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Chapter 12

Vlad was still hurt badly. Adam was angry with Jordan. Victoria was by Vlad’s side. “I warn Vlad about that woman!” Victoria yell. “If you hurt Patty or try to kill her Vlad will kill you,” Adam told Victoria. “I know that why I have not done anything to Patty,” Victoria replied. “Adam, some weird looking men are here to see you,” Susan replied. Adam went to the men. “Hello Aro, what are you doing here?” Adam asks. “Jordan blew up our castle!” Aro replied angrily. “I know I heard. Jordan also put a bomb in Vlad Dracula’s house,” Adam replied.

“We have to do something about Jordan. What if he tries to kill us again?” Aro asks. “We are going to do something. We are going to kill Jordan, Kyle, and Shawn,” Adam replied. “You are going to leave Peter for me because I want to be the one who kills him,” Vlad replied. “No one is going to try to stop you from killing Peter,” Adam replied. “I told Patty if she leaves me for Peter I would kill him!” Vlad replied angrily. “You recover fast,” Aro replied. Vlad did not respond to Aro’s comment.

Vlad still love Patty and he was going to get her back. Vlad was going to kill Peter to make sure that no one take Patty away from him again. Victoria came walking in. “Why don’t you forget about that woman?! She does not want anything to do with you,” Victoria told Vlad. “Why don’t you mind your own business? I love Patty,” Vlad replied. “Patty does not love you,” Victoria replied. Vlad became angry and grab Victoria by the throat. “You need to stop talking or I will kill you!” Vlad replied. “Vlad, let Victoria go now!” Adam order. “I will let her go when she shut up and never speak to me again!” Vlad yells.

“Victoria, you need to stay away from Vlad!” Aro replied. “I will. I was just trying to help Vlad. I will leave you alone for good!” Victoria replied angrily. Victoria storms off angrily. “Vlad, Victoria care and love you. Victoria was just looking out for you. Victoria did not even try to hurt or kill Patty out of respect for you,” Adam replied. Vlad did feel bad for what he said to Victoria. Vlad went to look for Victoria, “Victoria, I am sorry, but please respect my feelings.” Vlad pleaded. “I will respect your feelings just be careful. We almost lost you,” Victoria pleaded. “I will be careful. When I kill Peter we do not have to worry anymore,” Vlad replied.

Peter and Patty went to the movies. They watch The Titanic. Peter did not care for the movie, but he knew Patty love the movie. Peter and Patty went out to eat. Peter asks Patty to marry him. Patty accepts. Peter and Patty went to tell their parents. Peter’s father was happy for him and Patty. Ray was also worried that Vlad would kill Peter. Ray did not look very old. People thought Ray and Peter were brothers. Ray was a vampire. Peter did not know his father was a vampire. Ray kept his past life a secret from his son. Ray’s wife Heather knew that he was a vampire.

“Ray, you need to tell our son the truth,” Heather replied. “I will, but it is not going to be easy,” Ray replied. “I know it is not going to be easy, but Peter needs to know the truth,” Heather replied. I will tell him, but not right now,” Ray replied. Ray knew his wife was right, but he was scared. Ray thought about telling the truth after Peter and Patty get married. Ray was hoping that Vlad and Adam will leave Peter and Patty alone. Peter told Ray that he and Patty are getting married in secret. When Peter and Patty get marry Vlad would leave them alone.

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