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Chapter One

Mia Harker was looking at Roses. “Beautiful,” Mia heard a man say. “What,” Mia asks. “The roses are beautiful," The man replied. Mia did not like how this man was hitting on her. She tries to be polite. “What is your name?” Mia asks the man. “My name is Vlad Dracula,” Vlad replied. Vlad starts talking about Mia’s favorite poems. Mia was getting annoyed. When she saw Jonathan coming, she was happy. “Hey Mia, I saw you at the rose garden and want to see if you are free for lunch?” Jonathan asks. “Yes, I am free. “Jonathan, this is Vlad Dracula and Vlad this is my husband Jonathan Harker,” Mia replied.

“Hello Mr. Dracula is nice to meet you,” Jonathan replied offering his hand to shake. Vlad did not shake Jonathan’s hand. Mia Knew that Vlad was jealous of Jonathan. “Well it is nice to meet you Vlad, but we have to go,” Mia replied. Mia and Jonathan rush off. “That guy was rude,” Jonathan replied. “I know. I think he was hitting on me,” Mia replied. “Who can blame him. “You are a beautiful woman, but too bad you are already spoken for,” Jonathan replied. “Yes, I am spoken for and I cannot love anyone else,” Mia replied happily. Mia and Jonathan kiss passionately.

Vlad watch Mia and Jonathan kiss. Vlad was angry, but he was not going to give up that easily. Mia was going to be his wife even if it means to have to kill Jonathan he will.  Mia was feeling bad so she went to the doctor. The doctor told her she was pregnant. Mia could not believe that she was having a baby. Mia could not wait to tell Jonathan. Jonathan has been wanted to be a father since they got married. Vlad was watching Mia and saw she was happy.  Mia rushes home to tell Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I have something to tell you,” Mia replied happily. “What is it, Mia?” Jonathan asks. “I am pregnant!” Mia replied happily. Jonathan was so happy that he lifts Mia in the air. “We should celebrate Mia. We should go out to eat,” Mia replied. They went out to eat and saw a movie. Mia got sick and rush to bed. Jonathan went to bed too. Vlad could not believe that Mia was pregnant. He decides to give up his plan on marrying her. Vlad was heartbroken, but he did spend years alone so he could spend many more years alone again.

Mia went into labor. Jonathan was driving as fast as he can. There was a drunk driver on the road who was not watching where he was going. The driver did not see Mia and Jonathan and he hit then really hard with his car. Jonathan was killed instantly. Mia was rush to the hospital. Mia died giving birth. The baby was a girl. There was a couple named Lindsey and Ted Jones who were waiting to adopt. The little girl did not have any family so the Jones got to adopt the little girl. They name the little girl Patty. Patty was a beautiful child and the Jones were crazy about her.

Patty grows up to be a beautiful woman. Patty did go through a painful divorce. Patty’s husband Jeff was a jerk. Jeff left Patty for another woman. Patty was heartbroken. Patty’s best friend Peter tries his best to comfort her, but nothing works. Patty tries to heal her broken heart with work. Patty went to an art museum. “Beautiful painting is it?” Patty heard a man say to her. “Yes, it is. “My name is Patty Jones and can I ask what your name is,” Patty asks. “My name is Vlad Dracula,” Vlad replied. Patty thought Vlad was very handsome and was hoping he asks her out.

Vlad sense that Patty was attractive to him and he was happy. Vlad might not got Mia as his wife but he was going to get Mia’s daughter Patty as his wife. This time Vlad is not going to let anyone get in his way. Vlad will kill anyone who comes between him and Patty.

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Robert Helliger

A new twist on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel.
Good story, and writing.

Tue, September 10th, 2019 3:48am

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