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Chapter 13

Marco call Shawn Spencer. “Hello, Shawn this is Marco Pacella. My boss Nina Jarvis told us that you believe that Jordan Collier put a bomb in an abandoned building in Italy,” Marco replied. "I do not think he did because I know that Jordan is responsible for the bombing and Italy,” Shawn replied. “Do you also know that he blew up another house that belongs to Vlad Dracula?” Marco asks. “Yes, I heard about that bombing, but I did not know all the facts,” Shawn replied. Kyle told his dad that Jordan put that bomb in Vlad’s house,” Marco replied. “Did they rescue Patty?” Shawn asks. “Yes, they did,” Marco replied.

Shawn was glad to hear that they rescue Patty. Shawn calls Gus. “Gus, Jordan put a bomb in Vlad Dracula’s house,” Shawn replied. “Is Vlad dead?” Gus asks. “I do not know because I did not ask,” Shawn replied. “I hope he is because if he is not Jordan is in big trouble. Vlad Dracula is one guy I do not want to mess with,” Gus replied. “Shawn went to visit Shawn Farrell. “Hey Farrell, did you know Jordan put a bomb in Vlad Dracula’s house?” Shawn asks. “I heard he did. Richard and I help Jordan and Kyle rescue Patty. We left the same time Kyle did and Jordan stay behind,” Farrell replied.

Shawn Farrell could not believe that Jordan put a bomb in Vlad’s house. Farrell told Richard what Jordan did. “I cannot believe Jordan would do something dumb like that!” Richard replied angrily. “You know if Vlad Dracula is still alive he is going totry to kill Jordan,” Farrell replied. “Vlad is going totry to kill us too Shawn. Jordan put us all in danger!” Richard replied. “Farrell was not going to call Jordan. Farrell did call his uncle. “Uncle Tom, any luck finding Vlad Dracula?” Farrell asks. “No, Shawn, but do not worry we will find him. We cannot get Vlad Dracula for criminal charges unless Patty files charges against Vlad. Tom replied.

Tom Baldwin went to visit Adam Rules. “Hello Mr. Rules, I am Tom Baldwin NTAC. I need to ask you a few questions,” Tom replied. “What do you need to know Agent Baldwin?” Adam asks. “Do you know where Victoria is?" Tom asks. “No, I do not and I never met the woman!” Adam replied angrily. “My son Kyle told me he saw Victoria at your house,” Tom replied. “No one is going to take your criminal son’s word over mind!” Adam replied angrily. “I just want you to know that you are being watched by NTAC!” Tom warns Adam. Tom left Adam’s house.

Adam was angry. “I am worried that Agent Baldwin is going to be a problem,” Aro replied. “I am worried too, but we cannot kill him. If we kill Agent Baldwin the whole NTAC will be on our back,” Adam replied. “What are we going to do?” Aro asks. “We are going to cool it for a while and do nothing,” Adam replied. “I agree with your plans,” Aro told Adam. Adam was going to make the world believe that Jordan is a monster. Adam and Aro hate Jordan and they want to destroy him. When Adam destroys Jordan and makes him the most hated man Adam will kill Jordan.

Tom was investigating Vlad Dracula. Tom knew that Vlad turn into a vampire to save his son from becoming a slave. Tom also knew Vlad’s wife look like Patty’s mother. Tom knew that Vlad was once a good man, but turn evil when he lost his wife. If Tom could talk to Vlad and remind him of the good man he once was. Tom wonder what happen to Vlad’s son. Tom thought about investigated Vlad’s son. “Tom, Vlad’s son has been dead for hundreds of years,” Diana replied. “I still want to investigate his son to find out something. My gut is telling me something,” Tom replied.

Tom wanted to talk to Patty. Tom thought Vlad might of said something to Patty about his life. “Patty, did Vlad say anything about his life or his family?” Tom asks. “No, he did not. Vlad did said he did a lot of traveling, but that is all. I am sorry Agent Baldwin I wish I could help more," Patty replied.



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