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Chapter 3

Patty got ready for her date with Vlad. Patty really likes Vlad and was hoping things work out for them. Patty heard the doorbell and she rushes toward the door. Patty opens the door and saw Vlad. Patty thought Vlad was very handsome. “You look beautiful,” Vlad replied. “Thank you and you look good yourself,” Patty replied. Vlad took Patty to a very expensive restaurant. They dance. Patty was having fun. Vlad kiss Patty.

Randy was watching Patty and Vlad from a surveillance camera. Peter’s uncle owns the restaurant and allows Randy to go to the security room they have in the restaurant. Randy took some pictures of Vlad through the surveillance camera. Randy was also listening to Patty and Vlad’s conversation, but Vlad did not talk about himself a lot. What was weird Vlad did not eat very much? Vlad had two glasses of wine, but only eat a couple of bites of food. Randy was allowed to take the dishes that Vlad ate and drink from. Randy wipes Vlad’s DNA off the dishes and sends it to Captain Stottlemeyer.

The next day Captain Stottlemeyer call Randy. “Randy, I cannot find anything on Vlad Dracula. Vlad does not even have a birth certificate. There is no record of him ever being born. Is like the guy never exists,” Captain Stottlemeyer replied. “Captain Stottlemeyer, he does exist. I am going to find out who this guy is because there has to be a record of him somewhere,” Randy replied. After Randy finishes talking to Captain Stottlemeyer he calls Monk. “Monk, Captain Stottlemeyer told me that there is no record of Vlad Dracula,” Randy replied. “I do not understand. Do you think Vlad Dracula is using a false name?” Natalie asks. “Why would he use a false name? There is no record showing that Vlad Dracula is wanted by the police. Captain Stottlemeyer look all through the police and FBI database and he did not see anything on Vlad Dracula,” Randy replied.

Monk asks Randy to send him surveillance videos of Vlad Dracula. Monk was watching the surveillance videos when Natalie came walking in. “Mr. Monk I recognized that guy. When I was in high school, I have a hard time in math so my parents hired me a tutor. My tutor name was Mia Harker. Mia was married to a man name Jonathan Harker. Vlad Dracula visit Mia many years ago and I think he was in love with Mia, but she turn him down,” Natalie replied. “What happen to Mia?” Monk asks. “Mia and her husband died in a car accident. Mia died in the hospital after giving birth,” Natalie replied.

“Where is Mia’s baby?” Monk asks. “I do not know. The baby was put up for adoption so the files are confidential,” Natalie replied. “I think Patty is Mia and Jonathan’s daughter.  Vlad Dracula somehow found out that Patty was Mia’s daughter and start stalking her since she was a child. Did Mia ever talk about Vlad Dracula?” Monk asks. “Yes, Mia told me that Vlad Dracula gives her the creeps. Vlad Dracula knew what poems and books Mia read. Mia told me that she felt like she was being watched,” Natalie replied. “Where did Mia meet Vlad Dracula?”  Monk asks.  “She met him in a flower shop. What gives Mia the creeps is that Vlad Dracula started talking to her like he knew her for years,” Natalie replied.


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