctors come in speaking of treatments and other patients in a casual tone.

"Ms. Desmond?" one of them reads off her chart, not addressing her but the others in the room. "We are attempting to restore mobility in her legs? What method are we using here?"

"Gauche," a second doctor answers. Water is running, they are scrubbing their hands. Nurses roll carts of tools into the poorly lit room. It could be that the room is actually well lit and Eloise is simply struggling to keep her eyes open.

"That's a bit on the riskier side," the first doctor notes. "And a complete misapplication of the Gauche method, it's never been considered for her condition because of the type of paralysis."

"And hurts a bit more than the Lessain Method no?" a third and final doctor chimes in. Eloise believes so, she's not sure. She can only say with confidence that there is at least one female doctor and one male doctor.

"Has Gauche been done on a spine before?" the first doctor asks.

"Not anywhere around here," the second doctor answers. "But her parents are desperate from what I hear. And they are paying us quite significantly to get this done, so let's get on with it."

"Do you think they'll pay us if this doesn't work? Let's not rush this."

"Do they realize that her muscles are perfectly healthy? If she undergoes this procedure who is to say that she won't be worse off?" the third doctor protests.

"They are aware, and understand the risks. Look, they want this done, and if we don't do it, don't think they won't hesitate to find someone else that will," the female doctor threatens.

Don't think they won't hesitate to find someone else that will. She is right, there is no doubt in Eloise's mind that her parents are not determined this time around. Her expansive medical history only drove the lengths to which they were willing to go further. Risk is not a factor they are primarily concerned about. That doesn't mean Eloise isn't, or that she won't do everything in her power to survive. That includes using her Light and outing herself as a Lightwielder. 

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