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Chapter 6

Peter, Shawn, Richard, Lassie, Marlow, and Randy were already in England. “I think we should go rescue Patty in the mourning. If Vlad is a vampire he will be sleeping during the day,” Marlow replied. They met Cassie in the hotel. Cassie was already eating in the hotel restaurant. Peter saw a man sitting next to Cassie. “Hello Peter, I would like you to meet David Dunn. David is going to be helping us,” Cassie replied. Everyone got something to eat and went to bed. They woke up really early. They ate breakfast. Peter got ready in a hurry. Peter could not wait to rescue Patty and tell her he love her.

Cassie uses her psychic abilities to find Patty. Peter and the others rush to Vlad’s house to rescue Patty. “I need to go first because I can turn invisible. I can use the chloroform on whoever is guarding Vlad,” Cassie replied. Cassie uses her invisible abilities and went into Vlad’s house. It only took three minutes for Cassie to sedate Shkelgim. Peter and the others quietly went into Vlad’s house. Cassie show them where Patty was. Patty was asleep. Peter carries Patty out of bed. Peter was heading toward the door when someone grabs him by the arm. Peter was thrown across the room.

Vlad tries to grab Peter again, but David grabs Vlad’s arm and threw him across the room. Richard uses his telekinesis on Vlad. Vlad did not stand a chance. Vlad turns into bats and starts attacking Peter and the others. David could not fight the bats off. Vlad grabs Patty and flew out the window with her. Peter was angry that he could not rescue Patty. The good news was that they have Shkelgim. “Where is Vlad Dracula?! Peter asks. “Peter, he is not going to tell you,” Cassie replied. Cassie uses her psychic abilities to find out where Vlad might be. Cassie could not find anything. Vlad kept his hideouts to himself and did not share them with Shkelgim. “I am sorry Shkelgim does not know where Vlad is. I guess Vlad knew something like this was going to happen,” Cassie replied.

Vlad was angry and did not know what to do. Vlad call Adam Rule. “I need your help, Adam. Patty’s friend Peter is causing me Problems. Peter and his army almost kill me! I was lucky I was able to escape with Patty,” Vlad replied angrily. “Where are you?” Adam asks. “I am in London England,” Vlad replied. “We are on the first plane,” Adam replied. “Adam, hurry because the next time they will kill me. “Do not worry Vlad because the next time we will kill them,” Adam replied. Patty woke up and was looking around. “Where am I?” Patty asks. “We are in London,” Vlad replied.

“Your friend Peter is causing problems for us. Peter has formed an army against me so he can steal you from me. Peter and his army almost kill me. You better hope that Peter leave us alone or I will rip his heart out!” Vlad yell. “Please Vlad, do not hurt Peter. Please let me call Peter and I can tell him to back off,” Patty replied. “I am sorry Patty, but I cannot let you call him. Peter will never back off. I am sorry my love, but Peter has to died,” Vlad replied. “Please do not kill Peter!” Patty scream. Vlad grabs Patty by the face. “Patty, you are in love with Peter and I cannot have competition for your heart. Peter will never give up on finding you,” Vlad replied.

Submitted: April 30, 2019

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