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Chapter 15

Shawn found a picture of Patty’s mother. “Tom, I found this picture of Patty’s mom. It look likes Vlad was stalking Patty’s mom for a while before she was killed,” Shawn replied. “Do you think Vlad was stalking Patty for a while too?” Diana asks Shawn. “Yes, I do,” Shawn answers. “I am going to look at the painting of Vlad’s son,” Tom replied. Tom went home. Peter came to visit and he saw the painting of Vlad’s son. “What are you doing with a painting of my dad and mom?” Peter asks. “Marco got this painting from Vlad’s castle in Transylvania,” Tom replied.

Peter did not understand. Those people in the painting look like his parents. Peter has so many questions. Peter’s parents never talk about their families. Peter does not even know his grandparents’ names. Peter asks about his grandparents, but his father changes the subject. Peter knew his father was never going to tell about his family. Peter decided to investigate who his parents’ family was. Peter knew his parents were not going to be home so he went to their house. Peter was hoping to find some information about his grandparents. Peter was scared of what he was going to find out. Peter feels that his parents are doing everything they can to keep the truth about his grandparents from him.


Tom was wondering if Peter’s father was Vlad’s son. Tom decided to go to Ray Brooks’ house. Tom pulls into the driveway. He saw Peter’s car in the driveway. Tom knocked on the door. “What are you doing here Agent Baldwin?” Peter asks. “I am here to talk to your father about the painting,” Tom answers. “I am here to see if I can find out some information about my grandparents,” Peter replied. “I think your father might be the son of Vlad Dracula,” Tom replied. “That cannot be possible. My father is not a vampire. The sun does not hurt my parents,” Peter replied. “Your father could be a daywalker,” Tom replied.

Tom and Peter were looking around Ray’s house. Tom found a letter from the Volturi. “Does your father know the Volturi?” Tom asks. “I do not know. I know all my parents’ friends,” Peter replied. Tom shows Peter the letter. The letter said: Dear Ingeras, we need your help. Jordan put a bomb in our castle and left us homeless. Do not forget you owe us. I save you and your wife’s life. If you refused to help us you will be our enemy. Your friend Aro Volturi. “I guess this letter answers our question. Aro must have turn your father and mother into vampires,” Tom replied.



Peter went home. Patty was waiting for him. “What is wrong Peter?”  Patty asks. “Vlad Dracula might be my grandfather,” Peter replied. “Did your father tell you this?” Patty asks. “I found a letter in my parents’ house,” Peter replied. “I have to talk to my father when he comes home because I need to know the truth,” Peter replied. “Maybe Vlad will leave us alone,” Patty replied. “I hope he does,” Peter replied. “I made some dinner for us,” Patty replied. Peter and Patty ate their dinner in the living room. They were watching a movie on TV. Peter heard a noise.

“Did you hear that?” Peter asks. “Yes, I did,” Patty replied. Patty, go to the room and lock the door. Also, call the police,” Peter replied. Peter give Patty a gun. Peter got a gun too with silver and crystal bullets. Peter was looking around and before he knew it someone threw him across the room. “Where is Patty?! Vlad asks angrily. “LEAVE HIM ALONE FATHER!” Ray yells. Vlad turns around to see his son Ingeras. “Son, how can you still be alive?” Vlad asks. “Aro Volturi turn my wife and me into vampires. Peter is your grandson,” Ray replied. “I am so sorry son. I did not know Peter was my grandson. Peter, I will leave you and Patty alone,” Vlad replied.

Vlad walks away with Victoria. Peter felt bad because he always wanted to know his grandparents. Peter knew it was best that Vlad went his separate way. Peter was glad that Vlad was going to leave Patty and him alone. Also, Vlad was not going to help the Volturi with the war with Jordan and Kyle. Peter was hoping that Adam was going to back off, but he did not know. Peter call Tom and told him that Vlad was not going to be a problem anymore. Tom was glad. The only problem they have is with the Volturi and Adam Rules.

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