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Chapter 14

Tom and Diana went to Transylvania to find more information on Vlad’s son. Tom was hoping he could find something. The trip to Transylvania was long. Tom and Diana were tired. They went to a hotel and rest before they investigate Vlad’s son. Marco went to Transylvania with them. The next day after they got some rest they went to the library. They find an old book about Vlad Dracula. The book said that Vlad Dracula’s father sold him to Turkish to be a soldier. Many years later the king of Turkish wanted Vlad’s son to be a soldier for him, but Vlad did not want his son to be a soldier for the Turkish. Vlad fought the Turkish king and kill him. Vlad’s son became king of Transylvania. Everyone thought Vlad was dead.

Tom found out that Vlad’s son Ingeras got married, but the book did not say anything about Ingeras having children with his wife. Ingeras was 30 years old when he got married, but there was no more information on Ingeras after he got married. Tom was disappointed. “There has to be more information on Ingeras Dracula,” Tom replied. Tom call Shawn Spencer. “Shawn, do you think you could talk to Pierre Despereaux to see if he might know something about Vlad Dracula’s son or if he can find out something?” Tom asks. “Yes, I can, but I cannot promise he will,” Shawn replied.

Tom was hoping that Despereaux would know something. Tom believes that Despereaux put the bomb in Vlad Dracula’s house. It did not take Shawn too long to call Tom. “Tom, Despereaux stole a painting from Vlad. The painting is of Vlad, his late wife, and son. Despereaux gives the painting to Tom for him to look at. Tom and Diana went to pick up the painting when they got to Seattle. They went to Marco’s house. Marco was looking at the painting. “The woman looks like Patty’s mother,” Marco replied. “Marco, could you do more research and investigate more on Vlad Dracula’s son?” Tom asks. “I will see what I can do. I am going to Transylvania to find some more information.

Adam learns that Tom Baldwin was investigating Vlad Dracula. “Vlad, Agent Baldwin is investigating you and your son,” Adam replied. “What is he hoping to find out about my son?!” Vlad asks angrily. “I do not know because all I know Agent Baldwin is investigating you,” Adam replied. “My son has been dead for years,” Vlad replied. “How do you know your son is dead?” Adam asks. “I know he is dead,” Vlad replied. “Did you see your son died or where you at the funeral?” Adam asks. Vlad did not answer Adam’s question and walk away. Vlad starts thinking about what Adam said. Vlad wonders if his son is still alive and wondering how his son is still alive.

Marco was already in Transylvania the next day. Marco talk to some town people. Marco met this one-man name Mario and told him where Vlad Dracula live. Mario also told Marco that many years after Vlad was killed in the war his son’s castle was attacked and no one knew what happens to Vlad’s son. There was no record of Vlad’s son's death. Marco went to Vlad’s castle. The castle was burned down. Marco tries to find some clues or information on what was left of the castle. Marco finds a painting of a man and a woman. Marco was wondering if this man was Vlad’s son. Marco took the painting with him.

Marco call Tom and Diana. “Vlad Dracula’s son’s castle was attack years after Vlad Dracula went missing. Nobody knows what happen to Vlad’s son. I did get a painting of a man and a woman. I am bringing the painting back with me to Seattle,” Marco told Tom and Diana. “I hope we can learn something from the painting,” Diana replied. Marco kept researching after he was done talking to Tom and Diana. Tom and Diana went to Vlad’s house in Seattle to see if they can find any more clues. Tom asks Shawn Spencer to come with them to see if he can see anything that they cannot.

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