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Chapter Two

Peter saw Patty talking to a man and became jealous. Peter has been in love with Patty since they were children. Peter walks toward Patty. “Hello, Patty, who is your friend?” Peter asks Patty. “This is Vlad Dracula. Vlad, this is my best friend Peter Brooks,” Patty replied. “Hello Peter,” Vlad replied. “Hello Vlad, it is nice to meet you. Are you from around here?” Peter asks. “No, I am not. I only live here for a few years. I do a lot of traveling. I was born in Transylvania. I left Transylvania when I was very young,” Vlad replied. “I thought you were from England because I can hear you have a British accent,” Peter replied. “I live England for a while,” Vlad replied.

Patty was buying a soda at the machine. “Vlad, I care for Patty and if anyone hurt Patty, they have to deal with me,” Peter replied. “Peter, I am not going to hurt Patty. I know I just met Patty, but I have strong feelings for her. I feel the same way you do. If any man would hurt Patty, I will kill them,” Vlad replied. Peter did not trust this man, but he was going to put his feelings aside. The last time Peter interfere with Patty’s love life he almost lost her. Peter did not want to lose Patty so he learn to bite his tongue.

After Vlad left Peter and Patty went to eat lunch. “Patty, you know I care a lot for you and I do not want you to get hurt. I want you to be careful with this guy. You have not been divorced for too long.  I know what you going to say: Stay out of your business. I am your friend and I have to say something because I do care for you. I know you would be giving me the same advice if I was rushing into a relationship,” Peter replied. “Yes, I would be giving you the same advice and I care for you too Peter. You do not have to worry about me. I am just going to have dinner with the man. I am not going to marry him,” Patty replied.

Vlad knew that Peter was jealous of him. Vlad already knew he loves Patty. Patty is just as beautiful as his late wife. Vlad hope that Peter was not going to cause any problems for him and Patty because he would hate to have to kill him. Vlad still had his wife Mirena’s wedding ring and he was going to give it to Patty. Vlad was getting ready to have dinner with Patty. Vlad’s servant Shkelgim came walking in. “Vlad, when are you bring your new wife home?” Shekelgim asks. “I am not married yet and I am not going to ask Patty to marry me until we have been dating for three months,” Vlad replied to Shkelgim.

Peter wanted to do a background check on Vlad Dracula. Peter call Adrian Monk. Adrian Monk help prove Peter’s father was innocent after he was framed for murdering his boss. “Mr. Monk, this is Peter Brooks. I am Ray Brooks’ son,” Peter replied. “Yes, I remember you. What can I help you with?” Monk asks. “My friend Patty Jones is dating a guy named Vlad Dracula and I was wondering if you can do a background check on this guy?” Peter asks. “Peter, I would love to help you, but I am working on the case here in Seattle, but my friend Randy Disher can help you,” Monk replied. “Can Randy come to Mississippi?” Peter asks. “Yes, he can,” Monk replied.

Peter is waiting for Randy at the airport. “Hello, Are you Randy Disher?” Peter asks. “Yes, I am. You must be Peter Brooks?” Randy asks. “Yes, I am. It is nice to meet you, Randy,” Peter replied. “Monk told me that you want this guy name Vlad Dracula to be investigated,” Randy replied. “Yes, I do. My friend Patty went through a lot after her divorced. I just want to make sure that this guy she is dating is ok,” Peter replied. “I understand. Do you know anything about this man?”  Randy asks. “I know he says he is from Transylvania and lives in England for a while. Vlad also says he travels a lot,” Peter replied.



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