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Chapter 4

Monk was wondering why was Vlad obsess with Mia. Monk call Randy. “Randy, I think you should go to Transylvania and see if you can find out some information about Vlad Dracula,” Monk replied. After Randy finishes talking to Monk, he calls Peter. “Peter, I am going to Transylvania to see if I can find some information about Vlad Dracula,” Randy replied. “Will you let me know what you find out?” Peter asks. “Yes, as soon as I find out some information, I will let you know,” Randy replied. Randy hurry and got ready to leave to the airport. Randy's phone start ringing.

Randy answer his phone. “Hello,” Randy answer. “Randy, this is Shawn Spencer. Monk told me that you are investigating a man named Vlad Dracula. I know a friend who could help you, Carlton Lassiter. Lassie can meet you in Transylvania. Also, there is another guy name Pierre Despereaux that can help you. Despereaux can hack into computers. Despereaux is already in Transylvania,” Shawn replied. Carlton Lassiter was already waiting for Randy in the airport. Carlton Lassiter had a woman with him. “Hello, Randy, this is my wife Marlowe and she is coming with us. I hope that is not going to be a problem,” Lassie replied.

The flight was really long. Randy’s neck was hurting. Randy was ready to go to bed. Lassie and Marlowe were ready to go out to look around. “I cannot believe you guys are not tired,” Randy replied. “We are too excited to sleep,” Marlowe replied happily. "Why don’t you go to bed and we will start our investigate on Vlad Dracula tomorrow?” Lassie replied. Randy went to bed. Randy was hoping he can solve a case for once. Randy was in a deep sleep when a loud noise woke him up. “I am sorry to wake you. Lassie must have forgotten to tell you we are sharing a room. My name is Pierre Despereaux. You must be Randy Disher,” Despereaux replied.

The next day Randy, Despereaux, and Marlowe start to investigate Vlad Dracula. Randy show them the pictures of Vlad Dracula. “Vlad Dracula looks familiar,” Despereaux replied. “Have you met him?” Lassie asks. “No, I never met him. I just said he look familiar,” Despereaux replied. Randy, Lassie, Despereaux, and Marlowe went to the village. They went to a bar. Randy saw a bartender. “Hello, my name is Randy Disher. I was wondering if you heard or know a man named Vlad Dracula?” The bar went silent. “YOU GET OUT OF HERE!” The bartender scream. Randy, Lassie, Despereaux, Marlowe rush out the bar.

“What is that jerk problem?” Marlowe asks. “I do not know. Vlad Dracula must have not been very popular here. The town people must have chase him out of town,” Lassie replied. Randy saw a guy waving at them. “Hey Guys, I think that man wants to talk to us,” Randy replied. “Well, let see what he wants,” Lassie replied. They walk toward the man. “My name is Larry Nelson. You have to be careful. There is a lot of rumors and stories about Vlad Dracula,” Larry replied. “Was Vlad Dracula chase out of town?” Lassie asks. “No, I do not know why he left town,” Larry replied.

“Many years ago Vlad Dracula was a prince of Transylvania. Sultan Mehmed wanted Vlad to give him 1,000 boys to join his army including Vlad’s son. Vlad refused and killed many of Sultan Mehmed’s soldiers. Vlad turn into a vampire to save his family. Vlad was able to save his son but lost his wife. Many people believe Vlad was killed in battle. Many other people believe he still alive as a vampire,” Larry finish telling his story. “You mean to tell me this Vlad Dracula is a 500 years old vampire,” Lassie replied. “I am just telling you what the village people believe. I do not know if the stories are true,” Larry replied.

Randy call Monk and told him what Larry told him. Monk give the phone to Natalie. “I think you should be open to that possibility. There is no record of Vlad Dracula ever being born. I believe he is a vampire. I do not think it is going to hurt to look into it,” Natalie replied. After Randy finishes talking to Natalie, he went to the museum with Despereaux. “I know you were an art thief. Do you think you might recognize Vlad Dracula from a painting you have stolen?” Randy asks. “Oh yes, I remember now. The painting was of a man that look like Vlad Dracula and a beautiful woman by his side,” Despereaux replied.

Randy call Natalie and Peter to ask them for pictures of Patty and Mia. Natalie email the picture to Randy's phone. Randy show the pictures of Patty and Mia to Despereaux. Despereaux recognized the picture of Mia. “That is the woman that was in the painting with the man that look like Vlad Dracula,” Despereaux replied. Randy call Peter. Randy told Peter the theory of Vlad Dracula being a vampire. Randy also told Peter what Natalie told him about Vlad Dracula being in love with a woman name Mia Harker. Randy also told Peter that Mia Harker looks like Vlad Dracula’s dead wife and he believes Patty is Mia’s daughter.

Patty went to her ex-husband Jeff’s house to pick up her neckless she left there. Jeff came home and rape Patty. Patty ran out of the house crying uncontrollably. Patty cry until the sun went down. Patty got a bottle of pills was about to take them when someone grabs her from behind. Patty was injected with something to make her go to sleep. Patty woke up in a big room. Patty was looking around when she saw Vlad Dracula. “Why were you trying to harm yourself?” Vlad asks. “My ex-husband Jeff rape me,” Patty replied. Vlad becomes angry. Vlad kisses Patty and carries her back to bed. Vlad went back to Mississippi. Jeff was drinking nonstop when he saw a man standing behind him. Vlad grabs hold of Jeff and he was about to snap Jeff’s neck when he heard Peter coming in. “Stop Vlad!” Peter scream. Vlad let Jeff go. “Where is Patty?!” Peter asks yell at Vlad. “Patty is mine now. If you keep causing problems for Patty and me I will kill you,” Vlad warn Peter.

“Vlad, Patty is not your wife Mirena! I know what happen to your family. You became a monster to protect your son and your people. I am going to ask you again where is Patty?!” Peter asks angrily. I am telling you again to back off Peter!” Vlad yell. Vlad flew through the window. “VLAD, COME BACK HERE! WHERE IS PATTY?!” Peter asks screaming.

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