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Chapter 10

Patty was angry with Vlad. Patty hate being kept a prisoner here. She craved to go outside. She wished to see her friends, but Vlad told her she did not need anyone. She did not like how Vlad was treating her, but she was too scared to say anything. She saw a red hair woman talking to Vlad. “Who is that woman?” Patty asks. “The woman’s name is Victoria and she just a friend. You do not have to be jealous,” Vlad replied. “I am not jealous, but I think the woman like you!” Patty replied. “I do not care because I love you my Queen and I will never love Victoria,” Vlad replied. Vlad carry Patty to bed and make love to her.

Patty hates it that she was starting to have feelings for Vlad. Patty loves Peter. She was wondering if Peter would ever find her. Patty was also scared because Vlad did say he would kill Peter if he tries to rescue her. Patty did not know what to do. Vlad came walking in the room. “You are thinking about Peter?!” Vlad yells. “Yes, I am because I love him!” Patty yells. Vlad grab Patty by the neck and was choking her. “Do you like to repeat that?!” Vlad asks angrily. “No, I would not. Please let me go,” Patty plead. Vlad threw her on the bed. “I want you to stop thinking about that man!” Vlad yells. Vlad kisses Patty’s forehead and left. 

Kyle and Cassie were watching TV when Monk call them. Monk told them that he saw Vlad Dracula at Adam’s house. Kyle meets Monk at Adam’s house. Monk told Kyle which way Vlad went. Kyle and Cassie caught up with Vlad. Kyle did not follow Vlad too close. Kyle calls Jordan and told him where he was at. Shawn, Jordan, and Richard came to help Kyle. Kyle saw Pierre Despereaux carrying a big box. “Kyle, open the trunk of your car,” Despereaux order. Kyle wastes no time and opens his trunk. Despereaux got into Kyle’s car and they rush out of Vlad’s driveway.

Kyle notice that Jordan was not following them. Kyle wonder what Jordan was up to. Kyle call Peter and told him that they rescue Patty. Peter rushes to meet them. Kyle took the box that Patty was into a safe place that the sun would not hurt her. Jordan call about two hours after Kyle got home. “Kyle, tell Patty and Peter they do not have to worry about Vlad Dracula anymore,” Jordan replied. “You kill him?” Kyle asks. “I hope so. We blew up Vlad’s house. We did not stick around to see if he was alive or dead,” Jordan replied. “You do not know for sure he is dead?” Kyle asks. “No, I do not,” Jordan replied. 

Kyle has all the windows to his house cover so the sun will not hurt Patty. Kyle got Patty out of the box. Peter rushes to hug Patty. Jordan was already back home at 4400 Center. “We have to be more careful. We cannot let our guard down,” Jordan replied. Jordan got some crystal and silver bullets from Jason Anderson. Peter and Patty felt safer now with the bullets. Peter got a gun. Peter was not going to let Vlad take Patty without a fight. Peter and Patty make love. Patty was happy to be with Peter and she hopes Vlad was dead.

Adam was watching TV with Susan and saw in the news that Vlad’s house was blown up. Adam calls Victoria. “Victoria, have you seen the news?” Adam asks. “No, I have not,” Victoria replied. “Adam!” Susan yells. “What is it Susan?! Adam asks angrily. Adam turns around and saw Vlad. Vlad was burned bad. “I have to go Victoria. Vlad has been hurt,” Adam replied. “I am on my way,” Victoria replied. Adam and Susan help Vlad to bed. Adam knew that Kyle and Jordan have something to do with this. Adam was going to kill Kyle and Shawn.



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