Dracula's Revenge

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

During a birthday in Louisiana in October 26 1983 a baby is born to Mia and Jonathan Harker. Mia and Jonathan were in a car accident while Mia was pregnant. The baby survived but Mia and Jonathan died.

The baby girl did not have any family so she was adopted Lindsey and Peter Jones. Lindsey and Peter name the baby Patty Jones. Patty Jone want to become a writer but she was not very successful.Patty's friend Peter was in love with her.

A mystery man that was handsome came into Patty's life. Peter does not like the mystery man and warned Patty to stay away from this man.

Patty become depressed and to commit suicide but the mystery man Vlad save her. Vlad keep her prisoner in his castle.

Peter become worried about Patty and start to look for her. Peter discover that Patty's mother looks like Vlad's late wife.

Peter calls his best friends Amy and Sam to help find and save Patty from Vlad.

Patty make several attempts to escape but Vlad always caught her. Peter call Shawn, Kyle and Jordan for help. Peter knew that Kyle and Shawn would be able to help him rescue Patty.

Table of Contents

The Meeting

Vlad is disappointed when Mia the woman he loves is married and having a baby. The Mia get killed in a car accident. Vlad fall in love with her daughter Patty
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Peter does not trust Vlad Dracula
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The Stakeout

Peter hired Randy and Monk to investigate Vlad Dracula.
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True Identity

Randy learns about Vlad Dracula's past
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the rescue plan

Peter asks Jordan Collier to help him rescue Patty.
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The Fail Rescue

Peter fail on rescuing Patty.
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the successful rescue

Peter rescue Patty. Adam become angry when Shawn almost kill him and vows revenge
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The Repeat Kidnap

Adam kidnaps Cassie. Vlad force Patty to marry him
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Adam is not punished for hurting Cassie. Adam is planning on killing Kyle.
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Kyle, Cassie, Shawn, Jordan, and Ricard rescue. Jordan tries to kill Vlad.
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The Question

Tom Baldwin has questions about the Volturi and Vlad Dracula.
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Dracula's Revenge

Vlad is planning on killing Peter. Peter's father has been keeping secrets.
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the question about vlad dracula

Tom Baldwin is going to investigate Vlad Dracula's past life
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Vlad's son

Tom and Diana are still investigate Vlad's son
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The Truth

Peter learns a secret from his parents' past. I finished writing Dracula's Revenge. I hope you enjoy the story. I will write a sequel soon.
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