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Chapter 11

Kyle was worried that Vlad was still alive. Kyle was also worried that Vlad would hurt his dad or mom. Kyle was not angry with Jordan because he understood why Jordan try to kill Vlad. Kyle did wish that Jordan would have stuck around Vlad’s house to see if Vlad was dead. Kyle call his dad Tom Baldwin. Kyle told his dad everything. Tom was angry at Kyle, but he was angrier at Jordan. “How can Jordan do something like that?!” Tom asks angrily. “Dad, Jordan was just trying to protect Patty. Vlad kidnap Patty and we have just rescued her. Jordan thought if he killed Vlad we did not have to worry about him kidnapping Patty again,” Kyle replied.

Tom understood now why Jordan did what he did. “Kyle, I do not blame Jordan for what he did, but he cannot take the law in his own hands. I hope next time you will report any crime to NTAC,” Tom replied. “I will dad,” Kyle replied. Tom finish talking to Kyle and went to talk to Diana Skouris. “Diana, do you remember that house that was bomb?” Tom asks. “Yes, I remember,” Diana replied. “Jordan Collier cause that explosion,” Tom replied. “What! Why would Jordan want to blow up that house?” Diana asks. “Kyle told me that the man that live in the house had kidnap a woman name Patty Jones. Jordan and Kyle rescue Patty.

Kyle also told me that the man that kidnap Patty was named Vlad Dracula. Vlad is working for Adam Rules. Jordan blew up Vlad’s house to protect Patty,” Tom replied. “We did not find a body in the house. Jordan did not kill anyone. The only crime Jordan commit was arson,” Diana replied. Tom and Diana told their boss Nina Jarvis. “I am sorry Tom, but we have to file criminal charges against your son and Jordan,” Nina replied. “I know we have to do that,” Tom replied. “Do you think Jordan has something to do with the bombing in Italy?” Nina asks. “I do not know Kyle did not say anything,” Tom replied.

“Why would you think Jordan has something to do with the bombing in Italy?” Tom asks. “A psychic detective name Shawn Spencer told us that some vampires that call themselves the Volturi kidnap his wife. One of the Volturi and Adam Rule rape his wife. Mr. Spencer suspects Jordan cause the explosion in Italy,” Nina replied. “I do not think Jordan would do that,” Tom replied. “Tom, you need to put your personal feeling aside and do your job!” Nina order. “Do not worry Nina if Jordan had something to do with the bombing in Italy I will find out,” Tom replied.

“I do not understand why Jordan would bomb an empty building. There were no bodies in the building and no one was killed. The only thing Jordan will be charged with is arson,” Diana replied. “How do we know that the Volturi live in that building?” Tom asks. “We don’t know, but we are going to find out. Tom, you and Diana are going to Italy to investigate what happened,” Nina replied. Tom went home to pack. Tom was hoping that Jordan has nothing to do with the bombing in Italy. If Jordan did have something to do with the bombing that would make Kyle his accomplice.

The next day Tom and Diana were already in Italy. They went to the building that was bomb. Tom found a diary that belongs to Sara Volturi. Tom put the diary in an evidence bag. “This place looks like a castle and it looks old. The castle looks like it is 500 years old,” Marco Pacella replied. “Do you believe that the Volturi are vampires?” Tom asks Marco. “Yes, I do. I also believe that Vlad Dracula is a vampire as well. I have been investigative Vlad Dracula. I am going to talk to Shawn Spencer to see what he knows,” Marco replied.

Aro Volturi was watching Tom and Diana and was angry. “My brothers, did you hear that? Jordan is going to pay for this,” Aro promised.

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