A Pie called LIfe

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A description of life...

Submitted: April 05, 2019

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Submitted: April 05, 2019



A Pie called Life On a fine day, I was given a meat pie, It tasted like some parts of our daily life, Kinda moldy, kinda sour. I swallowed it still 'Cause I was hungry, And I read the label a bit much too late.

Ingredients: Stress (derived from spouse and boss), Lies (derived from Social media and Ads), Conflicts (extracted from politicians and policemen), Misemotions, False ideas (isolated from past memories and your beliefs), Preservatives (circuits 201, 566, stubbornness), Artificial colorings (masks 348,907,1005), and Sweeteners (sweet talks and pretenses.)

Storage: Keep away from direct sun light and living things. Stored in a tight container. Hide in shade. Stay close to WiFi and monitors to keep fresh.

Best before : 50 years after first inhale. Expiry date: after another 25 years in sick bed.

Nutrition value: Negative calories.

Retail price: One's whole lifetime's energy and time until he vomits out and stops eating this pie.

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