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Chapter 5

Patty woke up and saw Vlad sitting right next to her. “Where am I?”  Patty asks. “We are in England,” Vlad replied. “You have to let me go!” Patty plead. “I cannot do that. I have to protect you,” Vlad replied. “You are not protecting me. You have kidnap me,” Patty replied. “I HAVE SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET!” Vlad scream. “I am sorry Vlad. I am grateful, but you have to let me go!” Patty pleads again. “I am sorry I cannot let you go. I love you, Patty, please do not fight me on this,” Vlad replied.

When Vlad has his back turn, Patty made a run for the door. Vlad grabs her from the waist and carries her back to bed. “This proves I cannot trust you! Vlad injects Patty with chloroform to put her to sleep. Vlad looks down at Patty. Shkelgim came walking in. “Vlad, are you ok?” Shkelgim asks. “No, I am not. I wish Patty would love me,” Vlad replied sadly. “Vlad, you have to be patient. You have robbed Patty from her freedom,” Shkelgim replied. “I did that to protect her,” Vlad replied. “Patty does not understand that.  You have to be patient and that is how you will earn her love,” Shkelgim replied. “You are right Shkelgim. I just hope that Peter stops causing problems for Patty and me,” Vlad replied.

When Patty woke up it was already dark outside. Vlad was sitting next to Patty. “Are you ready to behave?” Vlad asks. “Yes, I am,” Patty replied sadly. Patty did not see the point of fighting Vlad. She was hoping Peter would come to rescue her. Patty miss Peter. Patty has been in love with Peter, but she was afraid if she starts dating Peter it would hurt their friendship. Patty could not lose Peter. Shkelgim brought Patty some food to eat. “I got you something,” Vlad replied happily. Vlad put a beautiful diamond ring on Patty's finger. “I want you to marry me,” Vlad replied. “Yes, I will marry you,” Patty replied. Patty has to earn Vlad’s trust. Once Patty earns Vlad’s trust she will make plans to escape.

Peter did not know what to do. He did not know where to look for Patty. Peter grab Jeff by the shirt collar. “What did you do to Patty. Why was that man trying to kill you?” Peter asks angrily. “I do not know why that psycho was trying to kill me!” Jeff yell. “You better watch your back because I am sure this psycho will try to kill you again! If I find out that you hurt Patty I will have you put in jail!” Peter replied angrily. Peter left Jeff’s house. Randy was waiting for him outside Jeff’s house. “What happen here?” Randy asks. “Vlad Dracula kidnap Patty,” Peter replied.

Peter knew a man who could help him rescue Patty. The man was Jordan Collier. Jordan was Peter’s dad best friend in high school. Peter waste no time on calling Jordan. “Jordan, this is Peter Brooks. I am  Ray Brooks' son,” Peter replied. “How is your dad doing?” Jordan asks. “My dad is doing good,” Peter replied. “What can I help you with?” Jordan asks. “My friend Patty has been kidnap by a vampire named Vlad Dracula,” Peter replied. Peter told Jordan everything he knew about Vlad Dracula. “I know a man who could help his name is Richard Tyler. Richard has telekinesis,” Jordan replied.

Jordan call Shawn Farrell and Kyle Baldwin to help rescue Patty. Peter did not know where Vlad was keeping Patty. Peter knew that Vlad live in England for a while. “I think we should split up. Peter, you, Shawn, and Richard will go to England. Kyle and I will be looking around the states,” Jordan replied. “We are going with you, Peter. Jason gave us some crystal silver bullets to kill this guy if we have to,” Lassie replied. Peter saw Marlow and Randy with Lassie. Peter also saw a red hair woman behind Marlowe and Randy. “Hello my name is Cassie and I will be going with you too,” Cassie told Peter.

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